Do 2014-2015 eclipses and earthquakes connect? YES! 2017 hurricanes also connect.

The Lunar Tetrads of 2014-2015 began April 2014 and ended September 2015.  These dates connected to major 8.+ earthquakes.  

April 1 2014 8.2 Iquique Chile

Sept 16 2015 – 8.3 Illapel Chile Tishrei 3 – (Fast of Gedalia)

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 – 29 AV – Judgment 400 miles apart

September 8 2017 – 8.1 Mexico Elul 17

September 19 2017 – 7.1 Mexico City Elul 28


This will be the beginning study to see if God is speaking to us through His creation. The Shemittah year of 2014-2015 had everyone looking to the skies. Four lunar eclipses came and they went just as planned.

These four eclipses made a definite statement as they began at Passover and ended at Passover (Pesach). They also began and ended at The Feast of Tabernacles.

These eclipses marked The Lord’s Feasts of Passover, The Feast of Tabernacles, Passover and The Fast of Tabernacles. 2014 and 2015.

These days would always at a full moon for the entire world to look up and see. God’s children all looked together and marveled at the moon going dark and holding it and holding it and holding it until it finally started to come back into full view. I saw one of them in Arizona as we unloaded our vehicle after driving from Missouri to stay with our daughter and her family. I can remember each of them.

This Total eclipse that closed out the Tetrad eclipse was marked by a young man 15-years old dying. On Elul 27 Mecca’s Temple lost 111 people to a crane falling on them….and days before that the entire Middle East from Turkey to Iran to Iraq and Egypt could not travel for days because of sand storms. Iran and Iraq blamed each other for not controlling their desesrts and getting them covered with vegetation. God used the drought that caused death to several as many were hospitalized.
God’s War that began 27 Elul was September 11 2015. Mankind saw the marking of the beginning of a world that would not continue to fall. And, this fall would be marked with earthquakes with the highest of magnitude.

Tetrad began April 2014 and ended September 2015

April 1 2014 8.2 Iquique Chile

Sept 16 2015 – 8.3 Illapel Chile Tishrei 3 – (Fast of Gedalia)


Eight point earthquakes are very rare and usually occur once a year. We were staying in friends home in Arizona as I was typing quickly to finish a book called, The Hand of God. Because our God moves so quickly that book became a blog that now has had over 500 postings on it;


The 8.2 Chile earthquake was a marker in many ways. But, truly it marked the Total eclipse that would occur on Day One Passover, Nissan 15. It was a time I would first dance with a group of Messianic believers in Scottsdale, Arizona at a Seder service. I would meet wonderful friends of whom I still bond.

Our Creator held off any other 8.+ earthquake until the close of the Tetrad marking His “War for Israel”.

It is, has and always will be about acquiring His footstool. You see, the earth is His ‘footstool’ and He will reign from Jerusalem. The United States had a Muslim president who could not recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Conflict truly continued in the Middle East because of President Obama.


Nissan and Tishrei are both the beginning of months on the Hebrew and for those in Israel. It is by this calendar and our own calendars that we witness The Hand of God. April Fool’s Day was marked for the ‘fools’ of the earth and yet the precious day that Moses was to declare the first of the year by God as they came out of Egypt was also marked.

This is a good example of blessing and cursing. Our Creator always works both sides of an issue. He is not a liar to any covenant that he has made with is people. If they are told to ‘mark’ months or show up at ‘festival celebrations’ or ‘fast’…he shows them He’s there with them.

In The Book of Enoch we are taught to ‘mark’: Month One, Month Four, Month Seven, and Month Ten. The purpose is so that we won’t be off ten days and be celebrating The Lords Festivals at the wrong time. Pesach and The Feast of Tabernacles are each eight days long so hopefully the world can get it right. The purposes of our Creator is to be ‘set apart’ (holy) from the world. It is in these things that can then give claim that they are of G-d in our lives. He choses what is set-apart…just as a grandmother’s dishes are only set-apart as that grandmother’s dishes. They are ‘special’ because they were her dishes…. My Auntie Liz gave us some special dishes and I can’t say that they were my mother’s dishes. They each are set apart and that can’t be changed.


The Lord’s Feasts, Eclipse, Earthquakes are set-apart and that can’t be changed. They can be ignored, but they can NOT be changed.


