COVID Patients 80 days long and counting

The Atlantic, “The symptoms of ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) has been trivialized, its patients disbelieved; its researchers underfunded. The condition is especially underdiagnosed among black and brown communities, who are also disproportionately likely to be infected and killed by COVID-19. Support groups on Slack and Facebook host thousands of people who say they have been wrestling with serious COVID-19 symptoms for at least a month, if not two or three. Some call themselves ‘long termers’ or ‘long-haulers.’

George Floyd was probably one of these people that dropped through the system of care and still carried COVID for several months in his body. If Minneapolis reported over a thousand cases of these ‘long-haulers’ then I think we should check if George Floyd was on under their care.

Protests and riots have been since the day of Jesus.. They feared the people would riot because The People loved Jesus. Today’s protestor are being lead to riot joining evil. People can protest but only in peace. ALL Lives Matter to God!

Mat 26:1  When Yeshua had finished speaking, he said to his talmidim, 

Mat 26:2  “As you know, Pesach is two days away, and the Son of Man will be handed over to be nailed to the execution-stake.” 

Mat 26:3  Then the head cohanim and the elders of the people gathered in the palace of Kayafa the cohen hagadol. 

Mat 26:4  They made plans to arrest Yeshua surreptitiously and have him put to death; 

Mat 26:5  but they said, “Not during the festival, or the people will riot.” 

This tells us that Yeshua Jesus was a righteous man and if these policeman (false priests) harmed him there would be riots. The festival was Pesach known to Christians as Passover. Yeshua would rise up because He was good and not evil. There is ‘no sin’ found in him.

Two is the letter Beit pictured as a house. Yeshua is God’s only begotten son of whom came purposely to die at the hands of men. It is only for God to lay his life down for His house…we can NOT take any human life…we are not worthy to extinguish life.

And, if they accidentally would kill someone…they would be escorted ‘a place of refuge’ and allowed to live in that city where The Priest lives, too. As long as the priest lived, the avenger could not kill the person. God is our avenger and He lives forever. Therefore, we are NOT to avenge without going to trial. Vengeance is The Lords…not ours. His Spirit must rule through the Torah that has been placed on the earth.

Mat 26:2  “As you know, Pesach is two days away, and the Son of Man will be handed over to be nailed to the execution-stake.” 

We can measure this forward two thousand years. Since it is year 2020 we know we are very close to Son of Man to return. This Son of Man that was nailed to the execution-stake will be handed to us. There will NOT be a riot, but every knee will fall.

In 2019, 56 unarmed people were shot and killed by police, with white people accounting for 25 of them, while 15 of them were black.

That totals FORTY (40) unarmed white or black people in 2019 died in a fight with police. 40 is a number of completion…just as kings reigned a 40-year duration since King Saul…David and Solomon. Since God knows everything and he knew George Floyd would die with this great pomp and stance…buried in a gold casket…this number 40 gives tribute to change…it ends a dynasty so another can start. We just have to pray that the next will be better than the last dynasty.

Deaths dropped under The Trump Administration watch. People got jobs. People did not loot (covet) his neighbor in order to live. The lowest black unemployment in US history happened in 2020. It can still be low if we go back to our jobs…standing next to each…not hating each other. It seems the word ‘hate’ is used so much that it doesn’t even mean ‘hate’…but it’s anger….from what? Too many violent video games and movies that want to move into ‘reality’?

When people are happy they are producing…even children. When people are unhappy, they kill each other…even their unborn. Why is no one talking about blacks having the highest rate of abortion. The “population control’ agenda is targeted for blacks…this is what I would be upset about. That is where ‘fight’ is. Stop aborting ALL babies and stop taking vaccines…there are no vaccine for viruses. They have to die out. You fight a virus by isolating to rest to build your immune system. Good therapeutics includes eating food that has high nutritional value…take vitamins. NO sugars that depress your immune system. The first thing God did was to instruct Adam on eating.

ABORTION – The black community has fallen for The Deceiver’s lie. It is unfortunate that America is only made up of 13 per cent black. And yet, this group is accountable for the majority of America’s crime. Could there be a connection of guilt for killing their unborn babies? There has been a study that shows 70-80 per cent of COVID cases are in the states with the highest abortion rates. The states with the lowest abortion rates have the lowest COVID cases. Thus, we see God’s judgment coming through this virus and can be called God’s plague.

