Deep State planning anti-Trump protests in 14 cities on November 4 2017 | Z3 News

Why is our world so violent?  It is one year exactly since America voted in a new president.  He is NOT an INSIDER.  They just don’t know what to do!

Incitement is part of the strategy to turn governments over.  BIG money goes into manipulating the public…and these manipulated people are willing to die for who?  The Inciters!

I’m posting this so we can remember where people want to kill our policemen…our anyone…God forbid it.

TERRIBLE…  If you aren’t happy here…leave….  We were here first.  Good-bye!

It is forbidden by God to remove those He has established in authority.  This type of violence is therefore, SIN!  This violence is against God….not these public servants.

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