Constellation Virgo lead by Lion of Judah in skies today..King of Kings signaled

The constellations give witness when men will not.  This same signal was in the skies for two years when Yeshua Jesus was born in -1 BCE.  It has been in our skies for two years since the Sabbath year 2014-15.  The Lunar Tetrad signaled the beginning of the fight for Jerusalem.  The 8.21.17 solar eclipse signaled the troubles of Virgo’s water breaking.

Hurricane Jason was number 11….  Hurricanes: Paul ‘Harvey’ is telling us the ‘rest of the story’ being #9.a number of severing.. and Irma is #10…(yood..Hand of G-d).  There are nine stars making up Leo and three planets sit at his paw for a total of twelve (tribes of Israel) and twelve shakings.  When Irma was hitting outside the United States Mexico had an 8.1 earthquake.  The USGS keeps adjusting earthquakes down but this one they kept….thus making it the first 8 plus earthquake in two years.  The last one was to Chile on April 1, Nissan 1 2015.  Yes, it was the first day of the Jewish Religious New Year…14 days later the eclipse occurred as Passover began.   I loved it.  The calendars aligned in their dates and NO one could say that they didn’t know what day it was….

And, we get to see a pattern forming of eclipses and earthquakes that do occur together…  Oh YES!  What did we just have on August 21, 2017 –the darkest eclipse that came with storms – that it was hard to see it… and then August 23 saw Harvey coming and then hitting on the Sabbath August 26..lasting seven days…and then on 17 Elul, September 8 2017 on the day of the evening of the next Sabbath Irma proceeds as a Category 5…FIVE… and Mexico hosts the next EIGHT earthquake….

IS THAT ENOUGH MY FRIENDS?  I’m sure it’s not as Scriptures shows us that we will certainly be squeezed in order to welcome our King back to the earth.  Virgo is giving birth in the heavens and we are feeling the water of the hurricanes upon us and the earth moving under our feet….as she shake in pain.  We must not allow one more abortion and God’s intent was always for man to multiply.  Children are a blessing of the womb not a mistake.

ECLIPSE 8.21….  Hurricane  Harvey 8.24 through 8.30.17.  Then on August 30, fifteen (15) die from Midwest tornadoes while fierce FIRES burn in CA and the North West United States.

Torah Reading 9.2.17 “When you go forth”,  New outlet for Yellowstone US volcano found, Irma Cat 5 is destroying islands; Cuba then coming to U.S. on 9.9-11.17…Florida, Georgia, North Carolina ALL no electricity for weeks  (11 die + 35 in Caribbean).   Torah reading:  Ki Tavo “When you come in”.   These hurricanes and fierce weather will bring insurance companies to their brink by the end of 2017….being listed as catastrophic.

Is this the end?  No….but it’s a shaking…and we can expect Draco to wipe one-third of the stars with his trail.  This is just to get us to REST in the next one thousand years.

Our earth is in its SIXTH Day of existence.  It is in that Sixth Day that is either double and triple blessing or double and triple trouble.  In order to bring our earth REST in its 7000th year that shows rest…we are going to have to ask for REST.  How do you ask for REST when people don’t think there is anything wrong?

Venus (Morning Star – Yeshua Jesus), Mars is next (Michael The Archangel of War). and the closest to the virgin is Mercury (Gabriel The Messenger Archangel).  The messenger brings the message of WAR…who fill fight with Yeshua…to bring Jupiter’s (Father God) peace to the world.   Michael was delayed 21 days as he was fighting with the Prince of Persia (Iran) earlier in scripture.  He is the Warrior angel.  Twenty-one days is that 20.6 half hour of silence that is spoken of in Psalms.  Jacob was with Laban 20 years and came out of his silence from his family bringing forth Benjamin in the 21st year.  Twenty-one years will end the silence….or it begins the silence…depending which end of it you’re on.  Don’t think Greek…but think patterns…and Hebrew and Middle Eastern.  Know the signals…

I repeat…

As I type Jupiter, (Father G-d) is half out of the birth canal of the virgin Virgo.  The Hurricanes and earthquakes show the water breaking and the earth-shaking.  The total alignment of these constellations like this have not been seen for 7000 years.

Rosh Hoshanna is the Feast of Trumpets….September 21, 2017.  Open your bibles….Draco the dragon (Satan) will swipe his tail and drop one-third of the hosts of heaven (evil spirits) to the earth.  Comets?

Everyone should look up and take Revelation 12 very seriously.  The woman is hidden…not taken…for 1260 days…42 days…3.5 years.  The battle is won by the man-child (Yeshua) returning…but not before two witnesses intentionally speak more stress on the earth.  The earth kills these witnesses and even give each other gifts in celebration of it.  There are 144,000 virgin male Jews that also will be martyred for the cause The Torah.  They represent the twelve tribes of Israel…the nine stars and three planets that make up twelve shining object in Leo…The Lion of Judah.  This Lion leads Virgo that has the sun bathing her for all to see…and the dark moon at her feet…as she crushes the one at her heel…Satan.  Do you know of any religion that uses the sliver of the moon as their symbol?

