Why Earthquakes Swarm

A 7.1 earthquake 17km deep in the earth shook Ridgecrest, California, USA on Saturday, the Sabbath. Two days before on Thursday, July 4, a 6.4 earthquake hit in Searles Valley 12 km deep in that same area. The 6.4 exploded on July 4, 2019, America’s explosive Independence Day known as The Fourth of July.

July 3 was the Rosh Chodesh; head of month – Fourth Hebrew Month: Tammuz.

July 2, 2019 –  Total Solar Eclipse over the s Pacific, Chile, Argentina.

The Fourth of July shaking began a swarm of earthquakes that has kept people outside of their homes.   Los Angeles did not register above a 4.5 reading so no shaking alert was sent out. But, “what good is a text alert if people don’t know what to do with emanate shaking?” the officials said.

I would like to suggest that there is a way to know about shaking…and it has to do with our Creator who knows every hair on ALL of our heads. God YHWH orchestrates, allows, and can choose to protect us from all danger. It is being in His will that determines our safety in this world. (We are always SAFE in His will.)

We tend to think that it is easier to analyse life from a hindsight, but I’m going to tell you that we should be analyzing our lives from the foresight of, The Bible. When we read something in The Scriptures we should know that it’s going to happen again….and actually on the same day or time period. God is a Spirit and will act above and beyond whatever we could imagine. He reaches deep into history and brings every day closer to His coming!

What was July 4 (CA 6.4) and July 6 2019 (CA 7.1) on the Biblical calendar? July 4 was the Rosh Chodesh (new moon / head of month) and July 6 was the Sabbath.


YHWH uses Earth opening and closing, fire and plague show His power!

The Sabbath parsah reading was called Korach. Korach means bald, ice. He was in the lineage of Levy to serve The Tabernacle but he wanted more.   Korach was a first cousin to Aharon and Mosch. He was not a son of Aharon to be part of the Aharonic priesthood.  That is the lineage YHWH chose to come close to Him to serve within The Tabernacle.

Korach (Levite), Datan (Ruebenites) and Aviram (Eli-av) stirred up 250 leaders to jealousy against YHWH’s chosen leadership.  The attack was against YHWH even though Korach made it against God’s chosen.

When they were directly confronted of their sin and told that ADONAI expected their presence in front of The Tent of Meeting the next day, Datan and Aviram refused to come as they didn’t want their eyes gorged out to be blinded. They had not left Egypt just to be killed there in the desert.

Korach did show up along with the rebellious 250 priests. They each stood in front of the Tent of Meeting with their fire pans lite. It was in this ‘sign of fire with incense burning’ that the glory of Adonai appeared to the entire assembly. Numbers 17:19

YHWH would settle the dispute of who was to have authority. The sons of Amram had fallen on their faces begging for God not to destroy all the people. The day before Amram and Yokheved’s two sons, Aharon and Mosche, had been intercessors pleading that YHWH would not to destroy the ones that had about killed them. Mosch was concerned that the foreigners would say that God was not able to bring the people in. Mosch was more concerned for the Israelites than ADONAI starting over through him.

Mosch and The Torah being synonymous. When saying, ‘The Seat of Mosch’, it is the same as saying, The Torah (The instructions).

Exodus 35:1-3

Moshe assembled the whole community of the people of Isra’el and said to them, “These are the things which ADONAI has ordered you to do. In six days work is to be done, but the seventh day is to be a holy day for you, a Shabbat of complete rest in honor of ADONAI. Whoever does any work on it is to be put to death. You are not to kindle a fire in any of your homes on Shabbat.”

Kindling a fire meant that work was going on in that home.

We find that Israel was carried off to Babylon because they did not follow the instructions of The Sabbath nor letting the land lay fallow every seven years and then on the Jubilee year. They were held in Babylon exactly 70 years to make up for the 490 years of not letting the rests occur. The rests were an important pattern to the earth’s future. They began at Creation…continue as Enoch tells the history of the world that is to be 7000 years and continues to be important to our Creator so ‘no man is deceived’ that The LORD Messiah is returning to earth. That return is set at 6000 years to run through 7000 years for a thousand year reign with Messiach being king over it .

