Hawaii Pahala Covenant of Fire

Hawaii Volcano Earthquakes 4.5+ 2018

May 3 5.1 Eruption

Pagan Beltane celebrations first days of May

National Day of Prayer

Manna Fell Day 1

L’g B’Omer 33

(Ascension Yeshua Jesus – Day 40 – Iyyar 25)

(Shavuot Pentecost – Day 50 – Sivan 6)

Day 1 – May 3 18 Iyyar Fern Acres, Hawaii 5.1 Manna Fell, National Day Prayer

Day 2 – May 4 19 Iyyar Fern Acres, Hawaii 5.4 6.9 4.6 4.8

Day 3 – May 5 20 Iyyar Pahala, Leilani, Hawaii 5.3 4.7 4.6 Sabbath Emor (say)

Day 4 – May 6 21 Iyyar

Day 5 – May 7 22 Iyyar

Day 6 – May 8 23 Iyyar

Day 7 – May 9 24 Iyyar

Day 8 – May 10 25 Iyyar Ascension Yeshua/Jesus

Day 9 – May 11 26 Iyyar

Day 10 – May 12 27 Iyyar Sabbath Behar/Bechukotai

Day 11 – May 13 28 Iyyar Leilani Estates, Hawaii 4.6

Day 12 – May 14 29 Iyyar

Day 13 – May 15 1 Sivan Moshe repeats The Torah

Day 14 – May 16 2 Sivan

Day 15 – May 17 3 Sivan

Day 16 – May 18 4 Sivan

Day 17 – May 19 5 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.0 5.0 Bamidbar (in the wilderness)

Day 18 – May 20 6 Sivan Sunday, SHAVUOT (Day 50)

Day 19 – May 21 7 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 4.9

Day 20 – May 22 8 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 4.9

Day 21 – May 23 9 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 4.9

Day 22 – May 24 10 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 4.9

Day 23 – May 25 11 Sivan

Day 24 – May 26 12 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.0 47 4.7 Sabbath Naso (take up)

Day 25 – May 27 13 Sivan

Day 26 – May 28 14 Sivan

Day 27 – May 29 14 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.3 New Year for trees

Day 28 – May 30 15 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.3

Day 29 – May 31 16 Sivan

Day 30 – June 01 17 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.4

Day 31 – June 02 18 Sivan

Day 32 – June 03 19 Sivan Beha’alotcha (when you set up)

Day 33 – June 04 20 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.4 Ash leave stay inside; birth of Asher

Day 34 – June 05 21 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.5

Day 35 – June 06 22 Sivan

Day 36 – June 07 23 Sivan Volcano, Hawaii 5.4 War against Tribe Benjamin

Day 37 – June 08 24 Sivan Zechariah Restoration Zion, Temple

Day 38 – June 09 25 Sivan

Day 39 – June 10 26 Sivan Sabbath Shelach (send)

Day 40 – June 11 27 Sivan (40th Day Hawaii Eruption)

Day 41 – June 12 28 Sivan

Day 42 – June 13 29 Sivan

Day 43 – June 14 30 Sivan

Day 44 – June 15 1 Tammuz

Day 45 – June 16 2 Tammuz

Day 46 – June 17 3 Tammuz Sabbath Korach (Korah)

Day 47 – June 18 4 Tammuz

Day 48 – June 19 5 Tammuz

Day 49 – June 20 6 Tammuz

Day 50 – June 21 7 Tammuz Yovel/Jubilee

Historical Facts for Shevat from ElShaddai Ministries calendar 2017-2018.

Shevat 1 – Moses repeats The Torah to people

Shevat 15 – New Year for trees

Shevat 20 – Birth of Asher

Shevat 23 – The Israelites assembled to wage war against Tribe of Benjamin (Judges 20:1)

Shevat 24 – The prophet Zechariah predicted restoration of Zion, resumption of building Temple.

author BM Laux for yhebrew.com

Now then, what should we say about all of this detail of the Hawaii Eruption.   We could get a flight from Phoenix AZ to Hawaii for $379.00.  Tourism must be dropping because of concern for the air quality.  Some say it’s just the eastern part of an island and it doesn’t affect the other islands of Hawaii.  Me…I don’t like earthquakes…much less an active and violent volcano.

Let’s look at what this report tells us.

First, we must consider if people believe in God.  If they are worshipping other gods such as Hawaiians do…and then we also find the worship of Beltan in strongs force at the first of May…and if Amerian’s really don’t watch news on their televisions anymore and rely on th internet…who is telling them told them that Thursday, May 3 2018 was America’s National Day of Prayer.  Who was praying?  Who were Hawaiian’s praying to?