The Church is ASLEEP…The People are ASLEEP!

People are asleep walking through life in a daze. George Floyd had two types of drugs in his body at his autopsy and he was positive with COVID. If he had COVID two months earlier, studies now show that it does remain in the body even if you test negative. He was set to blow up…it is too bad these officers did NOT understand COVID…but it is new and everyone is learning together. We are ALL disturbed at his death. COVID and drugs compromised his health.

The Atlantic Daily, by Ed Yong, June 4, 2020 states that there is a sector of people that have not been recognized to help heal from COVID. It is those that feel different…and yet they have different symptoms even testing negative…but they know their body is stressed…not even able to stand in the shower.

When Mr. Yong spoke with a woman named LeClerc on day 66, she was still experiencing waves of symptoms. “Before this I was a fit, healthy 32-year old,” she said. “Now I’ve been reduced to not being able to stand up in the shower without feeling fatigued. I’ve tried going to the supermarket and I’m in bed for days afterwards. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.” Despite her best efforts, LeClere has not been able to get a test, but “every doctor I’ve spoken to says there’s no shadow of a doubt that this has been COVID,” she said. Today (June 4) is day 80.

His article covers many people in the United States and abroad. “COVID-19 has existed for less than six months, and it is easy to forget how little we know about it…… Yet support groups on Slack and Facebook host thousands of people like LeClerc, who say they have been wrestling with serious COVID-19 symptoms for at least a month, if not two or three. Some call themselves “longer-termers” or long-haulers.”

“For Vonny LeClarc, day one was March 16, Hours after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson instated stringent social-distancing measures to halt the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, LeClerc, a Glasgow-based journalist, arrived home feeling shivery and flushed. Over the next few days, she developed a cough, chest pain, aching joints and a pricking sensation on her skin. After a week of bed rest, she started improving. But on day 12, every old symptom returned, amplified and with reinforcements: She spiked an intermittent fever, lost her sense of taste and smell, and struggled to breathe.

George Floyd was one of these ‘long haulers.’ He had COVID two months earlier and still carried it. Thus, are we going to SLEEP on this? Or, are we going to expose the truth about COVID so no other ‘first responders’ are set up for failure. Their normal procedures may no longer work? His heart failed him because of COVID…not a systematic knee to his neck that moved up and down which allowed for him to speak. He was talking about his heart and his breathing and his mother. COVID definitely can NOT be ruled out as cause for his death. He was very compromised in his health from his drugs and COVID. He was talking which means he had air.

Could the officers been kinder? Yes, they could have and new regulations are now being applied all over the world as leaders are listening. And, we need to learn more about COVID and how it compromises the ‘normal’ person still walking around feeling strange but not testing positive.

Mr. Ed Yong interviewed nine others for this story, all of whom share commonalities. None were admitted to the ICU so their cases counted as ‘mild’. But they all find it hard to concentrate, exercise, or perform simple physical tasks. Most are young. Most were previously fit and healthy. “It is mild relative to dying in a hospital, but this virus has ruined my life.” LeClere said. “Even reading a book is challenging and exhausting. What small joys other people are experiencing in lockdown yoga, bread baking — are beyond the realms of possibility for me.”

Another quote from this article, “In the Body Politic survey, respondients with negative test results were tested a week after those with positive ones, on average, but the groups did NOT differ in their incidence of 60 different symptoms over time. Those matching patterns strongly suggest that those with negative tests are indeed dealing with the same disease. They also suggest that the true scope of the pandemic has been underestimated, not just because of the widespread lack of testing but because many people who are getting tested are receiving false negatives.”

George Floyd has been in prison five different times. He lead a raid on a woman’s home that was pregnant. He held a gun to her stomach as she pleaded for her and the babies life. He had his accomplish hold the gun on her while the rest of them searched her home for drugs of which they found none. They took her money and left but not before a neighbor wrote down the car’s drivers license and these evil people were then sent to prison.

