Heshemite or Hasmonean…both defile The Temple Mount. American King Cyrus! Can you make it to 2035, Year of blessing? http://flip.it/5dP1w2

The Tower of Babel 1622 AM from Adom spread men across the world as Nimrod, son of Kush via Cain via Ham wanted to build a tower that went into the heavens.  For 43 years they built the tower at Babylon (confused language).  1579 – 1622…and then The Creator said, “No” and blew it over with a big wind.  What did 1635 AM look like?  What did 1579-1622 AD look like?   We find men are striving over land and towers.  There was The War of Thirty years and Eighty years going on in 1622 AD.

Towers of Dubai 2016.


In 120-121st Jubilee (twentith and twenty-first century) of our earth Hashemite dynasties build the tallest towers in the world; most at Dubai.  What is their goal for Jerusalem?

The Hasmonean period 167 BC.  Josephus reports Jewish expansion of First North Wall after The Macabeen defeats of Roman Antiochus (Chanukah).  They lost The Temple in 167 BE and won it back in 163 BC…after tens of thousands of Jews died.

The Heshemite dynasty, King Abdullah, 1967 AD is given guardian of The Holy Temple site.  The Six-Day War of 1967 restored Jerusalem but the enemy was given guardianship so that that very enemy would not desecrate it.  (Israel does whatever it takes to guard Yah’s land….but NOW it Yah’s peace that is coming…and it comes with a ‘rod of iron’.)

The contract of who guards Mt Moriah had expired.   ‘The guardians’, the Heshtmites, do not have the right to say that it’s not Israel’s Captiol.  It has always been Israel’s capitol.

Our world has not had strong leaders that can look into the eyes of the world and tell them to “Trust The God of Israel.”  If men argue about this, they are arguing with El Shaddai…the most powerful…The Creator…YAHUAH!

President Trump….SAY IT….  And as President Trump proclaims it, may other nations join Israel in proclaming it…because it is YHWH proclaiming it through them.  It was Harry S Truman that SAID IT…’The Nation of Israel”…he said it and wrote it…and yes, the bombs dropped.  Today, she’s stronger and America is ‘back’ being King Cyrus.

People think America is not in the Bible…but they just don’t know who King Cyrus was.  Let Israel be born…and return to her…so American Cyrus won’t be disgarded and diseased and die…never heard of again in history.  Let Amerian Cyrus fly her ‘stealth’ fighters with my personal sons in the wings…to Him we give glory…be part of HIS battle is my cry.  This is the fight that has eternal consequence!

Look at the ‘land deeds’.  And, it’s not just Jerusalem….The Bible declares wherever Abraham walked….and Abraham walked a life-time; but specifically he walked three days to this Mount; Mount Moriah to prove his love for Yahweh..as did Isaac a grown man of probably 34 years of age.

Isaac carried his own wood just as The Messiach 34 carried his own stake.  Joseph is our picture of 34 as he was lost at age 17 and then spent another 17 with Jacob.  Thirty-four years is a paradigm that draws truth.  Even the year could have been 33-34 AD as Ben Joseph walked out his last 70 weeks on the earth.

The Great Flood was in the year 1333 AM.  Adom gets off the ark in 1334 AM.  Three is Gimel..pictured as a camel..being lifted up…just as Noach was lifted lifted lifted up…  What will our 2033-34 feel like if we don’t draw men to The real Messiach of whom was lifted off the earth as well?  Will we make it to the ‘Year of Blessing: 2035?

The Living God has declared Jerusalem from where He will reign.  Ben Joseph came and Ben David is returning.  When His feet step down on that mount it will split and then the arguing will STOP,

A family dispute can be settled without fighting.  Land deeds; NOT moving the boundary stones assured that Abraham, Isaac, Ya’acov and David’s land stayed in the family.  Many Jews own deeds today in the land of Israel.  But, they are land-leases as the Hebrew knows that all land is Adonai’s.

The ancient father’s even had land recorded and witnessed so they had access to do what they purposed with the land.  Abraham sought land for the burial of his family…of which a monument is still in Hebron today.  I took this picture on the one of few days the Jews were allowed inside this monumental building holding the caskets of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rivkah and Ya’acov and Leah.


Hevron.  City of David.  Steps leading to memorial sites.


Rachel’s tomb sits outside in the weeds elsewhere as she was the ‘idolatrous’ wife. (my friend in picure, 2009)


Esau forfeited his right as first-born to his brother Ya’acov of whom was born within seconds of himself.

