Woe City of Blood, steeped in lies! None of the House of Esau will remain.

Today is January 15, 2020; 18 Tevet – The 20 Kislev ‘impeachment papers’ are finally being delivered to the United States Senate. What was the hold up? It’s hard to keep up with all the ‘talking heads’ but, if you listen long enough some things might be considered.

If we listen to God long enough, some things may start to make sense to us. When many facets are added together, they might seem to justify the end..which usually involves sin.

This morning I opened to The Book of Malachi; next to The Book of Jonah and The Book of Obediah. They are small books with powerful testimonies.

Men throughout history have always been called to gather together. It is important to receive instruction. Information determines if you feel safe to walk outside of your home and if you send your children to school.

The Weather man (person) directs our path for the day and week and each season…people migrate to avoid harsh dangerous times. The ‘winter’ of one’s life compares to winter because it shows a coming to an end of what was considered good. Life slows down…I can read more…and type more…and pray more.

Politicians direct people’s paths and the path of our world. They try to rise to the top because they think their ideas are the best for all mankind. When people spend their hard earned money to support a cause and lose that cause, they should be able to release it…but most do NOT. We now understand the word ‘shame’ better since terror happens on our earth from a situation that happened 700 years ago. Our world has become ‘tit for tat’ and not ‘let’s bury the hatchet’.

Leaders strike down other leaders…even at the cost of personal injury…loss of their job…and loss of name. Even, The Queen expects her name to be upheld…but when Harry and Merkel only want is to raise their child in open places, it becomes a contest of who loves who more.

This article did NOT start as a political article. It began with Jonah finally walking through 120,000 people…taking three days to walk it…and never telling anyone about The Living God. He was even swept into a huge mammoth sea creature (dinosaur size), probably left over from Pre-Flood and still only looked at his life with a ‘poor is me’ attitude.

Joe Biden won elections and other democrates lost. There can be only one winner…unless you bring along side of you those that just said bad things about you. Thus, ‘impeached light’ for President Trump did several things in an ‘election year.’

One talking head brought poor Joe Biden into the conversation. He won office and even became Vice President over the other contenders. That was unbearable and the memory of their loss lasted eight years. If we notice, Biden’s standing in the polls is very low. His son is being brought into and so now it’s a ‘family matter’ that could destroy them.

Defocusing other Democractic contenders up for election has also happened. Distraction continues hurting programs (not endorsed by Democrats) cant get discussed. Farmers selling to Canada is on stall as well as other projects for-the-people. Personally, I’m ready for some jail-time for such slander and stall.

The Senate considers what to do and is NOT responsible for witnesses. The House of Representatives were tricked into signing…’impeachment””’do it quick…no witnesses…just do it…we’ll figure out more charges later…just do IT.

Thus, Bernie Sanders is on top now insulting Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. The billionaire is running his own campaign and just runs ads against President Trump….even if it bankrupts him. Endless money can be an evil thing in politics. But, endless money by supporter’s is also evil because they want payback…and then there is corruption.

I suggest that we go back to Scripture to review the character of man. `

Who is Jacob? He was named, Isra’el and today his clan still remains on our earth and in the original land from which was given to them via The Abrahamic Land Covenant.

Gen 49:1 And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.
Gen 49:2 Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your father.

This Ya’cov did not always have his sons gather around him. They tried to kill each other…killed others for survival…and yet lived the land of Goshen…where there was always light when Egypt went dark through ADONAI’S season of plagues.

There are seasons of dark time on our earth and season’s of light…Shekinah Light. We are NOT to be afraid of that light…as even The Shepherds were told…Don’t be afraid…their presence was so bright that it lite up the sky. They were told where to find ‘the star’….in Jewish terminology…they were told where to find ‘the king’ that had been born. They didn’t have to travel far and leave their sheep. He was born with glorious singing that was heard all throughout the skies.

Our Lord’s Yeshua Jesus return will be the same way. We will NOT be afraid when we see His ‘skekinah’ glory that brightens up our skies. And, instead of angels, the picture resets itself to those that are returning with Him…to declare His glory to the earth. ALL will see Him…as ALL saw him that night and all knees bowed to peer in as he lay an ‘animal’ feeder.