These earthquakes are set-apart (made holy) to ‘mark’ the ‘Marker Months’; ‘The New Years’; The Lord’s Feasts and other things I’m sure that God will reveal in His timing such as wars….and more wars to come. A birth process takes time…and usually more than six hours…6000 years. When the child is born the call goes out to announce it. Elul 29 is the evening before The Feast of Trumpets…the day of Calling. Many signals are sent. When I was born my announcement was placed in our small town newspaper, phone calls went out and then family gathered to welcome the child.

God uses these methods but they are by air waves. Creation speaks out. Men email and blog each other by air waves. But the message does go out onto all the earth so no man is without an excuse.


Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 – 29 AV – Judgment 400 miles apart

September 8 2017 – 8.1 Mexico Elul 17

September 19 2017 – 7.1 Mexico City Elul 28


On the last day of the month of AV a Solar Eclipse crossed America and in 2024 another eclipse will cross America making and X. This is a blessing and cursing. It is a ‘marking’ on the earth that is to have judgment. Or, this X can be the letter Aleph known as the One powerful strength such as an ox. This letter represents our Creator…The Aleph. To those that trust in that elohim there will be shelter.

The curse may come between these two eclipses as that X marks the spot of the Madrid Fault Line that already had three 8+ earthquakes in the years 1917-1918….the years of the Balfour Declaration that would give Israel land. But, that land was changed and changed because of Islamic influence. One hundred years later we continue to have the same argument with them and now most of the world that follows their propaganda is part of this X problem for Israel.

Madrid has been marked. Israel has been marked since the foundations of the world with Adom. Adom and Chanoh are buried there. Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Leah and yes, even idolatrous Rachael are in tombs marking that they exited on our earth.

These foundations can NOT be shaken…but they are by different religions of the world. Moses spent 120 years on the earth preparing mankind for the 120th Jubilee and the 20th century. Now, Joshua will be the one that seemed to have the purest of hearts and his name even is the Messiach’s name, Yeshua or Yehovah. This man in the time of Moses will bring them across over a time-period of ten or twenty years. It will take time to have the foreigners join in their way of worship. Adonai specifically tells Joshua not to join in the ways of the Gentiles in their worship. They took it so far as to not even eat with the Gentile just in case the food they ate had not been tithed on.

A small piece of dough would be pinched off and burnt up to show remembrance of the offering Adonai had made for them and would come in the flesh for them. It pictured The Suffering Servant coming to the earth and being that bread of life…and also that burnt offering for man’s sins.

The Blessing of AV 29.

No moon, no light…a dark night. But, on AV 29 a dove would return with an olive leaf in it’s mouth to the man named comfort; Noache. There was to be hope. AV 29 would be the day the man Mosche would chisel out new stone tablets as the first had been purposely broken because the people had already built a ‘golden calf’ to represent The Creator. There was to be absolutely NO type of figure of things above, on or below the earth to represent The Creator. There could be nothing because our Creator is Spirit. And, it is only in the spirit that we are saved. Our flesh will break and yet it is our ‘spirit’ that is renewed into eternal life.

AV 29 – The signal to the world went out…The 2017 Total Eclipse crossing America…the country that is likened to Tyre…the first country to recognize Israel as a Nation…as Tyre was the first little island country to recognize the God of Queen Esther. King Azhararus had 126 provinces that consumed the entire Middle East and God put little Hadassah in charge of it all. Yes, a woman…..a woman that is so easily deceived men say even to today. Chanoh stayed married to the man that knew he was sinning. He had knew the instructions better Chanoh. Her deception was inexcusable…and her birthing pains would now be used in the heavenlies as Virgo would give birth King Jupiter releasing hurricane birthing waters on the earth and her belly shaking in earthquakes.

The month of Elul brought continual upheaval to reach the shores of America that is so thick in it’s deception of abortion…sex….drugs….molesters of their own bodies. It is a cleansing of the earth that we see before our eyes….all set to a pattern of change. How can a sinless Creator come back to a earth that is putrified. He is no longer a Suffering Servant…but the King of Kings carrying an iron Sword.. The Sword was carried by Adom, Noach, Abraham, Mosche, Joshua to Yeshua. The sword was in their mouths…it was the words of The Creator that set them apart to do and honor special times so the world could also join and give witness to being part of that body…set-apart on the earth people to the one of whom had created them.

The Creator uses his creation…sun, moon and stars…earthquakes, waters, hurricanes etc. to move men’s hearts…so they look to Him for their needs… Poison enters their cuts and they die.


