Yeshua is Zechariah Horseman

Day One – Yeshua is The Horseman – Shevat 20

The Chronological Gospels delivers an intense study on the last 70 weeks of The Suffering Servant’s life and ministry.

In 2013 I noticed signs in the earthquakes matching up with The Lord’s Feasts. Now we have confirmation by using the Julian calendar that Yeshua began his ministry at Zechariah 1 red Horsemen

There are patterns portraying paradigms connecting the past, our present and I believe our future history. The prophets spoke about The Messiach’s life and it had to be accomplished to the exact day and hour in order to prove Yeshua (Jesus) was The Messiach promised since Adom’s fall.To pin-point the exact date of Yeshua’s baptism was awesome to see at The Horsemen of Zechariah. The date makes sense and is logical to the cyclical pattern our Creator uses. Yeshua is a ‘Horsemen’ that bring God’s peace…

God places these things before us so we are no longer deceived by The Deceiver…since the foundation of the world. Please don’t be embarrassed to walk away from what has deceived you. Make a decision…give it forty days to consecrate your decision before you return to an old path. God can burn a house down so the owner does not return to where sin had it’s hold on him. People that rebuild in that same location and have their house burn down twice should surely realize that God does not want them in that particular spot on the earth.

Yeshua was now leaving his old life renewed in the Ruach HaChodesh. And, he was leading by example ans His baptism was for ‘salvation.’

A prophet is not known in his own town and it was now time at the age of near thirty years old that he progress forward to completing the work of The Father. He lived his last years on earth in the years 27-28 AD or 33-34 AD works, too.

Whether if He did have a 70-week or a three-year ministry we still see specific ‘Days of the Lord.’ We must remember that not every day is holy or set-apart. Every day has a purpose but not every day is ‘set apart’ for a specific cause. The Sabbath is definitely set apart as are the days known as The Lord’s Feasts…and other days appointed by The Jews as they fast for their previous troubles with Adonai. Now in the days of Zechariah we see Isra’el desiring to return and man’s peace has to be removed to do that. Then we read about The Temple being established…and then by Zechariah 24 we are definitely reading about future events.

What we see in Yeshua beginning his ministry at this time is that Adonai is again following a pattern that has been set forth on the earth to flow through our history. It also means that there is once again to be a Temple. Zechariah is all about bringing The Temple back…read it and know that much of Zechariah is still to happen.

I love learning about these horsemen as the month of Shevat is full of snow storms, strange hurricanes, volcanoes with ash closing the sky ways along with government shut downs and more. The month of Shevat shows us several creative horsemen in the book of Zechariah that take ‘peace’ from the earth and these horses seem similar to the horsemen in Yochanan’s Book of Revelation of Yeshua Jesus.

Yeshua will be the one that will upset Rome to the point that The Temple will be burnt down…for it’s gold…to pay it’s gentile Roman horseman their wages. It will be witness to The Holy Spirit indwelling inside him that will be able to go through a 40-day fast without even water; not normally healthy for any human. His baptism was a witness to the commitment He was making to bring Elohim’s (God’s) peace to the earth. He would take man’s peace and destroy it in order to bring eternal peace in the ‘world to come. known as the ‘olam habah’.

The Horsemen…He was The Horseman…riding on a donkey chosen by him as he knew the people were going to celebrate him to be their earthly king. He would ride on a ‘colt’ donkey that never previously had anyone on it’s back. The Jews choosing him as their king happened on Nissan 10 (in April). They were overly excited to do this has Yeshua had just raised Lazarus from the dead three days earlier on Nissan 7 (April/May). That means he had died four days earlier on Nissan 3.

(I am writing this on Nisan 5, April 10, 2019 when a Cyclone Storm is hitting the United States Rockies, plains with 60 mph winds shutting down Denver and SD expecting 30″ of snow. It is the second Storm Cyclone in 4 weeks.) We have just had two month of Adar (Month 12) in 2019 making it a long period of peace removing. Every 2.5 years an extra 30 days is added to keep the calendar aligned with the solar and lunar schedule.

In our future, possibly at Shevat, He rides a white horse with his robe dipped in blood. It is His blood that was dipped by the wrath of the gentile man that hated him. His own loved him, but gentile Herods and gentile Rome hated him. Adonai could never share The Temple with the Greek gods or any god. Thus, by 70 AD Adonai had the pagan Rome burn it down. Today, there is nothing Jewish about that mount on which a new Rome, a new Islam, a new Universal Catholic church or any other church sits upon it. It truly is desolate from what was going on at the time of Yeshua teaching in it.