He came to feed the world…cattle and mankind. Let’s return to Jonah as I know in my heart that patterns are seen in every Scripture because of the layering that opens to those seeking Him. When we discuss Scripture we are drashing it. Others before had drashed over these same Scriptures and write down their thoughts. Many of these mid-drashes might seem strange but it where Adonai took their mind. And, then others repeat their thoughts…not necessarily considering them truth…but something else to think about as we also mediate on God’s Word.

Today, I know in my heart…this drash (comment) I give you is true. When Jonah is told that Ninveh will be overthrown in 40 days….it looks to the year 4000 when our world was over thrown from evil.

Jon 3:4 And Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey, and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.

Nivah took three days to walk across the entire city. He is one-third (one day) into his journey and we are told what he says to the people of Ninvah….In 40 days you’re out-of-here. In that One Day…they believed and proclaimed a fast…and put on sackcloth…from the greatest to the least.

In One Day Yeshua Jesus gave his life and set The Captives free when resurrecting from the dead. He proclaimed to be God in the flesh and He claimed that his bodily temple would rise up after three days. Ninevah is the size of a 3-day walk. But on Day One they believed and repented.

The messenger Jonah did NOT care about them. It seems history tells us that they killed his father and relatives and he hated them.

The Pattern is showing us a door in time. That person who is knocking on a door (dahlet) and even the number of days four (dahlet).

The Forty is a picture for us…a DOOR. Four is the letter dahlet shown as a picture of a door. Not only did Ninveh have 40 days to wait for destruction, God is pointing to year 4000 in the earth’s history that produce The Seed (declared from Genesis) would come to destroy The Destroyer.

Jonah’s one day travel pointed to The Aleph (one/1) of whom is The Destroyer. YAHWEH brings judgement on the earth to draw mankind to His solution…His son who Destroys spiritual death.

Yeshua is known as The Door…and is knocking…to show you His atoning blood sacrifice so you can open that door (dahlet/4) to have salvation. All the world (from least to the greatest) is offered this gift….but it comes through prayer….and fasting…seeking His face… It’s a Yom Kippur experience.

Jonah 3:5 So the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them.

The People of Nineveh Repent

120,000 people who don’t know their right hand from their left –

These huge city did not know from where their ‘strength’ came. Did it come from their animals?

The very last words are even key to our learning. Animals….why did God mention the animals?

We are like sheep gone astray. In Yacov’s last year with Laven he had been SIX years tending animals. This points to 6,000 years God has been tending His Sheep via The Son Yeshua Jesus.

Why does Ya’cov leave in year twenty and not twenty-one that would have completed a three-year Shemittah cycle (3×7=21)? Because it’s always the last year that is the year of release. (Jubilee means 50. But, the jubilee year of release occurs in the 49th year. Thus year 50 is really year 1.)

Year 20 was completed and now he would take his animals and his family back to his Father’s House. This is our earth’s program. In the twentieth century this same man’s family, traveled back to The Land in 1947-1948. This family name was stated as, The Nation of Israel. In 2017, they changed their name back to it’s Ya’cov’s name; Isra’el.

What happened at year 4000? Yes, The Seed was planted and rose up….and the harvesting continues into year 6000.

It’s a simple story seen in our Bibles…but missed because man doesn’t want to live in those days. And, they don’t know what to do with this ISRA’EL that is back in their land. Christians have had their own agenda and now they just can’t let go to let this person rise back up. They want it their way or they will ‘impeach’ Isra’el off the earth. YES, right now they are ready to ‘impeach Israel’.

How are they? They read into what they think The Book of Revelations says. Book after book has been written and those are their peers writing them. They don’t want to accept anything except from their peers….just like what Pelosi and her group just did to their own, Biden. And, what they also attempted to do to remove President Trump from office.

Who has a say about this? Who sets officials in place for us to accept and know that whoever it is we must deserve them or we’ll see that what we had was better?

What does God say about Esau. This my friends, is to this Pelosi / Biden / S / Trump situation. It is key to The Deal of the Century that Christians want and Esau Ishamel want implemented for the betterment of our world.