Rev 12 now speaks of the Draco the dragon (Satan) that will take sweep one-third of the stars with his tail to the earth. Comets, dirt, debris will hit our earth and it’s axis will move making for more chaos. It will be likened to no other time on the earth…except at the very end…when it will all burn…just as all works will burn if not done according to The Torah.

Time of silence is one-half hour. That is 20.8 years but it is shortened lest even the elite (those honoring Torah) will all perish as well. This number can be 20.8 weeks as well.

One 24-hour day is 1000 years to the Heavens. Thus 41.6 years makes one day. Psalms speaks of one-half hour of silence…That is to have 20.8 years or weeks of silence from G-d. That is also the time period that it took for Jacob to finally acquire his earthly wealth so he could now concentrate on establishing his heavenly wealth…to be a set-apart people for the world to follow.  He leaves Laben in his 20th year of being with him.  Benjamin is born outside of that area on the road as year 21 is approaching.  Which closes out the third Shemittah cycle (3×7=21).

The Creator had a new plan and he would purpose it through his children in patterns…repeated again in other human’s lives…so finally at the end the children would see it…or would they?

God’s Wars is what Nathan called it. Adonai’s War…began 27 Elul 2015. That my friends we can’t forget… He is 17 now and still hidden by his parents who are protecting him from public view. They don’t understand him but he knows in his heart it to be true. He said it could be a few weeks or a couple of years…but The War was going to be wicked…with Israel running.

The nations will be given enough of their own burdens and we’ve even had a president who fought against them. Now, after two years there is a new president but he seems to be wavering for Israel to be ONE State…and that is when Harvey came to tell the ‘rest of the story’.

Tonight, Elul 29, begins The Feast of Trumpets….it is not a fast day…but a day of looking. Israel will look for the sliver of the moon in order to set The Civil calendar in place. It is Month One that will recognize The King that is coming…it could be coronation day for our world.

But, they are still not able to say from Jerusalem, “Blessed is He that comes in the Name of The L-rd.” Thus, our Creator will send two witnesses to stand before the world and chastise them for not following Torah and for not cleaning up the desolation that sits on the Temple Mount. The Jews have one wall and it’s is named, The Wailing Wall. It is a wall that they take little tiny pieces of paper and write their promises to God on. I wrote…You can have all of me…my money…it’s all from you…use me for your greater purposes was in my heart.

Today, my heart desires to touch that wall again but instead I pour our my heart to the world and my family to listen…listen to the way of truth so that the Serpent doesn’t take his tail and swipe you into perdition with him.

God only said not to eat the fruit of the Tree of knowledge and evil. But, Eve thought she couldn’t even touch it. She had built an extra high fence around that commandment…just to be sure. That is what man has done today…they have built such a high fence around God’s Torah that now men discard it completely…it just doesn’t make sense any more.


The King of Kings is still looking for you. Mosche is still on the mountain for ten more days.  He returns on the Day of Atonement; Tishrei 10.   It will be in the next TEN days that men will wish themselves well with each and nations so they may have peace this next year.   In 2017 the Day of Atonement…The FAST…is September 30…Tishrei 10.  Even though it is a Sabbath and we are only to be happy….we WILL REPENT because ADONAI ordered it.  It is NOT a Jewish (thing)…it is THE LORD’s thing.

The Creator put Venice (The Morning Star/Yeshua), Mars (Michael Warrior) and Mercury (Gabriel messenger) together in the skies. As they sit near Regulus they sparkle and look like they twinkle. I saw them as Elul 29 began at 1:oo a.m. I’ve never seen them and was thrilled that I could look into the sky and see what many wise men traveled afar to see…for two years they saw it. And, now we see it, too. A signal that welcomed the child that brought the spirit of G-d to the world in human form. The Suffering Servant bore the curse of the penalty of spiritual death that comes from sin. Now that penalty was paid by a 33-34 year old Messiach. All shown in the patterns of Shemittah and Jubilees and more…an amazing story that can’t be told quick enough.

He’s coming…but not before more purification happens in our spirit. Our redemption draweth nigh…this Dark Night of Elul 29 bring us into a New Year…the King comes looking for his bride…just as young David worked and then found his bride Abrigale.

Happy Rosh Hoshannah my friend in Yeshua…The Trumpet will sound to the ears that have ears to hear it.

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