Measure for Measure – CV19 Isolation

Parashah 27 – Tazria (She conceives)

Leviticus 12:1-13:59

Yeshua may have died Year 27…Age 33

Hannah delivered her fourth child…a boy TODAY, April 25, 2020. She gave birth today, on the Sabbath entitled, Tazria – she conceives. I’ve had many of our cows have their babies on very special days in the past with my mouth always hanging open as to when they had them. TODAY, I stand in awe with Pastor’s daughter having her third son on this Torah portion. I’m so excited for this young mother as she is truly a sweet lady with a wonderful husband who pastors at their church as well. Congratulations to this wonderful family. Welcome Adam, You already have Scriptures pouring forth how to live your life. Adom means blood. May you one day join Yeshua Jesus in his Blood Covenant. Because most of our world is ‘isolated’ right now, only your daddy is able to be with you and your mommy in the hospital. Whoa to those that give suck in those days….you little one, will receive extra protection during this plague.

Adam Christian born April 25, 2020. Should circumcise 8th Day…showing we’re circumcised from this world as The Blood Covenant fills up it’s purpose for earth. Set apart 7 days as blood flowing in niddah (period). Day Eight have son circumcised…as all hearts must be circumcised in Day Eight to have eternal life. Additional 33 days shows Yeshua death year. Thirty and three days is used for Adam before he is set into Gan of Eden. David’s Rule: 7 years and 6 months in Hebron…33 years in Jerusalem.

Six months for ALL his strong leaders to lead the way in moving them five miles. Enemies had to be defeated who did NOT want David to return as king. It took SEVEN years to build a solid core of people who had sincere hearts…within and outside of Jerusalem. They cheered him on as he danced naked before them showing Yeshua was ‘naked’ before us. We are to be transparent in order to enter The King’s Palace….bringing the ‘ark of testimony’ our personal testimony with us.

Israel’s kings were designed to rule 40 years. King Sha’ul was NOT to be killed, but complete his rule. It’s a consecration time period to recognize who gave a woman her son, who gave King Sha’ul his throne and who establishes everything on our earth. The Seed was put in the woman (our earth) and it sprouted UP after 4000 years. These patterns have been maintained in order to confirm ALL things..YHWH purposes.

Yosef gained a full brother when he was 7 years old. Yosef lost his relationship with his full brother to become King over the earth…the world bowing down to Egypt. Egypt only grew rich when Yosef was alive to rule over it just as Yeshua’s spirit is ruling over our earth now heading to The Eighth Day.

On The Fortieth Day from this Parshah will be Shavuot Day 3… of Ruach Ha Chodesh (Holy Spirit). From this Torah reading on April 25, 2020 when Hannah had her third son (fourth child) our earth will be pouring forth in the YHWH’s spirit. This Torah Portion Tazria will always point to YHWH’s spirit is pointing to and pouring out on SHAV’UOT every year.

Yeshua is YHWH’s only begotten Son of a woman…God in the flesh of whom was born into our world at year 4000. This Torah Portion 27 is confirming Yeshua’s coming at Day Four. We also, can count on Day Seven representing earth’s 7000 years as set apart to bring YHWH’s Son back to earth to consecrate our earth to bring in that final Day Eight that shows the final circumcision of Yeshua’s blood Covenant in the Day One (4000 years). Day Two, consisting of 4000 years, will march us up to beginning 8000 years of history since Adam.

The male child is consecrated for 40 days. – Yeshua was consecrated at year 4000.

The female child is consecrated for 80 days – The Father’s Bride for Yeshua is ready at year 8000.

The Bride enters into covenant with YHWH via the Hebrew Wedding Banquet. The Jewish wedding ceremony lifts the groom up while sitting on a chair to show Yeshua is lifted up as our groom. Do Jewish weddings occur on The Sabbath?

The Lamb Yeshua is shown as a ‘lamb’ in it’s first year is to be brought as a burnt offering. Yeshua was killed…burnt up…not allowed to breathe one more breath. If this lamb was not possible then two small witnesses were to be given…TWO doves OR TWO young pigeons…one for a burnt offering..(Yeshua) and one for a sin (unintentional) offering. We do NOT know YHWH’s ways. Thus, humans need to show their complete reverence to YHWH even if they are ignorant of those ways.

