Trump Confirms Jerusalem out of Babylon after 70 years. Jerusalem retrieved again in 1967…still the kings reject all of Israel.

JERUSALEM Retreived in 1948

Adom died 70 years early at age 930.  Israel has now made up that 70 years.  The promise to Adom of The Seed crushing the head of Serpent continues to be confirmed.

Congratulations President Trump for being a Cyrus!

Cleansing The Temple Floor – at Chanukah


Trump secured land as Abraham secured it!

Today, President Trump stood on the strength of our El Shaddai Creator.

His adviser Jared Kushner also pursued and conquered in YHWH’s strength.

Genesis 14

Abraham with 3l8 home-grown men secured the entire Middle East past Damascus.

They began at night and continued to chase their enemies past Damascus. Abraham ended the rule of Four Kings who pillaged the earth of whom also defeated Five other  kings.

It took One Man for that moment in time to TRUST and pursue all the kings of the earth.

Abraham’s 318 home-grown men gave chase because nephew Lot had  been taken as bootee.

Israel has been held hostage for thousands of years and by many different enemies. Today, it has been 1 Jubilee of 50 years since Jerusalem was re-secured in The Six Day War of 1967. It has taken that long for any world leader to accomplish what happened today, Kislev 18.  Kislev 15-24 the week the Temple was cleansed from Antiochus Epiphanies In 163 BC.  Chanukah is Kislev 25.

FIFTY YEARS since The Six Day War of 1967. (1967-2017)

It is by The Hand of God Jerusalem is now secured!

It is by The Hand of The Creator that NO two-states was secured.

The Hand of God moved Cyrus to bring Isra’el back from Babylon.

The United States is in Bible – They are Cyrus helping Queen Esther.

King Cyrus did NOT complete his job…the Jews would not return to their land to occupy it. They hid within 126 other provinces. Today, Jews and grafted-in gentiles to the Torah should return and multiply into the lands…so it bursts it’s seams and spreads to all lands.

Israel has a Living God who continues to prove they are sole heir to Jerusalem.  Land deeds are recorded and secured in ancient archives.  A few:

Genesis 22:1-19 Abraham Mount Moriah offering

2 Samuel 24:18-25 David purchased from Jebusite 1.25 pd silver shekel

Genesis 23 Abraham buys McPhelah; 400 shekels

Genesis 33:18 Ya’acov land Sh’kem 100 pc silver

Genesis 35:6 Ya’acov Beit-El offering

President Trump is nemesis of ABRAHAM.

Genesis 14

Story of Redeeming the lands.

One-tenth went back to Shem, the Melchizedek (Heaven’s priest) of the earth.

Shem is alive at the time of Abraham’s battle to secure Lot….(lot, a parcel of land).

Abraham moved from Haran at age 75

Battle with kings happens in this span of Abe’s life.

S’dom and cities destroyed 1 year before Isaac born.

Abraham age 100 when Isaac born.

Abraham age 160 when Jacob born.

Shem 602 dies the year Ashur was born; Jacob 50

Isaac is born 25 years after leaving Haran.

Isaac is 60 years old when twins arrive; Esau and Jacob.

Jacob is 50 when his son Ashur is born.

(Israel (Jacob) is 50 when Jerusalem is recognized in 2017)

Abraham knew Noach for 58 years

Abraham family will claim land of Israel 500 years from King’s battle.

Noach lives 500 years from when his first-born Shem is born.

Shem lives 500 years after his first-born from Flood is born.

Shem dies at age 602.

Shem is likened to Noach age of 602 when multiplying begins.

Jacob is 61-62 when having Benjamin

Shem dies as Jacob is in the middle of having eleven children within seven years.

Jacob is 47-54 from first-born Rueden to Joseph are born.

In 2017 (6000 years from Adom, 120×50=6000) Isra’el confirms birth to Zion as capitol.

Noach 603-604 when grandfather via Shem

There are so many paradigms to explore but the ones to take note of are these… coming soon.

The 6000-year Paradigm.

In 2018 it is 6001 years from Adom.

In 2019 it is 6002 years from Adom.

In 2020 it is 6003 years from Adom.

In 2021 it is 6004 years from Adom.

Why do we need to know Noach’s Grandfather Methuselach was 604 when he was born?

Why was Noach also seen at age 604 when he first had grandchildren?

Grandchildren are key to a nation.  Because of TODAY’s Cyrus, President Trump and his servant Eliazar-Kushner…Grandchildren can go forth so that in 2035 AD many children will return to Jerusalem…The City of Blessing.

Arpakhshad was the next seed. He was born in the year 1335 AM. The number 1335 is The Day of Blessing spoken of by Daniel?

What happens in our world in 6004?

Abraham was leaving UR of Chaldeans when age 60’s.

Isaac was age sixty when Jacob was born.

Jacob was sixty-one when he had Benjamin.

Abraham was confirmed with land and seed promises.

Isaac was confirmed in the same land and seed promises.

Jacob was confirmed in the same land and seed promises.

The Evidence Stands Before Us!

If we argue…we argue against God of whom spoke all into being!

Today, my friends, we see The Hand of God before our eyes!

On the week of cleansing the threshing floor, the floor of The Temple, a WONDER happened!

President Trump as King Cyrus recognized the importance of bringing Isra’el back to her land. Father Abraham was seen today as a single man, declared to first The Four evil nations and then to the rest of her enemies…that this is what will bring peace to the world. It is YHWH’s peace that brings peace. It is The Creator that has always declared:

Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel.

This announcement ends the strife and division that has held the city captive.

The Abomination of making Jerusalem desolate of Jews will end.

Abraham’s children can now return in safety….as enemies will be chased and in the dark if necessary. Esther had the help of all governors to preemptively strike any enemy that spoke of killing a Jew.


To Adom – The Seed was promised.

Methuselach brings forth the grandson Noach that would bring comfort to the world by:

The Creator’s Peace by Flood.

Noach…the line of Shem would carry The Torah; the instructions of how to live safely on the earth.

Shem lived 500 years teaching The Torah’s comfort on this side of the Flood.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob personally sat under Shem’s teaching.

This teaching goes out onto the earth so it becomes a ‘safe place’ once again.

The earth is to give support/tithe to Israel.

Build The Temple so all the earth can come and remember who The Living Torah is.

That final day of judgment will come when The Suffering Servant returns to that un-defiled mountain. He has defied death and now makes everything He touches clean. His feet take authority in The Seat of David presenting The Seat of Mosche…The Torah.

The risen Suffering Servant will now reign in His true name, King of Kings, Lord of Lord ruling with a rod of iron….The Word….The Living Torah.

Men will love Torah because it convicted them of their sin and now they are free to live in His righteousness because it is His blood that sealed the covenant of The Torah.

Today, Kislev 18, the Temple Floor has been cleaned.

Today, Kislev 18 begins the continued purge of defilement from the earth’s threshing floor.

I can only bow in humility and thankfulness to our Creator who took a man who was willing to have a talitt laid across his shoulders in September 2016 and now, a year later, has helped cleanse the threshing floor of the world.

May our military’s new invisible technology succeed in deterring nuclear holocausts and other wars across our world.

May our nations come to Jerusalem, Israel and give reverence to the invisible but true living G-d of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.


Noach lives 350 years on this side of Flood. He died at age 950 being called, Righteous.  Shem lives another 500 years on this side of The Flood dying at age 602.

What will the year 6002 bring? 

Let us pray for a ‘Righteous Israel’ to resurrect and lead our world.

May Israel be a SHEM…a High Priest to the earth… guiding the earth in The Living Torah as we look forward to the return of The Messiach, known as King Yeshua. 

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