These witnesses have tried to bring God’s instruction back to the earth.  Many are killed for this testimony and then it’s done…The earth is purified with Satan and demons locked up for 1000 years…one day…so men will be shown how to REST in The Anointed One…The Messiach.

2015 – Wars begin just before Rosh Hoshanna…the trumpet was blown.  Eclipse warnings began that Feast of Tabernacles….two years ago…as I sat watching a couple share their wedding vows at Lake Paradise.  It pictured what our Creator has meant for us to be…joined with him in a marriage covenant…that is seen in The Feast of Tabernacles..15 days later.

2016 –   The struggle for leaders that will love Israel….  The last Trumpet of G-d was Trump…  But, he can not divide Israel…there is NO two-state solution.  The day his son-in-law was there and acted as an outlaw to Israel…Hurricane Harvey formed and then hit quickly.  In 2005 Hurricane Katrina formed the day the last Jew was removed from Gaza.  She hit the day the bulldozers plowed under their Gaza homes.  They promised the Palestinians that Gaza/Hebron would be their new home.  The Jew was never to return.  When you remove someone’s home…they can NOT return.  Katrina victims moved to Houston and never returned…but were displaced once again by Harvey.  Our Creator will NOT forget…and will keep chasing us down as we continue to revolt against His plans.  (He wants Israel in ALL her land…and more than she has now.)

2017 –  Creation is at war with humanity…especially America at Rosh Hoshanna 2017.

2018 –  Mankind seeks shelter in caves and wilderness with the woman to whom they have agree to graft into… The God man-child, The Messiach.

Read these current blog posts while you can.    Many in Florida no longer have cell service…no electricity for several weeks.   Texas the same.  What has happened and what is still going to happen?  Check with G-d….is he talking to you?  There is a  time of silence…  time is about up….  To whom are you trusting your life to?  As in the days of Noah has more meaning than you might ever know.  Cain, Lot, Jonah all ran from God. Job held the course and did NOT deny who had created him.  Noach built an ark showing his faith..Abraham and Sarah held the course for 100 years to see the ‘Seed’ Isaac of whom birthed Jacob renamed, Israel.

Yah’s (G-d) War is about establishing the earth back to the beginning of correction instruction on worship.  If you know him…you will know his father…and nothing that He spoke was not from the father.  They are in total agreement with this plan.  There is a birthing taking place with troubles for 2520 days; 360 days year x 7 = 2520.  There are problems for 1260 days….three years….and then Daniel speaks of 1290 days…add 30 days (1 month).  It is a marker of still trouble….and then Daniel says that if you can make it to the 1335th day you’ll be blessed.  Read my current blogs and you’ll see what being blessed means.

Are you willing to multiply on the earth?  Are you willing to produce children that you instruct them in The Torah?  The ways of the Bible as understood by Yeshua Jesus?  He rested on the Sabbath…he did not have pork BBQ…or Pepperoni pizza….  Certain things were laid out that have proven to be very healthy for us…but that doesn’t even matter…  We do it because He first loved us and died for the penalty that we bore because of sinning.  He took that when The Creator himself laid his life down willingly on the cross (stake).  No Jew killed him…if so…then I did it too and you did it too…we all did it…it ordained from the foundation of the world to make that sacrifice for mankind.  Just as this day is ordained in the heavens from the foundation of the  world.  There is no surprise…in what is ready to happy.

Visual sightings are available, verbal messages have been sent and our bibles give witness to some of the greatest events to ever happen.  They truly will be a Wonder…just as He is our Wonder.  And all of this will send us into situations that will test our ‘faith’.  It is time the Christian will give witness not to Mother Nature, but to the one really in charge of every hair on our head….The L-RD…  The Great I AM has found us wonting…as the handwriting on the wall expressed to King Belshazzar.  He became like a bird with claws and ate from the ground as a donkey.  But, in the end his sanity came back and his kingdom was restored…but he truly was a changed man and knew that The Creator was in charge of all of life….

We’re going through this my friends as every pattern shows it.  No one was lifted out…even Moses died…Enoch was writing and teaching like Mosche was and from the same location when he was 500 years of age.  He passed his mantle of Adom’s coat to Methuselah of whom passed it to Noach.  He knew he wouldn’t make through the flood.

We haven’t had the entire story and thus have been lead astray.  We prefer books that man tells us are the BEST to read because they don’t think we can look through the chicken bones and pick out the meat.  Read The Book of Jubilees….let’s get straight so our King of Kings will still hear your prayers as you talk to him moment by moment as a comet comes to burn the earth.  It will shake more than ever before…and it is all for us to one last time….ask ourselves…What do we  believe.  I believe in Yeshua, The Messiach because he first believed in me.  I will NOT turn my back…but keep typing as fast as I testimony to the ONE true name in which to be saved….


It is in this name that my broken calf raised his head and then his hoof to show us that he would live.  It was a shock to the four of us watching this dead calf show life.  I will tell that story soon.    That will be my next witness in order to give glory to our Creator.  Do you have a witness story?  Pray and ask in sincerity….He does hear our request because He sees our hearts love Him…

Amein and love to each of you!  We are only safe in Him…don’t run…TRUST….is enough!





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