No man was to live a thousand years, because our Creator will be the first to complete a thousand years with man during that reign. No person is perfect, but He that died for ALL men’s sins is perfect and can accomplish it.

You see there are purposes in all that God allows on His earth. And, it is in His creation that we see His ruling over the earth.

All over the world men read and studied about the ways of YHWH through the study of Korach. So, if we just studied why three major families and their entire households went down into sho’el with the earth closing up around them to never be heard of again, why are surprised to see California shaking?

These are the people who saw the miracles coming out of Egypt and still thumbed their nose to YHWH in whose authority they would follow. And so, it was the next day, on Day Two of rebellion that judgment fell.

Day Two – Korach and 250 leaders showed up with fire in their pans waiting to see which special fire-pan YHWH would choose to be the leader. Datan and Avirim knew there was trouble and would not show up.

Many today are bold enough to stand up against our Creator thumbing their nose. We even have a television program called, The Big Bang.

On Friday, July 5, the U.S. Women’s Football (soccer) team won the World Cup semi-finals. They would play the Netherlands on Sunday. I had not watched even one of their games before finding them playing on Fox on Friday. I watched the last half and was excited to see their teamwork and professionalism against England…of whom I thought played rather roughly. Then on Sunday, I watched the entire game without really knowing any background on any of the women playing. I even looked over the gal called their captain (age 34) with short hair that stood out with her blue hair. Now I realize that it really rainbow-colored for a specific reason. She won the golden shoe award for making the first goal. I was praying for them as they seemed to have the right spirit of winning and many were mothers with their families there. America had filled the stands completely  and never left when the game was over….it was a tremendous time of enthusiasm.

Today, as my husband told me I should be looking at the California earthquakes as people are afraid to sleep in their homes, I also found myself reading a liberal comment on our women’s soccer team. It would say, “this isn’t to criticize” but then it criticized…these woman who came off as a team of players and in love with America. Before all the other criticisms of these woman with healthy American attitudes the first person to be honored above them all was our player with the short rainbow hair…and even Ellen degenerous was pleased as she said that every team, must have a ‘gay’ person in it. And, this person Rapino said that she would not like to go to the ‘white house’, even though her mother would not appreciate her thinking like that.

So, here we have America’s women’s soccer team being equal in allowing all to play to only find her agenda is political. People say that we are not to judge, but The Scriptures do say that we judge according to Torah and live according to what was given to Mosch…The Torah. If we rebel as Korach wanted to do things his way….the earth just may open up and swallow us whole.

If I have your attention……let us look at the Biblical calendar to know our future. What month is it? What just happened and why? And, why do we still not listen?

Let us go back to The Torah readings that many were reading all week long so that when they came to The Sabbath they could discuss it with their family and friends. Yes, today on Monday I’m about to start next Saturday’s readings so I’m ready to see God’s hand on our world.

This week we saw The Korach rebellion. Jealousy of God being in authority. A rebellion against God by the people. Correction didn’t work as they continued to complain. A plague killed 14,700 before Aharon could reach the center of the people with his fire-pan to have it stop. Day Four – Aharon rod of almond wood would sprout, flower and bring forth fruit.

Day One – Rebellion

Day Two – Three households swallowed up by earth opening and closing.

Day Two – 250 leaders burnt up with fire pans only remaining – hammered down and placed on altar as reminder of rebellion.

Day Three – Aharon stood between the living and the dead – 14,700 die.

Day Four – Aharon rod sprouted and bore fruit – He and Moses now consecrated to represent YHWH.

