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The ‘World’s View’ should include The Creator’s view.  I appreciated the article written by venitis@wordpress.com.  He brought forward the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement.  I wrote on it yesterday.

This is all happening at Kislev…the time of the cleansing of The Temple so Channukah can be celebrated on Kislev 25…The Festival of Lights (Dedication).

My view of Jerusalem and who should claim it comes from the Biblical contracts stated in the oldest ancient papers around, The Bible.  I continually write about land deeds that show Abraham’s purchase, Isaac’s purchase and Jacob’s and Daniel’s purchases with real silver shekels of their day.  And, then there is blood-purchase.  Abraham age 75+ did it by blood cleansing with 318 men in year fourteen; read Genesis 14.  The Suffering Servant purchased it in blood in 33-34 AD.  (It was not at Mecca or Medina…but Mount Tzion,)

In 1967 via The Six-Day War all of Jerusalem recaptured (re-is used because it was occupied illegally by Jordanians and was now RE-taken.)  There were no Palestinian people until Jordanians weren’t allowed to go back after being told to leave Jordan as there was going to be a war….surprise…a people group now gets a name similar to Palestine.  All trickery!

Just because the international countries don’t want to agree with the results of The Six-Day War outcome doesn’t change the ‘facts’ of blood shed for it.

It is recorded in history….even that Enoch was at this mountain and it’s his lineage that brought The Seed that died there that truly was the ‘blood’ covenant of who owns it…The Creator keeps confirming it’s ownership for 6000 years.  The future fighting is against The Creator.

After I read Mr. Venitis excellent article on how Greater Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq were newly born by the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement…..it amazes me that our world will discount Enoch, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and especially King David’s ancient land deeds for countries who are newly created.

In fact, it wasn’t until 1920 that Prince Fasel was put in charge of Greater Syria and then removed later.  The leadership changes daily and with it cities are renamed.  But, Salem has always been the King of Salem’s hometown.  Priest Melchizedek has lived there since The Flood and it is to him that Abraham paid tribute.  Shem lived 500 years after the Flood and even saw Jacob’s son Ashur born and then he died that year.  Now, that is why Abraham was counted righteous because he understood how The Living God wanted things done on His earth.  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all learned from the High Priest Shem of how the earth connected them to the living God.    It was Ya’acov that desired to be that next priest when Shem died.  Esau did not care about that part of his heritage.

Today, in December 2017 there are twelve princes being reined in by their King.  Are they going to support the kingdoms around them?  These twelve princes are NOT The Twelve Tribes of Jacob.  They are twelve princes of Ishmael.  Our world has confused which clans of the world have given their blood purchase for Jerusalem since the time of Enoch.  And, these princes only came about since King Seid.

The 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement blended into The Balfour Accord of 1917.  The Palestine area shrunk as these five Arab chieftains argued with the world because they held OIL supplies over our heads.  Today, these princes are billionaires and have become unruly chieftains of the earth.

Here is what I’ve renewed my beliefs after studying Genesis 13-15.  The days of Abraham.

For twelve years the Five kings put up with the rulings of The Four evil Kings in the Middle East.  In year thirteen the  five kings revolted.  In year fourteen (in 2nd Shemittah cycle) the Four kings went throughout the Middle East consuming cities.  The Five Kings wanted to meet at a certain place to settle their plight there…instead of killing so many people in the cities.  The battle occurred at The Kings’ Valley where there were sinking tar holes and broken clay pots.  The Five Kings of the south were defeated by the northern Four Kings; but some of Sodom’s people retreated to the hillsides.

Do you know what story this is yet?  We could almost say that today’s Four Kings of the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement are nemesis to the Four kings in this original story.

Abraham was not part of this fight as he was new to the area and only wanted to kept his family out of these evil kingdoms.  The northern Four Kings now had total control over The Middle East after defeating the five southern kingdoms.  But the one thing that they did wrong…..truly what they did wrong….was that they took Lot… and his family… and ALL of his possessions when they left.  One single prisoner escaped and came and told Abraham what had happened to his nephew, Lot.

This is what you do when one single relative is lost….You go after them to bring them back into your fold.  And, we should listen to the cry of one caring person, President Trump, of whom is trying to tell us the truth about our relative….The Nation of Israel.

Abraham took his home-grown men….men raised in his own house…so they believed as Abraham believed in The Living God.  318 home-grown attacked and chased the Four  kings past Damascus…; killed them and brought back all the stolen bootee.

aka…One little shepherd boy named David was also used by The Creator to drop the giants in the land of Gaza…Goliath and his relatives.

One man Abraham…sacked the power of The Four Kings that held the power of the other Five Kings in their hand, as well.  The truth is seen in one man called by The Creator to claim all the land.  Abraham was the first nemesis for the project and he only brought 318 men to conquer the value of what NINE kingdoms.

At the beginning of Abram’s calling from Heron he was make rich immediately at this conquest.  Between the age of 80 and 100 this probably took place.  Ishmael is born when he is 86 and Isaac at 100 years of age.  A cleansing of land is a paradigm that occurs before proper ruler ship can be successful.

So, tell me world….do I care about the kings of the earth’s opinion?  What I care about is who has laid claim to Jerusalem since the foundation of the earth.  Adom brought forth Sheth to be the seed line to The Seed.   Sheth, Enoch, Methuselah, Noach and then Shem.