Second, it makes perfect sense that The Creator would have ash falling at the same time that He provided the perfect food for His children and it began on this day.  They left Egypt with lots of goodies…but then became complainers which turned into a serious food shortage.  Thus, on 18 Iyyar a fluffy food appeared on the ground every morning for them to collect and use in preparation for their food.  It was likened to corriander seed…powerfully nutritious.

We have confirmation of nutrition on this day and now we have confirmation of siege for diaster with 82 structures removed and horrible air pollution 30 days later that people are told to leave.  Fire was shooting 200 feet in the air and several pockets opened up and made more flames shoot up.  From the air it is a consuming fire…and yet the mercy of God is that it’s slow going and no human lives have to be lost….if mankind would listen while there is still a way of escape.  They need to follow the ‘living God whose Son is Yeshua Jesus.’

The Lag B’Omer is a special day meaning the 33 Day of Counting of Omer.  It is always 18 Iyyar.  I think of 33 as not yet being 35…almost to that special day of blessing…35 that Danield speaks about.  Who can make it to that 35th day…it is a day of bless…In Daniel’s words he was speaking of the 1335th day since the abomination of desolation was seen in The Temple.

I want to add here that historical books like The Book of Jubilee specifically tell us that Noach’s Flood happened in the year 1333.  There is that year of wrath and churning again.  Noach will get off the ark in the year 1334.  They have to find their way to survive in their new world and we then see that in that second year children are beginning to once again multiply on the earth.  God’s understanding of the word blessing is always related to birth…humans, animals…plants…everything growing and not burning up by a consuming fire…such as we are witnessing right now.

What I see from Day 33 of Hawaii’s Eruption in fire shooting in the air is that very day they were told to LEAVE….or stay in….No one should be outside.  LEAVE.  It was not a day of blessing….and if they wantd to live they had better get in God’s Ark…and Noach did exatly that in they year 1333….He left the earth and accepted His fate…chosen to begin again…and He did make it to the year 1335…the year children were again born on the earth.  ABORTION is a disgrace to The Creator…and totally goes against His principles that were laid out for the earth.  The womb is a blessing but many people have figured out how to close the womb…not having children…because of their chosen lifestyles.  It is fine for men to choose….God says to be happy…do what you please…why?  because this is all there will be for you.  If you don’t care about eternal things…then don’t…just live peacefully during the time you are given…Yes…because that is ALL there is for you.

Today, I write on June 7 2018 and it’s 23 Sivan.  There was a  5.4 volano eruption today and it caused me to evaluate the patterns of eruptions registering over 4.5.  I find many things interesting and today especially as today is the War Against Benjamin.

Benjamin’s Tribe was so wiped because of their participation in idolatry/fornicating with non-believers that there really were only a few men left that had hid among the trees.  These men found brides that were willing to marry them from Benjamin widows.  It was in one night of dancing by the fire that the Bride accepted a Benjamite man to be her husband.    Thus, the Tribe of Benjamin survived.  Benjamiates live close to The Tribe of Judah though whom The Messiach is born.    Judah and Benjamin and Asher would keep honoring The Temple worship at Jerusalem….Benjamin’s whore wife was raped by each other the brothers and left to die on his doorstep.   Benjamin delivered eleven pieces of her body parts to each of the other family tribes.  It’s a horrible story but we must remember that it is a picture of our lives.   It  is a brother’s responsibility to show one his sin and yet it is in kindness that he is to yet remain in the family…to grow and mature to what God had intended for that lineage….of whom are ONE in Messiah.

It is the idolatry that we must cancel from our families lives.  Thus, today is the day the War against Benjamin’s idolatry started….23 Sivan.  A remant hide in the forest and came out and received brides so the Tribe of Benjamin could remain.

Our world is on fire….men are known as trees…and they are burning up.  Is there any place of safety when you’re dealing with an angry God?  At the age of 67 I stand amazed that people don’t believe there is a God.  They do NOT see Him because they don’t look.  They could read their Bibles and know the depth of the story such as Benjamin’s life.

Benjamin’s mother Rachel was attached to her father’s idols.  This idolatrous mother also died giving birth to him.  Benjamin has lost two woman.  Did Leah help raise him?  I think she had her hands full of boys who were finding their own say-so in life…especially protecting their sister when it seemed her father, Jacob, was not there for her when she was raped.  Jacob had his own plan but a few other sons stepped in ahead of their father.