ALL of these Gentiles will fall out of fellowship and return to Ninevah because of what our Bibles state as true. Today, I began my morning with these Scriptures….and, once again Ya’cov’s life surrounds us in a pattern that unfolds before us as the ‘sheep’ and the ‘goats’. Ya’cov came out with sheep and goats…but he gave half over to Esau…of whom already had charge of all of Abraham’s wealth.

Today, we see the same. The Deal of the Century once again cheats ISRA’EL of her land. She gives away Gaza and the West Bank…and might get to build a small synagogue somewhere at The Temple Mount. No Temple….but an altar?

Let’s look at what it means when Gentile Abraham was given a promise that wherever his foot steps will be His land. He traveled one hundred years before having the righteous Isaac. Then he lived another 75 years…still stepping outside of The Promised land, covering most of the Middle East. He even conquered Damascus when saving Lot and his family; one year before Isaac was born. Damascus, Syria (King Abdullah Assad) is now destroyed and wants to participate in peace with the United States and Israel. (They await further instructions after the next election 2020.)

The Bible gives very definite land descriptions to Abraham. The Book of Jubilees describes the children of Noach when they get off the ark and begin to settle the earth. It is Cham that w violates borders. Cham is told to stay on his assigned portion of land to the south, he listens and returns and then disobeys once again and never gets disciplined for his wrong behavior. He establishes himself within the territory assigned to Shem; of which Noach is part of. Noach pictures as a ‘priest’ that does not have his own land. Noach maintains his father/priest position.but shares/lives with Shem.

Right from the beginning we have a history of land dispute and it hasn’t changed all through history. What has changed is that salvation is through an understanding of WHO The Seed is. It is in The Seed spreading to the four corners of the earth that we see what ADONAI was saying about our earth. His Son’s message of atoning blood for our entire earth is key. It is this message that goes out from Jerusalem. It is this ‘election’ that can never be undone….no ‘impeachment’ of ISRA’EL.

Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah

Has God been upset with Israel? Absolutely!

The Destruction of Israel

Amo 9:1 I saw Adonai standing beside the altar, and he said, “Strike the tops of the columns until the thresholds shake! Smash them to pieces on the heads of all the people! Those who remain I will kill with the sword; not one of them will succeed in fleeing, not one of them will escape.
Amo 9:2 If they dig down to Sh’ol, my hand will haul them out; if they climb up to heaven, I will bring them down.
Amo 9:3 If they hide themselves on the top of the Karmel, I will search them out and capture them there; If they hide from me at the bottom of the sea, I will order the serpent to bite them there.
Amo 9:4 If their enemies herd them into exile, I will order the sword to kill them there. I will fix my gaze on them for harm and not for good.”
Amo 9:5 For Adonai Elohim-Tzva’ot is the one who can melt the earth with his touch, and make all who live on it mourn. It will all rise, just like the Nile, and then subside, like the Nile in Egypt.
Amo 9:6 He builds his upper rooms in heaven and establishes his sky-vault over the earth. He summons the waters of the sea and pours them out over the earth. Adonai is his name.
Amo 9:7 “People of Isra’el, are you any different from the Ethiopians to me?” asks Adonai. “True, I brought Isra’el up from Egypt, but I also brought the P’lishtim from Kaftor, and Aram from Kir.
Amo 9:8 Look, the eyes of Adonai Elohim are on the sinful kingdom. I will wipe it off the face of the earth, yet I will not completely destroy the house of Ya`akov,” says Adonai.
Amo 9:9 “For when I give the order, I will shake the house of Isra’el, there among all the Goyim, as one shakes with a sieve, letting no grain fall to the ground.
Amo 9:10 All the sinners among my people who say, ‘Disaster will never overtake us or confront us,’ will die by the sword.

Israel has gotten too comfortable in the world and thinks that disaster can never overtake her. Today, Israel holds unto the words that she will NOT be forsaken. She has learned her lesson from these past days of Amos and Jonah. She reads The TANAK which includes these books or correction. She does NOT need the world to correct her….but strives to be The Light to the world.

I’m glad we have God’s word that shows he used ordinary men to convery his messages.

Amo 7:14 `Amos gave this answer to Amatzyah: “I am not trained as a prophet, and I’m not one of the guild prophets—I own sheep and grow figs.
Amo 7:15 But Adonai took me away from following the flock, and Adonai said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Isra’el.’