So, why the exact number of 14 700. I’ve done a study on 14 and it has great indications as does the number seven…as most of us know. Noach’s flood is recorded as occurring 1333 years from Adam. Enoch speaks of his being the seventh of the first generation. Thus, it is the second set of 700 years on our earth that man was completely removed except for eight…eight that showed the Eighth Day of YHWH’s plan for the earth. Ja’cob also had Yoseph in his fourteenth year with Laven. Yoseph becomes first the suffering servant and then raised up in authority at age thirty…just as Yeshua began his ministry at age thirty.

Four is the letter dahlet pictured by a door ד . Fourteen is the last number in the second Shemittah cycle of seven cycles…as seen on the Menorah. The third shemittah cycle begins with number 15…the year Ya’cov went into the Laven’s fields to take care of sheep and goats. Without going any further to boggle your mind, let’s just say that fourteen is the end of a cycle and it was the end of this group that always complained about YHWH’s ways. They did NOT see the big picture nor remembered their ancestor Ya’cov’s stories of trust. It is not believing ADONAI is real…as even the demons know that…but it is in ‘TRUSTING’ that we are safe on this earth.

Seven hundred die to show the pattern that repeats and repeats showing us The Shabbath … the REST. It looks forward to the thousand year reign at earth’s Day Seven. And, if one-thousand years is as one day of heaven’s time, then it will complete itself the year 7000.

We can see that 14,000 people ceased to exist because of murmuring against their Creator…even after being part of tremendous miracles. They did NOT trust their future to the very One that made them. 700 again shows these 14,700 coming to rest early in their scheduled time on the earth.

I like what Johnathan Cahn stated on his series on TBN July 9, 2019. Eternity is forever.ever.ever etc. But, our time on earth is more sacred because it is just a moment in time. We should value what we do more than anything else to come in the future. That is powerful my friends….

Our eternity is dependent on what we do here. First, we must be like the demons and believer YHWH is real. Second, we must TRUST YHWH’s way to eternal salvation through The Messiach…yet to reign on the earth a thousand years…to prove whose authority does rule the earth. Third, we must be responsible to secure YHWH’s instructions are played out on the earth….Why? Because His priests (us) are going to be held responsible for everything that went wrong.

Numbers 18

We as believers are responsible for everything that goes wrong in God’s world (sanctuary).

Numbers 18:1-2

ADONAI said to Aharon, “You, your sons and your father’s family line will be responsible for anything that goes wrong in the sanctuary. You and your sons with you will be responsible for anything wrong in your service as cohanim (priests). But you are to bring your kinsmen, the tribe of Levi, along with yourselves, to work together with you and help you – you and your sons with you – when you are there before the tent of meeting.”

18:3 “They are to be at your disposal and perform all kinds of tasks related to the tent; only they are not to come near the holy furnishings or the altar, so that neither they nor you will die.”

It is the priests of God that get to eat what is contributed by the people for their work around the tabernacle.

Numbers 18:11 “Also yours is the contribution the people of Isra’el give in the form of wave offerings. I have given these to you, your sons and your daughters with you; this is a perpetual law. Everyone in your family who is clean may eat it.”

Today, we must be clean in Yeshua’s blood…his atoning blood that all of these things written about in The Torah pictured forward for us to see our position in Yeshua.

The Salt Covenant is described – It is an eternal covenant. (Numbers 18:19)

When we believe that YHWH came in human flesh we enter into a new covenant of belief. His spirit will endwell us into eternity. We each are considered first-born just as He was YHWH’s first-born as the I AM in the flesh. God in the flesh…the firstborn…resurrected from the grave on Nissan 17. (Passover Day Three).

The Korach study continues with many lessons that apply to us today. Study these Scriptures to show yourself an approved workman of The LORD. Korach Sabbath was July 6, 2019; 3 Tammuz.

Numbers 16:1-18:32; 1 Samuel 11:14-12:22; 2 Timothy 2:8-21; Jude 1-25; John 19:1-17

The next study is titled Chukat meaning ‘statute.’ Start reading now: Numbers 19:1-22:1; Judges 11:1-33; John 3:9-21; 4:3-30; 12:27-50; 19:38-42.