Lev 12:8b “…the cohen will make atonement for her, and she will be clean.”

Yeshua makes atonement for us…so we will be clean.

Leviticus 13 – TAZARA’AT – Isolate 7 days – Isolate 7 days = 14 days.

Does this sound familiar with the CV19 plague affecting 184 countries of our world? The ‘dragon’ who spewed this ‘fire’ on our earth has 70 nation states in it’s authority. Let us remember that YHWH’s is very specific that Ya’cov’s (Jacob/Israel) had 70 adult beings going to Egypt during a severe famine. They come out of Egypt having the same 70 tribes but now numbering several million. This measurement shows us the years 6000-7000 AD as to when we fill up our earth in order to ‘come out of her.’

Lev 13:1 ADONAI said to Mosche and Aharon, “If someone develops on his skin a swelling, scab or bright spot which could develop into the disease tzara’at, he is to be brought to Aharon the cohen or to one of his sons who are cohanim.”

In 2014 – 2015 there were FOUR Total Blood Moons. The first began on Passover Day One..Nissan 15, 2014. The second Total Lunar eclipse occurred on Day One, Tishrei 15, 2014.

2014 – Four is the letter dahlet seen by a door. The year of 2014 shows our world a ‘door’ to the future. Pastor Mark Biltz spoke about this phenomenon not really understanding what is was about. He knew they were signals and finally put it in a book. Pastor John Hagee also wrote about this phenomenon after hearing about it from Pastor Biltz. Pastor John Hagee has never moved people into The Torah’s first festival…The Sabbath. Pastor John Hagee has never moved our world into Levitical eating standards. We have been left eating dirty with China truly eating dirty from her ‘wet markets.

Pastor Biltz has written a few books about ‘end times’ and therefore, he has been a witness to our world and Christians that it is important to ‘remember’ how to worship our Creator as He desires and not how we deem fit. There will be TWO witnesses that declare to our world for THREE years to repent and return to Torah. These TWO witnesses will lose their lives…their dead bodies will be taken to ‘Sodom and Egypt’ where our Savior Yeshua was killed…and these two doves or two pigeons will be offered up. Three days in the grave was Yeshua before He resurrected and these two witnesses will also lie dead for three days being celebrated with their enemies of YHWH sending gifts to each other because they have been killed.

There is another witness that has stood before The United Nations members condemning them of their treatment of Ya’cov’s family. This man has also written books dedicating his life to The Remnant. He also, teaches clean eating and The Sabbath. This human being has made a film series showing what are the ‘secrets’ of YHWH. In fact, this man did declare that he was one of the two witnesses in the spirit of Elijah and in the spirit of Mosch.

Just recently, I’ve been thinking that it is ‘the simplest’ of men that have been lifted up before our world. They might need braces…they might have been on drugs and now rehabiltated…and even people who make pillows for your head. It will be the ‘simplest of men’ that will stand before our world and declare it NOT rain for three years so there is a famine. They will have the spirit of Elijah who obeyed YHWH and also have the spirit of Elisha who was given a ‘double portion’ as Elijah’s mantle was passed to him. He saw ‘the chariots’ come for Elijah. We too can be watching for the ‘chariots’ to arrive…and be doubly blessed into eternity and now. We can strike the waters of this earth and they will part…our enemies will fall before us. The waters are nations and they are falling. Now, more than any time the Believers must become those witnesses…either bringing the message of Yeshua, God’s Lamb…or double witnesses in the dove or pigeon…The Holy Spirit. Yes, we as a ‘dirty old’ pigeon can come and be seen as a ‘white dove’.

They are all metaphors to speak to our hearts. We are NOT to fear,,,,but act out what we know…just because we are told to. Circumcise your son on Day Eight. There are several good medical reasons as to why that day may be better for your child, but even their opinions do not matter. It also does not matter if you forget and eat something with lard in it…because what matters is your actions of wanting to YHWH eyes.