Shem was there when Abraham returned home with Lot.  Shem was the priest of the The Living G-d, YAHUAH.  It was to Shem, the highest priest on the earth, that Abraham gave ten percent to say ‘thank you’ for the success of the War involving NINE kingdoms.  No other kings fought alongside Abraham.  ADONAI had his back…all four sides in fact…and up and down.  The five kingdoms that had gone into hiding were sacked…and crying over their dead.

Today’s Nation of Israel is Abraham’s direct grandson….Jacob… Jerusalem will only be a City of Peace if The Living G-d dwells in it.

Whose War is this?  Who will bring Peace?  And, how does peace come?  By a Sword….that is The Words of The Torah.

In The Six-Day War Israel claimed more land than they could take care of.  Thus, they gave different areas to be under guardianship of The Four Kings of the Sykes-Picot Agreement.    Guardianship seemed to move to be considered ownership.  After fifty years that attitude has been hard to change.  In fact, the Palestinian leaders declare that there is no such thing as a State of Israel.  These kings of our world live in a false reality that they have created.   That is like saying WWII never happened…no Holocaust.  Brains are disconnected and therefore, how could these type of brains ever run a government that represents a sane population.

Jerusalem is  a City of Peace for the world to look to.  It is a City to be respected by people with their brains in gear….and not cynical.  Our Creator is not cynical and evil minded.  Our Creator says that you do NOT kill because that eliminates His very image off the face of the earth.  G-d does not appreciate being eliminated when he said to multiply.

The borders with inheritance can never change because God never will break His word which is His covenant with man.  ADONAI will never break covenant with the man, Abraham.

Ishmael is still crying…..and Rachel is still crying… for the children she was never able to have.  She was an idolatrous woman still clinging to her father Laban’s idols.  She had to be removed before Benjamin (son of Jacob’s right hand) could be nourished correctly and not around any deception.

Sodom and Amora were in constant violence against The Torah and they were removed exactly one year before Isaac was allowed to be born.  Evil must be removed….there is no “Two-State” solution.  There is ONE G-d.   He is the ‘unknown’ God to many.  Men do not choose to know Him because they have made him into what they want him to be.

Peace has been rejected for 70 years and longer from Ishmael’s children in our twentieth century.   The Palestinian people grew out of Jordan.  Their leaders declare there is NO Israel.  If there was no Isaac and only Ishmael then there is no Ya’acov or Esau either. That means that the deception is that there is only Ishmael.

It would be silly to continue to discuss that there is not even Esau as G-d speaks directly about hating Esau.  He hated everything he stood for.  He did not like studying Torah with Shem.

Esau is Edom.  Esau marries one of Ishmael’s daughters.  Both of these families are hated by the God of Isra’el.  What he hates is that they do not want to follow His ways.  If they did want to follow the ways of The Torah then they would be grafted into the covenant of Ya’acov (Isra’el).  But, they have made covenants with ‘false’ gods…that can not speak nor act…but lie there as a dead’ black stone.

Just as Jacob fell in love with the prettiest woman, Rachel,  her heart was wicked.  Her father’s idols were more precious to her than her husband Jacob’s ‘Living God.’ This is idolatrous thinking.

These true life stories are for us to memorize and bury in our heart…for such a day as this that President Trump has a son-in-law that keeps reminding him of his promises…and time is short.

Abraham is ready to claim his relative Lot back to himself.  You do NOT let a close relative live in enemy territory.    The Nation of Israel will have the nations of the world drawn to her with hooks…to bring their bootee to help build One Nation under The Creator whose Temple is to be set upon the earth again.  It represents what the land has always meant to be….The Mountain of El (G-d).

Let us seek the only opinion that counts………The Seed of Abraham of whom there are so many things recorded that the books can’t hold it all.

But, who are the new evil kings that look like their ancestors of the past?  They will always try to act as if they were on the earth first.  The brothers are designed to HELP serve and yet they don’t even understand the word.  They can’t submit to The Creator’s authority as they all want to be ‘the authority.’  They are jealous of the ‘second’ of whom the ‘birth right’ was sold.  It is Jacob that lies in memory at Hevron…not Esau…not Ishmael…but Isaac.

This is a picture of inside the memorial of where they lie in state in Hebron.  Rachel is not there…Leah is.  Abraham and Sarah are.  Isaac and Rebecca are…  No Ishmael..No Esau…  This is what Esau sold…the right to be buried at Hebron….he didn’t care what Shem told him…he preferred hunting.

In the fourteenth year…they were destroyed from the earth….and Shem the Melchizedek approved of the nine king’s removal.  It would not be restructured under Abraham.

2014-2015 was the beginning of a new Shemittah cycle.  That makes 2017-2018 four years…of restructuring.  Let’s keep it up and see what else needs cleansed so Isaac can be born.. (The Messiach come back.)  Think of a one year jubilee cycle of 50 years.  That is how it plays out.

2000-2001 was a Shemittah cycle.  That shows 2014-2015 as Shemittah years of removal…and that perfectly lines up with the The War of Abraham.  The 14th year the wars began.

Elul 27 2015 is known as The Year Yah’s War began..  The War for The Temple will continue as it has always been about blood purchase….for the sake of the one that gave His precious blood, The Messiah Yeshua.

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