Abraham holds the land deed from the Hittites.  It was an exhorbitate price as Abraham was a rich man.  In 2009 a single simple run down dwelling on a zero lot was a million dollars…if a Jew was buying.  Their tactics have not changed.  If I was buying something it was always higher in price than if an Arab was buying it.  The same happened to me in Cairo…unjust measures.

The Macabeen War ended 15 Kislev 163 BC.  Today on Kislev 15 2017 this article appears….  It’s always a ‘fight for The Temple’.  We MUST stay dedicated (chanukah) to it as it is a Light to ALL the world…through whom comes The Messiach.

The Hashemite’s of Jordan plan to convene it’s princes to rise up against President Trump’s possible announcement on Wednesday, Kislev 18 that he agrees Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel.  The Torah reading for that day on Kislev 14 included Genesis 33:18-20.  It is the ‘land deed’ for Sh’khem in Kena’an.

“From the sons of Hamor Sh’khem’s father Ya’acov bought for one hundred pieces of silver the parcel of land where he had pitched his tent.  There he put up an altar, which he called El-Elohei-Yisra’el (God, the God of Isra’el).

Hebron is owned by Abraham along with it’s trees, which  means the land above ground…not just the caves.

Jacob holds the ancient land deed at Sh’khem.  After the circumcism deceit Adonai moves his family back to “Beit-El” and there he made another altar to God.. Genesis 35:1

Jacob has now returned to where he had first made an altar with a covenant with Adonai.  It was Luz at the time and Ya’acov changes the name to Beit-El (House of Yah).  This was the exact site that where he received his name change to Israel  No longer (heel grabber, deceiver;  but now representing El…Elohim in that exact place that he had dreams of angels ascending and descending heaven.

Daniel says that if you can make it to the 1335th day you’ll be blessed.  Well, listen to Genesis 35 as it is a paradigm to blessing.  Could it be that by 2035 Son of Blessing will be reigning.

Gen 35 repeats the story of Deborah dying there, and as they moved on Rachel dies outside of Efrat.  The ‘son of his right hand’ is born in the promised land of Efrat (Bethleham).  Not in Bethleham, but outside of it.  Ya’akov walked all this land and Yahweh claimed it for him as Yahweh had claimed it for his father Isaac and also Abraham.   Ya’acov dwelt in the land Mamre, near Kiryat-Arba (also known as Hebron) that Abraham had the land deed.

The Bible also shows the ancient land deed of David…

2 Samuel 24:18-25.  According to historial evidence, both from the Bible and other sources, the temple was built on the spot where King David made an altar to the Lord.  David had purchsed the land from Araunah the Jebusite, who was using the exposed bedrock as a threshing floor.  Jewish tradition claims a much older sanctity for the site, associating it with the altar of Abraham on Mount Moriah (Genesis 22:1-19).  The writer of Genesis equates Moriah wih “the Mountain of the LORD.”   2002 Delux Then and Now Bible Maps, Rose Publishing.

There is a time period – usually about 42 that brings a time of ‘silence’ from The Creator.  That silence means, silencing men from their actions.

Jerusalem has been held in the hands of the Hashemite dynasty for FIFTY (50) years.  For one jubilee of time and there still has been no closure on settlements in Israel.  Silence is now being issued….those that support ISRAEL are ready for Silence as well.  They want it done….they want to be able to walk the Temple Mount without seeing their Jewish friends beaten…and for fear of their own lives as well.  When I tried to visit with my Amraican friend who wore a kappah just because he was of Jewish descent…they forbid him and threatenedhim with assault.  Because of that scuffle we missed seem the tombs of Hebrews as they forbit this (American Gentile with a kappa on) to continue the tour.  We stayed behind to watch for his safety.

Do we need different stewardship of the Mount?  Yes.  And that was back in 2009.  Today, it’s open season on Jews in Irsael.

Our fighters stealth jets are practicing in South Korea this week….the Week the Macabees were cleaning The Temple of the trees (men) and pig mess (dung) found to descrecrate God’s house.  Ishmael wants Mecca and Medina….please please  cleanse cleanse Ishmael from the altar of Isaac.

Jerusalem never belonged to Ishmael…but is known as a city to bring Peace to all men that love Yahweh just as it’s name Shalom is “Peace.”

P.S.  This writer also learned that there are now TWELVE military sites set up via Syria and Lebanon that will strike Israel.

Twelve military sites…we need the Twelve Hashemite princes to eliminiate that enemy.  Their power and wealth can come against the Shitte…Iran, Russia and China.  They should join American Cyrus and build Jerusalem to be a City of Prayer for all Nations  to the One God…YHWH.

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