Scripture shows us that it is by ordinary men and woman that God uses to speak for His eternal purposes.

And now, in Micah, we hear about this ‘remnant’ coming back. Their discipline was over and they did come back. And yes, there will be more patterns of discipline that again will need to come to an end. New patterns of ‘beginnings’ constantly show themselves in these children’s lives. But, our Creator does it to help The Gentile world to also be drawn into holiness…being set apart to God.

Will the world cooperate? They will continue to walk in their own ways….in their own gods…left to their own thinking. The one thing I’ve determined after my almost seventy years on this earth is that I can NOT trust my own thinking. It is HIS instruction that I must live…and for this very purpose of not being Jonah who was very very unhappy to witness to his enemies…even killing his family members. He became a judge of men…..which put himself above God.

The Lord Shall Rescue Zion

Mic 4:6 “When that day comes,” says Adonai, “I will assemble the lame and gather those who were dispersed, along with those I afflicted.

Mic 4:7 I will make the lame a remnant and those who were driven off a strong nation.” Adonai will rule them on Mount Tziyon from that time forth and forever.

I want to close in peace. I would love the Pelosi’s to go away. I would love to just hide out and ignore the world. But someone has to keep standing for Torah. Someone has to keep saying that Israel is important to God.

All of us want The Deal of Century – Peace with King Abdullah, Iran’s Khomeini…all of us want PEACE in our governments. We want governments that don’t kill their people in the flesh and also not in word or deed.

Each human is created in God’s image…with a spirit that will live beyond this life. What will it be like to stand before The Creator as watch our entire life flash before us. We will be held accountable for every word. We will be held accountable for not looking into our backgrounds to see if we have that special heritage. If it’ there and qualifies us to die and people to take aim…then so be it. We will be held accountable for just wanting to “get out” and get on with heaven. What earthly good are we if we keep telling our Creator how terrible it is here.

Mic 6:1 So listen now to what Adonai says: “Stand up and state your case to the mountains, let the hills hear what you have to say.”
Mic 6:2 Listen, mountains, to Adonai’s case; also you enduring rocks that support the earth! Adonai has a case against his people; he wants to argue it out with Isra’el:

Mic 6:3 “My people, what have I done to you? How have I wearied you? Answer me!

Mic 6:4 I brought you up from the land of Egypt. I redeemed you from a life of slavery. I sent Moshe, Aharon and Miryam to lead you.
Mic 6:5 My people, just remember what Balak the king of Mo’av had planned, what Bilam the son of Bor answered him, [and what happened] between Sheetim and Gilgal—so that you will understand the saving deeds of Adonai.”

What Does the Lord Require?

Mic 6:6 “With what can I come before Adonai to bow down before God on high? Should I come before him with burnt offerings? with calves in their first year?
Mic 6:7 Would Adonai take delight in thousands of rams with ten thousand rivers of olive oil? Could I give my firstborn to pay for my crimes, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?”
Mic 6:8 Human being, you have already been told what is good, what Adonai demands of you—no more than to act justly, love grace and walk in purity with your God.

Micah spoke about grace…undeserving love from God. To act justly…means to ACT. To walk means to walk…in God’s pure word. They could walk in The Torah. It was their way of obeying and living righteously on the earth. Torah never went away but became flesh so our ‘daily sacrifices’ are geared to be thankful…and living out our lives in The Living Words he confirmed before leaving our earth. He confirmed The Torah…filling up every part of it proving He was The Messiach…proving it to our generation and Micah’s generation…speaking the same pattern…of fasting and repentance until every GENTILE has heard The Torah message that totally wraps itself around Yeshua Jesus Isa…. Isa, the Egyptian name for Jesus (Yeshua).

There is so much to learn and yet The Torah is simple…if you understand text.

Destruction of the Wicked

Mic 6:9 The voice of Adonai! He calls to the city—and it is wisdom to fear your name—”Listen to the rod and to him who commissioned it.
Mic 6:10 Are there still ill-gotten gains in the house of the wicked? still the detestable short eifah-measure?
Mic 6:11 Should I declare innocent wicked scales and a bag of fraudulent weights?
Mic 6:12 The rich men there are full of violence, the inhabitants tell lies, with tongues of deceit in their mouths.