Today, we witnessed a beautiful gold casket holding George Floyd’s body being viewed at a Christian church in Houston, Texas, his home town. The man that came to Minneapolis that would die in three policeman’s hands was found to have two types of illegal drugs in his system. He was also found to be positive with COVID-19. He had come to this ‘lawless’ area of the United States to be lawless by to passing counterfeit money. He died having a compromised life and a compromised body. His death has now ‘compromised’ America as violence has been leashed out with policeman and ‘white’ folks bowing the knee. And, as they bow the knee…the ANTIFA group takes over and smashes that person’s business and kills the owner. They smash fire trucks worth $400,000 of tax payers money that will have to be purchased again.

George Floyd’s brother said his brother would not like all this violence and that he was a reformed man. (Perhaps reformed in only passing counterfeit money is different than real robbery?)

Man has ‘jumped the gun’ in seeking ‘death’ to the establishment….and now Minneapolis and other cities will ‘Defund their Police’ departments…as if their cities did this evil to the black. Really?

Mat 25:42  For I was hungry and you gave me no food, thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 

Mat 25:43  a stranger and you did not welcome me, needing clothes and you did not give them to me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ 

Mat 25:44  Then they too will reply, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry, thirsty, a stranger, needing clothes, sick or in prison, and not take care of you?’ 

Mat 25:45  And he will answer them, ‘Yes! I tell you that whenever you refused to do it for the least important of these people, you refused to do it for me!’ 

Mat 25:46  They will go off to eternal punishment, but those who have done what God wants will go to eternal life.” 

I quote you these very familiar verses to bring you to the next thought Jesus gave them….because they slept.

We do not know what Day or Hour of The Lord’s return because The Church is asleep. The church is NOT waking up the sheep.

Yeshua Jesus asks them to pray with him THREE times. This is key it measures to 3000 years of sleeping. From the time Yeshua Jesus resurrected until now we are at 2 days or 2000 years since in heaven’s time we know 1 day is equal to 1000 years of earth’s time.

Yeshua Jesus will ask those disciples that went with him to the Gan of Gethesame why it is that their eyes are so heavy that they can NOT pray with him…even a little while.

He is ALONE in his prayers beseeching his Father about the troubles that are about to come upon him. He knows that it MUST be, but in his humanity he is still asking in prayer…even sweating blood in his sincerity of these prayers. He knows he is in human flesh for just such a time as this…and he knows that everything he walks through through must be done in a very timely manner.

He knows he is the Messiach that has come to complete all the prophecies in The Scriptures that are spoken about him. Yes, he would give up his flesh with much suffering but that wasn’t near his real concern.

His concern was about being cut off from The Father. What would it be like when The Father had to close His eyes because he bore every past, present and future sin this world would encounter. He bore the punishment for that sin…taking it on himself….as only God could do.

It was the ‘absence’ of God’s presence that he sweat blood over. Even Moses said, “I can’t do this without you…we are nothing without your presence leading us.”

God can NOT look on sin…thus, our Creator chose from the beginning of creation to instill a plan of redemption…and it began with one Seed. This Seed was ready to be planted into the ground in The Promised Land because it was a Promised Seed.

The plan was 4000 years into the future and Abraham’s promise of the land would be in 400 years. It was the ‘Dahlet/Door’ of opportunity that The Deceiver keeps trying to close for 42; 4000 and 2000 years equals 6000 years of man’s tribes and journey on the earth (Parshah 42 Mattot Massei).

The Deceiver was ‘in the beginning’ and ‘The Deceiver’ is again the strongest at the end because he knows his time is short. Our world is living in a lie…a time of great deception. The Door of Deception is wide open. The letter dahlet is pictured by a door and is the number four. We even see one of the rookie cops only on the Police Force for FOUR days and now loses his job….because of men not waiting to seek the real truth in why George died.

This is foredained and not a surprise to YHWH. George had a set time and we trust he not only ask for his mother but he had words with God. He knew he was dying and we are all sorry for his demise in such a manner as that…for all the world to now judge…and to request better treatment is certainly justifiable. All humans are equal before God.

George’s face was turned away and the skies were dark for him.

Yeshua’s skies turned dark as The Father could not longer look upon The Son.