His blood was not spilled on Calvary, but somewhere on the hills of the Mount of Olives. There are many hills there and no one has any idea which hill it is…but The Church will tell you…here it is…the very spot. (Don’t believe it….I’ve been there…and that’s not the spot!) Instead of a spot to venerate here is what The Creator wanted. It is not about death but life. It is not about an animals blood but that was the best that could signify life. It is about life…because without blood nothing has life…thus, the life is in the blood. Blood had to be shed by The Creator Himself….God’s own life-blood was the key to ‘salvation’.

He spilt His blood so we could claim that spilling for ourselves…and so we would not die spiritually.

If men do NOT want The Creator’s spiritual peace, then they should continue as they are and enjoy life to it’s fullest…while not hurting others. They are told this…because this will be all that there is for them. Eternity will not be so kind to them as the darkest of dark will prevail upon them …and what is worse…they no longer have access to The Creator…the one that gave them life. There is no hope…an eternity of no hope.

Yeshua of Nazareth’s mikvah (baptism) by Yochanan (John) was 20th Day, 11th month. Michael Rood gives the Julian date of February 19, 27 AD. It is the Julian calendar that was used at that time. The eleventh month is Shevat and it was the 20th day. This date also happens to be on a Sabbath.

I find it interesting to note a study I had already done on the horseman and wanting to know when they act on our Gregorian calendar. That calendar is attached and should be accurate for the days in which we live. I say that because they have proven to be very interesting days even as far as The Shehaldrin Volcano in Alaska…activating at that time of year…at the time of The Shevat Horseman. And, do note…all but one date is on a Sabbath or Erev Shabbot. Only in 2010 did it not occur on a Sabbath. The Horsemen of 24 Shevat of 2010 was on a Monday and it was a horrible time.

Michael Rood uses The Astronomically & Agriculturally Corrected Calendar. If calendars are off a little from what we’re use to it is not a bad thing. We should never put put God in a box. We must remember that these are just time-frames that move together with a purpose.

Zechariah 1 begins the conversation on 1 Shevat. It is the Rosh Chodesh (head of month). 24 Shevat is the day that Zechariah describes his vision. The horsemen were checking out the earth before that. We must not think Greek…but we must think cyclical in order to see the messages God has for us. Yeshua is now going to be pictured as a ‘Horsemen’.

Here we go……20 Shevat Yeshua is baptized with the heavens spreading open and an entity is seen above his head and a voice is heard…”This is my son…in whom I am well pleased. Listen to what he has to say.”

What an incredible statement. God claimed Yeshua of Nazareth as His son. Now if we choose to disregard this story…sighted by hundreds that day…then we are choosing to deny what God spoke about this man of flesh. We read that the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit) moved Yeshua to be baptized. He finds Yochanan and requested a mikvah by him. Yochanan finally agreed to it as it was part of God’s program…even though He was not worthy to do it. After the mikvah, while still in the water, the heaven’s opened and Elohim spoke.

It was an awesome moment in history in the later winter of 26 AD. Right after this, Yeshua will depart for the desert that was close by and spend 40 days and 40 nights being consecrated as his ministry was beginning. Then we read about ‘the deceiver’s’ temptations and Yeshua responds with the words of The Torah to refute him.

The Horseman run to and fro on the earth and find it (the earth) in peace. We see by reading this passage that this is not what God desires. We also see this in Noach’s day when men were calling the name of God, evil. Men had become self-sufficient and did not seek their Creator in Noach’s day either.

ADONAI desires for the earth to be stirred up so men make decisions. Notice the words in Zech 1:11, “We have been wandering throughout the earth, and the whole world is quiet and at peace.”

Zech 1:12b “how long will you keep withholding mercy from Yerushalayim and the cities of Y’hudah? You’ve been angry with them for the past seventy years!”

Israel has been carried off to Babylon for 70 years and these horsemen are asking “how long” before mercy is given to Jerusalem?

Isn’t it interesting that Yeshua begins His ministry at 20-24 Shevat with the question from the past “how long” before mercy is given. Yeshua is the answer to this same ancient problem of peace on the earth.

In 2018 Israel was seventy years old. Notice that in this verse that they are already seventy years. It was Daniel who saw that the seventy years had elapsed and instructed the people to learn the language and start returning. Our present day Israel is seventy years old now and people have been returning to that calendar and language. People want to go back to their roots. For me, it began ten years ago in 2008, 2009;

Jerusalem and Judah which make up Israel are continuing to be built up and on April 10, 2019 BB Netanyahu secured his ‘fifth’ term as Prime Minister. He gained the support of the United States President Donald Trump. The people have confidence that BB can now move forward and claim the lands that have always belonged to them….but other US president were too accommodating to other nations production of oil and war became an industry. To end war you gain strength and move according to The Creator’s ways.

