Global Virus

Australia 60-minutes goes under cover to expose wet markets.

When animals that don’t normally live together live together their viruses mix.

We know humans who aren’t use to certain germs do get sick, say when visiting a distant relative, for example.

Step Two: the slaughter of unclean animals mixing with human turns deadly. There is a correct way to slaughter.

Watch how these bats are cut and cleaned mixing their blood in filthy conditions.

God has guidelines of what is clean to eat. These animals are not on His list.

Thus, whether crossing over happened or improper preparation I suggest that we have violated God’s food laws beyond measure and are now paying for it via plagues.

Adam had food instructions as did Noah and then Moses. Our Creator is always about keeping us alive to enjoy life…not DIE.

God warned us against pig, too. But men still eat it calling it ‘pink’ meat and the other chicken meat.

All meat is worthy of eating if the animal eats grass. must also have a split hoof. Pigs do NOT chew their cud.

Horses do not have a split hoof, therefore we do NOT eat horses. Horses also have one stomach. Cows have four stomachs to thoroughly digest their food.

We are a diseased world because we select what parts of The Bible we think is for us today.

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