All the people that died from COVID struggling to breath with their faces turned away and no one allowed to be with them. That is a horrible death just as Yeshua’s breath was taken from him through suffocation by the collapse of his lungs.

The earth shook so strong that the thick ‘veil’ in the Temple was slit in half. The physical veil was torn in Herod’s Temple because the Spiritual veil was now torn in Heaven’s temple. There was no more partition between God and man…no more veils to be torn.

Our Messiah has been gone from his first visit two days or two thousand years. He left via the skyway…clouds…in a bight light. We are told Yeshua Jesus will return with a bright light like lightening…coming with the clouds of witnesses.

We are specifically told not to accept any other false Messiah’s doing wonders on the earth. He will NOT be found in a room somewhere and certainly not as a baby. He comes as a large soldier with a sword yielding in his arm on a white horse purifying the earth of ‘deception.’

We are 2000 years into history from his last appearance. Telling his disciples that it is two days before Passover measure to He will return in two days to now step into the role that He was originally accused of, “Are you The Son of God?” This account happened on Nissan 13 which leads to his death on Nissan 14. He will NOT die on The Festival of Pesach for fear of rioting.

Mat 26:63  Yeshua remained silent. The cohen hagadol said to him, “I put you under oath! By the living God, tell us if you are the Mashiach, the Son of God!” 

Mat 26:64  Yeshua said to him, “The words are your own. But I tell you that one day you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of HaG’vurah and coming on the clouds of heaven.” 

Here is our hope and George Floyd’s hope. Our temples will rise up on The Third Day just as Yeshua rose up on the The Third Day.

But for awhile we will sleep waiting for that Third Day. We have one more day to complete in history before that glorious mansion arrives to our earth’s atmosphere at year 8000. We are on an eight year (8000-year) program….which indicates ‘new beginnings (8) letter ‘hei’ which means, behold.

And, there is another day yet to unfold where the promise to Adam will be filled up so man will live to be one thousand years old while walking in the spiritual and physical with Yeshua Jesus ruling the earth from Jerusalem. This one-thousand year period is what our earth is struggling to walk into. We are at the cusp of change and it is getting very hard not to see through ‘deception’. What appears to be light will actually lead our world to ‘darkness’.

Two is Beit for House…It is The House of Adonai that is to be set up. His return will be so bright that no man will stand and his enemies will have their human flesh melt off of them. Like Nabel their hearts will wax within them and they then die. Nabel laid in bed with his sick heart for TEN days. Enoch speaks of TEN generations of 700 years each. This is the time allotted for mankind to circumcise their heart toward God or hold to their stony hearts and perish at about age 70. Some live into their eighties which is considered a bonus…at these ‘end of days.’

Yeshua’s appearance will be so bright that normal humans will not able to look upon him. At His appearing the corrupt body put on an in-corrupt body that can dwell on the earth with our risen Messiach Yeshua. These bodies will be able to walk through walls and appear where they want to go. Our transportation systems will be within our minds…we will be where we wish to be.

SLEEPERS are ignorant of the time of His visitation. The Sleeping virgins woke up via The Comfort (Holy Spirit) that guides us into all Truth. We enter into The King’s Hall and meet our Groom Yeshua. New clothing is given as everything is changed in a flash likened to a blink of an eye. The mortal body puts on an immortal body…a corrupt body now takes on an incorruptible form.

At two thousand years from Yeshua’s Gan of Gethseame experience we will also be saying, Lord, your will be done…not our will….we will drink it with you.

Mat 26:42  A second time he went off and prayed. “My Father, if this cup cannot pass away unless I drink it, let what you want be done.” 

Mat 26:43  Again he returned and found them sleeping, their eyes were so heavy

Mat 26:44  Leaving them again, he went off and prayed a third time, saying the same words. 

Mat 26:45  Then he came to the talmidim and said, “For now, go on sleeping, take your rest. . . . Look! The time has come for the Son of Man to be betrayed into the hands of sinners. 

On Sunday, June 7, 2020 (6/7/20)… Jerusalem won back in 1967 (6.7.67). (43 years ago).