Chukat Sabbath is July 13, 2019. The Hebrew date is 10 Tammuz.

AMAZING SABBATH: Balak, July 20, 2019 is 17 Tammuz….The Fast of Tammuz. But, please do NOT fast as you are only to be happy on the Sabbath. This fast is moved to Sunday, July 21, 2019.

If you do not feel committed to fast, then fast a few days after it. It is your attitude that is important. This fast was called by the Hebrews because of their idol worship of the ‘golden calf’. They are reminding themselves of their involvement in putting the world before YHWH. They are remembering their ancestors past sins and asking God to keep them from those same sins.

What America needs to remember at this time is that those that set July 4 1776 as the date of our independence from Britain had to have known about Tammuz 17…the worship of the golden calf in the desert. These men rushed to get signatures and did not succeed until 1783 I believe. But still, they want America attached to the ‘golden calf’ worship of Tammuz 17. Thus, Tammuz 17, 1776 (July 4) is declared to be our ‘Independence Day.’

This is likened to Christmas….people just will not change a tradition…even though they recognize it’s wrong. Thus we live in our world under traditions of men and not our Creator.

Leviticus 25 gives great detail on the Sabbath which is also endorsed in the New Testament. If you don’t know the beginning Scriptures then you don’t know that the New Testament is confirming the old.

Many think that the Old Testament is just full of judgment. They only want a loving God. They are flower children seeing through their ‘weed’ of haze and not seeing through a glass clearly. So….for the flower children…let’s read about the love of God in the OT.

Leviticus 26:1-2 “You are not to make yourselves any idols, erect a carved statue or a standing-stone, or place any carved stone anywhere in your land in order to bow down to it. I am ADONAI your God.

Love has ‘conditions’.

Leviticus 26:3 – “‘If you live by my regulations, observe my mitzvot (commands) and obey them; then I will provide the rain you need in its season, the land will yield its produce, and the trees in the field will yield their fruit. Your threshing time will extend until the grape harvest, and your grape harvesting will extend until the time for sowing seed. You will eat as much food as you want and live securely in your land.”

“I will give shalom in the land – you will lie down to sleep unafraid of anyone. I will rid the land of wild animals. The sword will not go through your land. You will pursue your enemies, and they will fall before your sword. Five of you will case a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand of your enemies will fall before your sword. I will turn toward you, make you productive, increase your numbers and uphold my covenant with you.

And, it continues with blessings……….until verse 18….we see a seven fold curse for non obedience.

Thus, instead of Day Seven (The Sabbath) being a day of rest…it can be viewed as a day of judgment. It reverses itself and now we see earthquakes almost every Sabbath and special set apart days. If man will not observe and celebrate, our Creator acts on them in disappointment…and correction.

YHWH face is set against men in verses 18:14-17.

Leviticus 26:18 “If these things don’t make you listen to me, then I will discipline you seven times over for your sins. I will break the pride you have in your own power. I will make your sky like iron, your soil like bronze – you will spend your strength in vain, because the land will not yield its produce or the trees in the field their fruit.

Lev 26:21 “Yes, if you go against me and don’t listen to me, I will increase your calamity sevenfold, according to your sins.

The land must be paid it’s Sabbaths…the land will lie desolate until it has it’s rest of Sabbaths.

This happened to Isra’el and they died in foreign lands. Many are still dying in foreign lands because they won’t return to Israel. But, the land has been returned and Israel just completed 70 years of establishing it on the earth again. They’ve been gone since 70 AD when God burnt down their house (temple). We are to help them get back in their land so they can represent Torah to the world. They are still a select people and we must NOT forget that. We should encourage them to obey Torah and become the standard for the world.