Do we step ahead of God?  Do we think he’s not really doing anything on the earth to bring about righteousness?  Let’s look at what is happening on our earth right now….

President Trump is having ‘Israel believers’ constantly pressuring him for Jerusalem…and A Temple.  What day  is tomorrow?  24 Sivan….it’s the prophecy of Zechariah…he is speaking of the restoration of Zion…and The Temple.  Read Zech 1 and 2.

God is cleansing men from their homes….and showing them that their real home is coming from the heavenlies…and it will be set in Jerusalem….and it will be A Temple so high and lifted up that  all people’s will see it.  The earth transform as islands will disappear….just as this Hawaii neighborhood disappears slowly before our eyes.  Perhaps all of the earth will be as what is happening on that little island.  Will people just try to get a cheap flight to witness it for themselves.?  But wait,  they can see it when it comes to their own backyward.  And, my friends,,, it will come if men DO NOT change.

It will be by burning…and NOT water…says rainbow as a sign to that Noach Covenant.

I’ll close with Scriptures that we should all be reading right now.  This Sabbath it is called, Shelach (send).  Numbers 13:1-15:41; Joshua 2:1-24; Matt 10:1-14.

Whatever the first words are of the reading, that is what the Parsah is named.  Life with the Hebrew is very easy….what is says is what it is and means.  We know what God is sending…..

What do we do with this information that visibly happens right before our eyes and ears….and many are smelling it’s poison.

What is it?  manna.  That is what manna means….’what is it.’  They asked ‘what is it’ when it appeared on the ground every morning for six days…but not the seventh.  They had to trust the sixth days would hold them until the eighth day.  On the sixth day they were given a double portion of ‘what is it.’

Today we live in the Sixth Day.  It will be a ‘double portion’ of ‘what is it.’

Will we ‘talk about ‘what is happening’…and say, ‘what is it’ that God is asking.

‘What  is it’ that is happening to our earth?  ‘what is it’ that we’ve done wrong to bring this upon ourselves?

“What is it”….  MANNA….just what a perverse world deserves.

And, this time the manna is not worthy of eating for forty years….perhaps it will take forty years to purify  many nations who don’t know God nor accept His ways.

But, not all will be destroyed as a remant always remains…and that remant..as Benjamin found, the brothers relented of their destruction and gave them brides of the Benjamite men that died in battle.   The woman and children were not killed.  Thus, Benjamites stayed a pure line.

Benjamin means…Son of my right hand….a son of  strength.   God’s Torah keeping children will be Benjamites…turning from their idolatrouos ways and desiring to be The Bride of him that is coming soon.   We will dance before Him and He will choose us.

June 11 2018 is Hawaii 40th day since it’s volcanic eruption on May 3.  June 11 is 27 Sivan.  It is a dark night with almost no moon as a new month is coming.   But it’s Tammuz…and right now the children in the desert are building the Golden Calf through the priest Aharon’s help.

Today, the priest (pastors) of the earth…help the children to be Lawless…Torahless….we only live by the New Testament when in reality…the New T confirms what was in OT.  Yeshua Jesus never spoke one thing that had not already been told by the prophets.  He certainly filled up every word they said…never violating it in one point…thus qualifying to be The Messiach…not of an earthly priesthood but of a heavenly one…that is coming to earth.

It will be a reign as never seen before….mountains will melt….mountain are moved as His New Jerusalem will be seen by all….

If the year of blessing is 1335 years….then when was it desolated with false religions sitting on top of her.   When was the Dome of the Rock built?  Now, we have a beginning and a culmination….and it seems we’re priviledged to be living at it’s near blessing…of which we feel like we’re about to be completely destroyed as Noah did in 1333 AM.

Noach had silence in year 1333 AM as the ark doors were finally closed from the screaming world.   In 1334 AM the world was ‘silenced’ in purification.  They arrived at 1335 AD.

Now we know what to do.  Share this a rticle…share these dates…get on The Torah’s weekly Sabbath reading schedule.  Know your God and what He thinks….there is peace in understanding His ways….There is no peace in grasping for air in doing things our way.

First, know your King Yeshua died for you…His blood atoned for the penalty of our missing the marks of Torah.

REST on the Sabbath….

EAT clean….Kosher

Learn Torah….which shows you The Lord’s Feasts…..Give honor to whom made you!  There are no rocks to hide under..they are melting away.

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