  • Three times I slept so deep that I could not force my eyes to open. I forced myself to get up and change locations with the same thing happening to me three times. I am a very light sleeper and I rarely take naps during the day. I am telling you this today on June 8 because I believe our eyes are closed right now in our world and we only see to revolt. We just celebrated Shavuot this week and yet only a few are celebrating it. We have been on lock down and we don’t know how to ‘unlock’ ourselves. And, during this precious Shavuot week known as The Giving of the Holy Spirit, there is only evil rioting with murders with fires burning down America. The ‘deceiver’s spirit’ is ruling our earth right now….on Monday, June 8, 2020 as more and more cities are planned to burn…and their Governors welcome it to prove democracy doesn’t work. They want to rule by Totalitarianism….in a ‘one world’ agenda. Communism is set to take over America even as President Trump is said to have a military coo remove him from office.

Mark 13:23 – In those days, AFTER that trouble:

the sun will grow dark,

the moon will stop shining

the stars will fall from the sky

and the powers in heaen will be shaken.

The Moon had an partial eclipse on Friday, June 5, 2020 over Asia, Africa and Australia. 57 per cent of our earth was in darkness as the Parshah named Naso (take up) was read no Sabbath June 6, 2020.

Three times Yeshua ask them to pray and their eyes were too heavy to stay open. The Church is very much asleep and we don’t hear Yeshua knocking.

So, go on sleeping and take your rest Yeshua Jesus said….because evil will come and betray our world….A BIG TIME betrayal that affects our needs..physically and spiritually.

Prayer are our weapons. Peter took a weapon…a sword…and cut off a high priests ear. It is our religious leaders who don’t hear. Mankind wants to hear but their ears have been severed from their head. The Church denies who Jesus is and can’t even call our savior by his real name, Yeshua. It is this Hebrew name that is to be declared because it means, ‘my salvation’. (your salvation).

Mat 26:38  and he said to them, “My heart is so filled with sadness that I could die! Remain here and stay awake with me.” 

We will remain on the earth staying awake to see Him rule.

Yeshua Jesus’ desire was that not one of the disciples was to be lost, but it took them praying for that to happen.

Mat 26:40  He returned to the talmidim and found them sleeping. He said to Kefa, “Were you so weak that you couldn’t stay awake with me for even an hour

An Hour – Sixty minutes – equates to earth’s 6000-year program to stay awake and be communicating with God for preservation of His ways on the earth….just as Yeshua Jesus is called, The Word of God.

Mat 26:41  Stay awake, and pray that you will not be put to the test—the spirit indeed is eager, but human nature is weak.” 

So what is the test? Was Peter tested? Yes, three times.

Mat 26:30  After singing the Hallel, they went out to the Mount of Olives. 

Mat 26:31  Yeshua then said to them, “Tonight you will all lose faith in me, as the Tanakh says, ‘I will strike the shepherd dead, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.’ 

Mat 26:32  But after I have been raised, I will go ahead of you into the Galil.” 

Mat 26:33  “I will never lose faith in you,” Kefa answered, “even if everyone else does.” 

Mat 26:34  Yeshua said to him, “Yes! I tell you that tonight before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times!” 

Mat 26:35  “Even if I must die with you,” Kefa replied, “I will never disown you!” And all the talmidim said the same thing. 

All Scriptures were sung. What were they singing? The Hallel: Psalms 118-136

They sang and then they went up. We sing to The Lord and then we go UP. Will the two witnesses who stand on the Mt of Olives be singing The Hallel and then be killed and after three days go UP?

Aren’t we all going to ‘enter in’ at The Third Day? We will enter ‘The New Heavens and renewed earth’ that comes to our earth at year 8000; 3000 years from Yeshua’s first resurrection.

Will we sing Psalms 118-136 declaring His name in the different ‘ups’?

We can sing these Scriptures now. We could sing them at our ‘death bed’ and at our funerals. We could be singing them to prepare us for whatever ‘catching away’ happens. The Jew sings The Hallel three times a day.

Extra Information on June 7 – Jerusalem Day…June 7, 1967.

Sunday, June 7, 2020, 15 Sivan. A FULL MOON: ALL see and hear…they are without excuse.

Events: Birth and death of Judah (second born son of Ya’cov). Judah takes Reuben’s place in firstborn rights since Reuben defiled Bilah Ya’cov’s concubine.