The believers in Yeshua should be encouraging them to be the example to the world. Then, we too, should rest on the Sabbath…as all the earth is The LORDs. There are specific regulations to set Israel apart from the world and yet the world can do parts of it to show their love to The Creator. We are not to replace Israel, but to help grow her up in righteous acts.

We are to honor the Sabbath and the Rosh Chodesh. Punishment comes when we reject God’s rulings and regulations (Lev 26:43).

Yeshua healed a man of leprosy (tzara’at)…which was a sign that only their coming Messiah would do. And, then what did he tell this healed man? Don’t tell anyone…but go make an offering according to Mosch. Yeshua Jesus did NOT do away with anything according to Mosch but he encouraged Mosch (The Torah).

Mathew 8:4 “Then Yeshua said to him, “See that you tell no one, but as a testimony to the people, go and let the cohen (priest) examine you, and offer the sacrifice that Mosch commanded.”

Mathew 9:10 Yeshua heard them ask why he spent time with sinners. He had compassion for the sinner and wanted them to make offering to God for their sins. The religious didn’t need to do it. Yes, they could make an offering as well, but it would be for any ‘unintentional’ sin that may have happened. All could bring an offering…just as we ALL can come to his atoning blood sacrifice today…since there is no Temple today…yet!

The Altar

Washing cups and dishes inside and out was a good thing to do for the altar. Tithing on their spices was a good thing to do for the altar. But, it was their hypocrisy toward The Torah is what caused them to kill the prophets and Yeshua himself. Today, we do the same…we live with whomever we want whenever we want. Short example: Herod had married his brother’s wife…later killing him. The regulations for the authority of The Temple were violated in every direction….it was the Korach wannabe’s all over again.

Mathew 23 is powerful – We see what Yeshua Jesus was endorsing that has been thrown out today. We read the word spoken by Yeshua Jesus of what needs to happen before He returns.

Mathew 23:39 “For I tell you, from now on, you will not see me again until you say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of ADONAI.”

What is His name? Yeshua………….meaning, my salvation, our salvation.

How many are crying out in the Hebrew………His name: “YESHUA save me.”?

How many are crying out against violations of The Torah? The Ellen DeGenerates can cry louder than a Christian can…and not go to jail for blaspheme.

Our Creator spoke on the Rosh Chodesh of Tammuz. The bright night and bright day when Mosch was still up on Mt. Sinai in the Arab desert with the mountain shaking as YHWH spoke the words of instruction.

There was noisy clatter going on at the Rosh Chodesh of 2019 with fireworks going off early on July 3. Fire pans sent their flames out with people running for cover as fireworks fell over and shot toward the crowds. I personally witnessed this three times at two events. This celebration on Tammuz 1 actually killed a PA man who was throwing out explosives that landed on his chest.

Fire pans celebrating America…the land of the free to have abortions…and states wanting to legislate the death of a child born at full term. Not even Pharaoh or Herod legalized the killing of children for 46 years. They issued an edict that covered a certain area for a short time period…all in the fear of The Messiach that was prophesied to come. America does NOT fear God but thumbs their nose all the theme of ‘Korach personal rights’.

Have the days changed? Every generation has its Agag and we are to remember to remove him so he is no more.

1973 to 2019 in 46 years over 62 million abortions and counting. The Tammuz 17 Fourth of July makes sense just as the 6.4 earthquake on July 4 2019 makes sense. It is called, ‘God’s War’. It is the rebellious people turning a good womens soccer team into a political gay agenda….so others can’t cheer with their entire heart….saddened because of the degenerates who are lifted up high on the earth.

We are told to celebrate the Sabbath and the Rosh Chodesh. I was invited Wednesday to celebrate with food representing the seven grain specie…to thank The LORD for his abundance on our lives. A Rosh Chodesh-keeper invited three strangers to her home and it became a prayer fest for her as her need for prayer was great. After raising and home-schooling seven children her husband had divorce papers delivered to her on Monday. She could have canceled the Tammuz Rosh Chodesh but she kept on in her empty nest with her last child moving out a few weeks before.