Now for the rest of God’s Story…. Leviticus 13… What causes a person to be isolated?

Lev 13:1  Adonai said to Moshe and Aharon, 

Lev 13:2  “If someone develops on his skin a swelling, scab or bright spot which could develop into the disease tzara`at, he is to be brought to Aharon the cohen or to one of his sons who are cohanim. 

Someone is bringing… someone with swelling… which could develop…to son.

Tzara’at known as leprosy is not the leprosy that we know today.

Lev 13:3  The cohen is to examine the sore on his skin; if the hair in the sore has turned white, and the sore appears to go deep into the skin, it is tzara`at, and after examining him the cohen is to declare him unclean

Our application today is seen with our CV19 instructions of being set in isolation for 14 days. We have a swelling of pride that has caused us to be unfit for YHWH’s kingdom lifestyle. People examine themselves instead of going to YHWH’s Son Yeshua’s atoning blood.

For 7000 years man is taken to The Torah which examines his relationship with God’s son, Yeshua Jesus. Our infections run deep and we are declared ‘unclean.’

Lev 13:4  If the bright spot on his skin is white, but it does not appear to go deep into the skin, and its hair has not turned white, then the cohen is to isolate him for seven days. 

Man is sinful and is isolated from YHWH for 7000 years. Or, we could use the example in Psalms 90 which states that man’s life will be 70 years. Man has 70 years to isolate not bringing tzara’at into Yahweh’s kingdom. At the end of the millennium mankind will be examined another time…as more children will be born during that time period with Yeshua Jesus physical reign.

Lev 13:5  On the seventh day the cohen is to examine him again, and if the sore appears the same as before and has not spread on the skin, then the cohen is to isolate him for seven more days. 

Lev 13:6  On the seventh day the cohen is to examine him again, and if the sore has faded and hasn’t spread on the skin, then the cohen is to declare him clean—it is only a scab, so he is to wash his clothes and be clean

Our world is set up on cycles of seven. Day Seven is the Sabbath. Man can live to be 70 years. Ya’cov had 70 human’s in his family arriving to Egypt. Enoch called a generation 700 years. He named TEN generations of 700 years each making up the 7000 years planned for the earth from Adam.

0 – 700 – Enoch’s was part of this first generation.

700 – 1400 – Noach lived in the second generation.

This pattern of healing shows up in this teaching as it can take at least fourteen days to see that someone does not truly have the disease ‘tzara’at.’ Our CV19 isolation is 14 days…thus, we can see our ‘plague’ as being likened to having ‘tzara’at.’

We even wash our hands and clothes to be clean.

This Parshah not only was right on target with our Pastor’s daughter having her new son on Tazra (she conceived) that declared what to do when you have a son, but it also is teaching us about diseases and how to contain so they do NOT spread.

I have a friend who just last fall truly was convicted that God spoke to us through these weekly Torah portions set up by The Great Assembly in 450 BC….lead by Ezra, Nehemiah and even Mordecai, Esther’s uncle. These are the Traditions of Men that we want to adhere to because they were the first to write down ADONAI’s instructions when coming out of Babylon after 70 years. It’s nice to have a friend now seeing what you’ve been seeing.

Our Creator works in patterns so we do NOT have to be fearful. We can have confidence on how to stay safe while on His earth and while God takes action to destroy His enemies. YHWH took The Israelites on a long journey for 40 years to get to their Promised Land, because He knew they retreat and go back to the world (Egypt) if they had too many fearful things to confront. He will not forsake His children…so you are safe my friends in this CV19 plague.

Yeshua Jesus was ‘burnt up’ completely…died…for our penalty for sin…our leprosy..tsara’at. If you stay in your sin and are contagious to other people…you will be removed and burnt up. You must REPENT…RECLAIM…to RESURRECT.

Lev 13:51  On the seventh day he is to examine the stain; if the stain has spread on the garment, threads, woven-in parts or leather, whatever its use, the infection is a contagious tzara`at; the garment is unclean. 

Lev 13:52  He is to burn the garment, threads, woven-in parts of either wool or linen, or item of leather having the infection; for it is a contagious tzara`at; it must be burned up completely. 

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