Judah is honored with a completed life as he dies at the time he was born.

Anniversaries are important to remember for people and nations who follow God’s will.

15 Sivan:

Israelites reach Mt. Sinai in Arabian desert. Several million leave Egypt after 210 years There is a deep void felt by the Israelites absence just as Jews on our earth leave a void when absent.

This 210 years could point to the Twenty-first century when we see Ya’cov’s family strong on the earth once again. The 20th Century measures to Ya’cov leaving Laven at year 20….one year remaining to complete 3 shemittah cycles with this abusive father-in-law.

Today, on June 7, I received a video that explained the 1992 decree by the nations of the World for an Agenda to be implemented in the 21st Century. It has been called Agenda 21 with 157 nations joining. President Trump is scheduled to stand before our world between September 17 and September 30 at the United Nations to discuss this world agenda. This opening date is September 17 to 30. It is Elul 28, Day Four of Creation, through Tishrei 12 which holds Yom Kippur on 10 Tishrei.

Agenda 21 is a catalyst of death. It is why George Floyd could not breath. First came the COVERT operation of CORONA on our world. Then came the riots aimed at killing people honoring Masons of the 33rd ranking at an address with 33 in it. Next came the Pawn Shop with 45 in it’s address to denounce President Trump. These ANTIFA people are pawns used by the upper escalawns of society. If there is anyone to be held accountable and jailed with the death penalty it is this group. The Clintons are their little Pharisees along with a major high priest Obama who makes movies nudding our world into remember not the Holocaust but the days of black slavery…that no longer exists…but they want black to think it still exists. All the white people I know that might have been racist when I grew up are now dead. My generation never was taught how to hate The Jew…I remember my mother saying, “those dirty Jews.” I did grow up in Iowa with the white looking down on the black but it didn’t go any further. I left home and made my own friends and had my own ideas about “How to make people feel special…not dirty.”

To me I don’t know of people today that look down on a Jew…they have learned to love them. We left those religions that thought man was supreme…and now we study The Bible learning that Jesus teaches us to be ‘humble servants’ and love all men. I am very sorry for George Floyd to die, but I do NOT feel what blacks think I feel inside. This other ‘agenda’ is feeding lies to blacks to stir them up to hate. That part of life is no more….people desire to live in peace…I know this because we have many black and brown friends and they are our ‘best of friends.’

America is scheduled for walk-in voting on November 3 which is 16 Cheshvan…the day before The Flood began on Cheshvan 17.

In the 21st year of leaving Lavan, Binyamin is born…year 2186 to be exact.

Abraham occupying The Promised Land for his growing family will take 400 years. Those cities iniquity would need that much time to fill up in order to qualify to be removed.

The Promised Land Pattern had to be established so our earth today can renew The Promised Land. It had to happen because it was on that Promised Land that The Promise was fulfilled of The Seed resurrecting from that land.

Yeshua Jesus came at year 4000 when the world’s iniquity was full and needing a Savior. Today, some of those same Greek Roman gods remain and yet they are memories to remind us of them only being ‘fake gods’ destroyed by our Living God…Elohim.

Abraham’s circumcision of himself and his family with Ishamael marks the beginning of the 400 years…not Isaac’s birth. It is our circumcised heart to God’s ways and his son Yeshua Jesus that marks our ‘entering in’.

The Church has just wanted to SLEEP to then wake up on the other side of heaven. These Scriptures says that there is going to be loss unless ‘prayers’ intervene. Our Creator is expecting to HEAR from us. The high priest’s ear was put back on so The Church would hear and share the news.

Eyes were still tired and all the ‘disciples’ but Yeshua’s brother ran off. It was their time of testing.

Today is our time of testing. Who is hitting Yeshua in the face?

Mat 26:68  said, “Now, you ‘Messiah,’ ‘prophesy’ to us: who hit you that time?” 

Mat 26:59  The head cohanim and the whole Sanhedrin looked for some false evidence against Yeshua, so that they might put him to death. 

We are not to have false evidence against our neighbor. Today, I believe Floyd was an accidental death. It was a shock to those officers that a man just laying on the ground…not being beaten up…died just from the pressure of a knee.

It happened to test our nation. COVID is testing our world and our nation.