That day on Wednesday, July 3 2019 my uncle died at age 106. His wife will be 100 years old in August.  She pushes him in a wheelchair and has her full mind.  They were celebrated in Iowa’s history records as being the longest married couple at 78.5 years.

At that Tammuz Rosh Chodesh this group was told about my uncle’s passing and his long marriage. He was to be celebrated as he left in sound mind. He left being committed to his marriage and raising six children. He left not being a woman chaser seeking his own fleshly desires. He left as a good example of the marriage covenant.

Praying for our new friend brought us all close that dark night of Rosh Chodesh on July 3, 2019. That Tammuz Rosh Chodesh was planned from above. She was encouraged by those confirming she had done no wrong in serving her husband and family for 34 years of marriage.  Trust is what she had in her heart because of Yeshua’s eternal promises. She will be fine because her real husband is waiting for her as His bride. She is faithful to The Torah and she will be blessed.  She claims Isaiah 54 as it strengthens her.

How would I view Tammuz 2019?

Could we add the July 2 Total solar eclipse to this mix as well? I believe so. It occurred in the South Americas the day before the 6.4 CA earthquake. July 2 was 29 Sivan on the Hebrew calendar. It was Saros series 127 which has 42 Total eclipses in its lifespan of 82 eclipses over 1460.44 years.

No one saw it in North America except via the internet. No one seemed to care as much because it wasn’t directly above their heads in the United States. We fail to notice The Creator’s acts upon all the earth unless He is directly in our face….such as The Swarm now in CA.

Eight is the Hebrew letter hei meaning ‘behold’.  It is associated with new.  Two is beit represented by a house…temple..dwelling..  This Saros Series 127 was Saros series number 27 at one time.  Then it became new again with adding a one to it.  When it completes it’s current series on it’s journey in our solar system it will become 227.  Thus, it never goes away but continues.

Just as everything repeats we call that being circular.  Our Creator with never really having an end but He does call things to be new again.  That is why we know that history past will repeat itself on our earth.  It will repeat in a similar way but different.  I believe because we become more populous and knowledgeable that the patterns are more outstanding than the first.  Instead of dealing with people our Creator deals with nations.  The goats are nations…the sheep is Israel.

How has Iran as a goat-nation treated the sheep-nation Israel?  In my lifetime…it has not done well.  It’s leaders choose to adhere to a book written at 700 AD by a mere human being.  And because this person is interpreted as not liking that particular sheep, Iran carries out this supposed ‘death wish’ on that sheep of that leader that has been dead for at least 1387 years.  He was born April 22, 571 AD (12 Iyyar) and died June 8 632 AD (Sivan 14).  He never made it to year 635 AD.   He lived 61 years being raised by an uncle and then a friend.  He began his religion in 613.  That gave him nineteen years of forcing people into his beliefs or die by the sword.  This is what we encounter today in our modern world…..ancient beliefs by a man known as a prophet never claiming to be God.  An eclipse cycles every 18 years.  He had one cycle to promote his religion.

His successor Abu Baker was born in 612 AD and died on  July 10, 678 age 66.  Abu was an orphan at age 6 and thus was raised without a father for 60 years.  He too had a death wish of killing which was carried out in a defeat…which then later had to be fought again to stop the ‘shame’ of the loss.

Are we like this today…that we see the ‘shame’ of abortion or the ‘shame’ of the gay lifestyle, but don’t know how to stop it?  When something has come down to us that we see has gone on in the time of our forefathers…shouldn’t we have learned that sin must cease?

Iran is playing a card game in which it can NOT win.  The Creator commands us to remove the Agate from the earth.  They will show up in every generation and we are to remember to remove them forever.  The Aleph that is placed on our Messiah’s tunic is that not only is He declared a Prophet, Priest and King of Kings but He truly is God in the flesh.  YHWH is The LORD in regenerated flesh.  That is the team everyone should want to play on.