Game Changers

Fall 1947 to May 1948 Israel struggled to have any nation give her recognition. Harry S Truman from Independence Missouri became the game-changer. When President Franklin D Roosevelt died Harry S became President since he was FDR’s Vice President. Immediately, Harry S is the one that gave Israel recognition.

FDR’s dying in spring 1945 opened the doors to Israel being given their rightful land back. President Donald Trump was the 2017 game changer with recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of that land. By 2018 Donald Trump recognized Israel not as the State of Israel, but as Israel. They were not just another nation among the nations but they now would claim their heritage given through The Creator. In 2019 Donald Trump agreed Israel has the right to all of Jerusalem and she should build in the Golan Heights known as The West Bank. FEAR stopped all other Presidents from honoring Israel.

FEAR – ‘False Evidence Appearing Real. The Bible states it as such. The nations do not have to fear Israel. She has been the first to come to their aide when trouble strikes them. The Hebrew has been taught not to fear their enemies as God will take care of them….and yet they are to be as ‘humble servants’ helping wherever she can.

Healthy FEAR – Faith Evidenced in Action that is Real.

Israel re-captured Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War. In 2017 it had been 50 years since the liberation of Jerusalem. A jubilee of time is enough time to set The City free.

Zec 1:15 and [to the same degree] I am extremely angry with the nations that are so self-satisfied; because I was only a little angry [at Yerushalayim and Tziyon], but they made the suffering worse.’

Nations have taken God’s correction of His children upon themselves. The nations have satisfied themselves in their disapproval of Israel. The nations have made Israel’s life so miserable that God is now chastising the nations for their actions.

Zec 1:16 Therefore Adonai says, ‘I will return to Yerushalayim with merciful deeds. My house will be rebuilt there,’ says Adonai-Tzva’ot; ‘yes, a measuring line will be stretched out over Yerushalayim.’

We see The Measuring line will come and it will be measured by the One of whom qualifies to measure it…Yeshua. He stretched Himself out becoming the ‘cornerstone’. The Son of God received the Ruach HaChodesh and then was baptized. He then left the concerns of the world and stayed in the desert for forty days and 40 nights without food or water. He had temptation of being given vast kingdoms…a human’s dream…but what He had in mind was far better than anything this earth could offer. It was a heavenly kingdom that He would bring down to the earth.

These are the ‘secret’ things of God that are revealed to us if we search into historical documents. Enoch saw it and lived to write it down. John at Patmos saw it and lived to write it down. Enoch and Yochanan were carrying it forward…just as Yeshua carried His mission to completion of being God in the flesh..dying for His children…to all that would want The Creator’s peace.

Man describes his peace as earthly happiness on this earth…God describes peace that has eternal perspective.

At the time of Month Eleven known as Shevat we find volcanoes rumbling on the earth. Times of rumbling is used by The Creator when talking to those on earth. It certainly is a shaking experience as the heavens declare Him. The heavens were opened to reveal The Father’s voice. At Yeshua’s baptism he spoke that He was pleased with His son. Will He be pleased with me, you?

Gregorian Calendar Schedule for this Conversation!

SHEVAT 24 – Erev Shabbat or Shabbat

27 AD 1994-2039

27 AD February 16 Sabbath – Yeshua’s Mikvah in the Yarden by Yochanan begins 40 days in wilderness and 70-week ministry on Julian calendar.

Yeshua’s 24 Shevat baptism began the Sabbath and it began Yeshua’s 70-week ministry according to Rood. These are dates that would look identical in that they also begin on Erev of Sabbath or The Sabbath. I’ve indicated the Torah reading of that day. Mishpatim means ‘judgment’. Yitro is Jethro, Moses father. These are lessons on how to set a government in order to rule the people.

Yitro – “Jethro”; Exodus 18:1-20:23, Isaiah 6:1-7:6, 9:5-6, Matt 19:16-2

Mishpatim – ‘Judgments’; Exodus 21:1-24:18, Jeremiah 34:8-22, 33:25, 26; Matt 17:22-27

1994 February 5 Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim

1997 February 1 Shabbat Mevarchim Yitro

1998 February 20 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

2001 February 17 Shabbat Mevarchim Yitro

2010 January Monday

2011 January 29 Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim

2012 February 17 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

2014 January 25 Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim

2015 February 13 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

2018 February 9 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

2021 February 6 Shabbat Mevarchim Yitro

2024 February 3 Shabbat Mevarchim Yitro

2025 February 22 Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim

2029 February 9 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

2032 February 6 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

2035 February 3 Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim

2036 February 22 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

2038 February 30 Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim

2039 February 18 Eve Shabbat Mevarchim Mishpatim Parshal Shekalim

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