The tongues of deceit in their mouth is changing, The Torah. Violence is removing God’s instruction from the earth. For this act they will be destroyed….they don’t want to do it anyway. Why? Because grace is misunderstood. Grace has always been applicable.

God’s Steadfast Love and Compassion

Mic 7:18 Who is a God like you, pardoning the sin and overlooking the crimes of the remnant of his heritage? He does not retain his anger forever, because he delights in grace.
Mic 7:19 He will again have compassion on us, he will subdue our iniquities. You will throw all their sins into the depths of the sea.

Mic 7:20 You will show truth to Ya`akov and grace to Avraham, as you have sworn to our ancestors since days of long ago.

Nah 3:1 Woe to the city of blood, steeped in lies, full of prey, with no end to the plunder!

I say, Woe to any city or nation that is steeped in LIES….never satisfied with it’s plunder….

Who is Esau? A brother who sold his birthright of being firstborn. Later, he sells his birthright because he thought he was about to die anyway. Later he regrets it and at age 40 wants to kill his brother. Both brother begin marrying their wives. But, Ya’cov was told to only marry from Sarah’s side of the family. These were people who worshipped other gods. Ya’cov would be the firstborn grandson to whom chose to worship the same God as his parents and Abram and Sarai. It begins here as we see the patterns that lead to righteousness which cause names to be changed.

Esau does NOT kill his brother in year twenty one as the third Shemittah cycle closes. Ya’cov’s escapes death for himself and his children and his animals. But, Ya’cov did NOT go back to the homeland…he started fresh in another spot. Obadiah tells again of Ya’cov’s troubles with Esau many years down the road. Finally, Ya’cov could go back home, but only after Esau personally had been killed…and his sons put under constraints. His sons were even going to kill him if he didn’t fight against his brother Ya’cov.

Even in the Book of Revelation brother will be against brother. It is because the Esau spirit is still on the earth. Esau lived at Petra. Esau lived in the location of Persia. The spirit of Esau still permeates our world and we can NOT encourage it’s growth.

I would like to close with what I read this morning…which moved me to write this article.

Edom Will Be Humbled

Obadiah 1:1 This is the vision of `Ovadyah. Here is what Adonai Elohim says about Edom. As a messenger was being sent among the nations saying, “Come on, let’s attack her,” we heard a message from Adonai:
Oba 1:2 “I am making you the least of all nations, you will be beneath contempt.

Any nation that follows Edom or acts like Edom (Esau) will be made the least of nations. Today, we do have IRAN (Persia) known as Edom chanting for a regime change. Iran sent two missiles into a private aircraft killing ALL 176 human beings on board that plane January 7, 2020. A denial by Iran was touted for three days and finally they admitted it was an accident. It’s people know it was not an accident, but good human beings that might have disagreed with Iran were leaving their soil and perhaps they wanted to be rid of two American girls, and 37 Canadians and really their own people. It’s a hard thing to understand Esau…but what we do now is that NOT one American military person was hurt after twelve missiles were intentionally shot to kill.

The Fast of Tevet was that day. All around the world, people fasted and prayed for peace. The Jew set the example…from Isra’el and the world could follow in participating in that fast. I went to a funeral the night before and began my fast. I told others of my fast. They did not know what The Fast of Tevet was about.

Do I believe in the ‘Hand of God’ on our world? Absolutely. He just read that He alone brings about the destruction of men.

The Day of the Lord Is Near

Oba 1:15 For the Day of Adonai is near for all nations; as you did, it will be done to you; your dealings will come back on your own head.

Oba 1:16 For just as you have drunk on my holy mountain, so will all the nations drink in turn; yes, they will drink and gulp it down and be as if they had never existed.

Oba 1:17 But on Mount Tziyon there will be a holy remnant who will escape, and the house of Yaakov will repossess their rightful inheritance.

Oba 1:18 The house of Yaakov will be a fire and the house of Yosef a flame, setting aflame and consuming the stubble which is the house of Esav. None of the house ofEsav will remain, for Adonai has spoken.

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