Today on July 8, 2019 the only Middle Eastern country to have any large earthquake was Iran at 5.7.

(My attitude of God correcting them kicks in when I see things like this.  But, as I prayed for God’s wisdom today, it came to me that Iran probably is setting off its own explosions that usually register at 5.3 with their nuclear testing.  Thus, it’s earthquakes may have to be examined using a different analysis.)

In 2011, the same country, Iran, experienced a 6.4 earthquake less than 20 hours after the Total lunar eclipse Saros series 130. The 2011 Total lunar eclipse was on Sivan 13 covering South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Was our Creator reminding us of Mohammad’s death on Sivan 14?  (It was a full moon for all to clearly see he died.)

Southern Iran had a 5.5 that day with Japan having a 5.3 that day,and South Shetland Islands having a 5.0 the day of the eclipse. These were the only 5.0+ earthquakes in the world the day of that 2011 Total lunar eclipse.

In 2019 we have IRAN involved again….and rightly so since today’s news says they are not going to back away from making more of what is needed for their nuclear programs. IRAN brings more bad news in Tammuz.

Water Tables Affected by explosions –

I want to make all of us aware of the water tables of our earth.  USGS has a live broadcast that shows evidence of wells sloshing water in them when earthquakes occur.  When Japan had an earthquake it affected the water in Pennsylvania USA.  And, there were others sites in the United States that they quoted as being affected by earthquakes around our globe.  The tremors travel in the depth of the earth and can cause waters to rise or fall. The loss of water tables should be of great concern to us.  Especially as IRAN seems to be so low on water…it just might be that they are driving their water tables down and not UP.

DIRE STRAITS – Tammuz 17 to Av 9

Heads up…July 20, 2019 will begin the 21 days of fasting known as, The Dire Straits. In our world’s history these three-weeks begins a time of troubles. If there is a time to fast…it would be then. Tammuz 17 through Av 9 are the dates on the Hebrew calendar. On the Gregorian it will be Sabbath, July 20 through August 10, 2019….again a Sabbath. Thus, mark off July 21 through August 11 as times of repentance.

Another unusual thought to this article because it is unusual for the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars to align. In July the calendars are three days apart. In August they will be one day apart…so all of the world will be seeing God’s calendar more clearly. The month of Av will see clearly The Hand of God on our earth. I believe we will close out Hebrew 5779 (September 2019) with a great shaking perhaps never seen before.

September will see clearly….but not again will the months align until January 2025. It will be the third shemittah cycle of the Hebrew year 5785 that 1 Tevet will 1 January 2025.

A phenomen we could say is ready to happen in just a month from now. Pope Gregoria and Hebrew Hillel will meet face-to-face so ALL will see clearly the works of our Creator when, September 1 is 1 Elul.

Mosche goes back up Mt. Sinai to request atonement for their disobedience and new instructions. Elul is known as, The King is in the Field….knowing his sheep and us knowing Him. Mosch will spend another 40 days and 40 nights being an intercessor for the ALL the people. He is begging The Creator to change His mind and not destroy the people who rejected His Torah.


The tablets were broken on July 20 2019 this year which is Tammuz 17. He will bring new ones back to us on October 9, 2019...Tishrei 10, 5780. A New Year on the Hebrew calendar and then The Day of Atonement known as Yom Kippur…The Fast occurs on Tishrei 10. All over the world nations should be participating in this FAST. This FAST was called by The Lord. No Jew will work…stock markets drop during this time because the ‘financial advisers’ are at home in repentance for their nations sins, their sins and the sins of their ancestors from long ago. No one works as we listen for His salvation to be announced. Every nation should be bowing their knee on that day. Any goat nation that has said anything against the sheep nation Israel, should be asking their forgiveness.

Will Tishrei and October see face-to-face? They are only ONE day apart…They will be like August 2019…One day apart. Wow….Three months of seeing the world on one calendar. Man will be without excuse. I would be finding myself a Complete Jewish Bible and reading along with the coordinating Scriptures to see what’s next. 5780 and 2020 are very special years for new beginning (8) and the house (2) Beit/Temple.

The study of Korach and the Mathew 20-28 study shows us the separation of the sheep and goats. It can be likened to the solar and lunar eclipses. There is a time for each to go dark and separate from the light. There can never be light unless there is darkness first. Our world came out of darkness at Creation and it was the light of God that shown and His Spirit of Yeshua spoke everything into being. The sun and moon are His two witnesses as well as the stars. We should not adore them but give them honor as they are our examples of sin and righteousness.

It’s about separating the sheep from the goats. The goats will be cast out and the sheep will be protected. Korach had to learn some lessons the hard way. Some members did survive as we see them in charge of music and praise at the tabernacle.

We each play an important part of building YHWH’s tabernacle/temple on earth. It is within each one of us. We must learn how to generate love on our earth while defeating the degenerates. We do that by studying what real truth is. Then we take a stand against evil when we see it. When we say nothing, it means we agree. Yes, it can be hard to stand…because every word seems to be called, HATE. But, it is not HATE speech when it matches up with God’s Word…The Bible…The Scriptures.

Worship of the Golden Calf is 17 Tammuz, July 20 2019. Go ahead and have joy that day, but I do think it would be wise to fast on Sunday, July 21, 2019, 18 Tammuz….because the earth is already shaking…with Moses still listening to the roar of God’s voice. His voice grows angry and the earth continues to shake the earth. Moses was told to go witness for himself his children (Adonai is disclaiming them.) He returns on Tammuz 17 to find an idol…a molten image..for the people to honor as God. They were use to seeing statues and idols as the Egyptian’s gods. The gold is melt off the golden calf (FIRE) and put in the waters (nations) for the people to drink. There will be 3000 that die from the plaque of poisoned water. (This early loss of life of 3000 will resound in history once again when the Ruach HaChodesh indwells 3000 on Day 50 of Omer.)

Our world could see more death because The Scriptures give exact numbers of those that died in these days of Tammuz. Modern man has many preventions put in place for plagues, fire and earthquakes…but our Creator will act with strength to thwart man’s preventions.

Great shakings, fire, plagues are the patterns that occur in Tammuz. We can STOP the plagues by our prayers. The incense in Aharon fire-pan represent prayer. I do believe the people must have been praying as they watched their loved ones fall before their eyes.

We have a just God…a God of justice…His justice reigns over the earth. It is His tears that will stop when all is done.

We have some serious voting to do about our stand on ‘gay rights’, abortion and who we support for President in 2020. President Trump has been tremendous in building up Israel. He must remain our president…He is God’s trumpet at this time in history. It is being said that he has been the most persecuted President of the United States than any other President. And yet, he stands for the Sheep Nation…and thus all of these thwarts against him will come back on the heads of those casting their desires before the world. We are NOT to fear…but PRAY with fasting that Yahweh’s will be done on on our earth. Even knowing that His will brings His wrath of FIRE, EARTHQUAKES and PLAGUES.

When we say White House….we MUST give respect because it is the man YHWH put there for us to give respect. Korach had no respect for YHWH’s appointed leaders…And the earth opened up and swallowed all that followed him.

California earthquakes are right on time………Tammuz………and Korach. Stand back….away from evil they were told…and even some of Korach’s family moved away from their own father’s house and saved themselves. This is the Scriptures that says brother and sister, husband and wife and friends may become enemies. We each are responsible individually for our own eternal salvation. And, yet we are responsible as a goat nation….to lead other goat nations toward being friends from the Sheep Nation of Israel. We can NOT replace ISRAEL…but join her….graft into her so we also receive her blessings…or we accept her cursings when disobedient as well. Paul said his goal was to run life’s race well.

RUN to Yeshua! Not toward the Golden Foot Award.

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