Two different types of drugs controlled a man who was held to the ground under arrest for passing counterfeit bills and possessing drugs. This man moved about the earth searching for his drugs. President Trump made it harder to get drugs by shutting down the cartels in Venezuela. George Floyd from TX now occupied in Minneapolis, MN a drug-laden, now-violent city.

Vengeance is mine says The Lord. I will come when their ‘iniquity’ is full says The Lord.

Their cities will burn says The Lord. They are a ‘lawless’ people. They make evil look good. Torahless is being Lawless.

The ‘violence of The Torah’ is the ‘removal of it – God’s Word’.

Mat 26:60  But they didn’t find any, even though many liars came forward to give testimony. At last, however, two people came forward and said, 

Mat 26:61  “This man said, ‘I can tear down God’s Temple and build it again in three days.’ ” 

Communication 101: Problem – They COULD not hear because their expectation was for a king…not a servant of God. Their ears were waxed over and their eyes needed salve. They did not know it was Yeshua’s body that would be The Temple that was to rise up in three days….and Yet…The Temple will be raised up after 3 Days which is 3000 years. We know after the next thousand-year reign of Yeshua Jesus as The Messiach that the next phase in earth’s history is for the world to be once gain ‘Deceived’ for a little while (70 years?) and then it reopens to an incredible historical moment in time…with The New Heaven and renewed earth holding YHWH’s dwelling place.

We are given eye salve to see and the wax is removed so we can hear. There is nothing hidden any more…because the ultimate plan was ‘finish’ at year 4000 from Adam at the stake which many call, the cross.

For THREE full day – 3000 years mankind will operate in a system of ‘HEAR AND OBEY’ known by the single word; Shema (pronounced shhhmah).

What day are we quickly approaching at this very moment of time? The Second Day which is also the Sixth Day. It is House (2) with Binyamin (2) son with man (6) attached to it.

Yes, we are 4000 years from Adam to Messiah’s resurrection; and then we are 2020 years from that resurrection for 6020 years…with the clock ticking.

2020 has been allowed by our Creator and seen as a year of clear vision with hindsight…via history and via our bibles.

IF Yeshua went UP into The Heaven’s in order for The Comforter to instill each believer in year 27 AD, then we are 7 more years from 6027.

There are patterns and so I will leave this one alone for now. This 27 AD date allows for Yeshua to be born during the main Herod’s rule before he dies. It would make Yeshua age thirty when he dies….and we know He began his ministry at age 30. So, how long did he minister? Some say 70 weeks and prove their point well.

The Promised Land was 70 years renewed with Israel returning to it officially in May 1948 but also November 1947 was a key signing. President Trump was also 70 years when Israel is. He ages just as they age…and He has been very instrumental in their development in the last three years.

The State of Israel is not yet 75 years old…born in 1948. Their founding father Abraham was 75 years old when he left his father Terah’s house in the town of Haren. Today’s Israel will be 75 years old in 2023. Let us keep watch as Israel grows more mature right before our eyes.

These numbers show us the House (2), the Son (2), lifted up (3).

Other years to be worthy of our consideration:

Abraham was 87 when Ishmael was born. He was born of a worldly mother Hagar an Egyptian slave girl. She represents our world while Sarah represents the mother of Israel/Ya’cov. Thus, first comes the harlot church…the unfaithful bride even portrayed in the wife of Hosea. Next comes the favored bride chosen for her love of the same God…as seen in Leah and Ruth.

Israel will be 87 in 2035 – Ishamel’s birth anniversary

Israel will be 100 in 2048 – Isaac’s birth anniversary

Abraham and all the males in his household were circumcised one year before Isaac was born….

THUS today’s Israel will be 99 with a circumcised heart in 2047… picturing their real signing of papers in 1947 in November.

But, not until May 14, 1948 did President Truman recognize them as The Nation of Israel before all the nations….and war broke out immediately in the middle east.

Let us keep watching as we are told to watch. We will watch wars and rumors of more wars…but when the Gentiles are told about The Kingdom…then it is time. Gentiles are being told about The Kingdom…but many are refusing to return to first Holy Day, The Sabbath…even given to Adam at Creation. Food is the next issue so it sets God’s children apart and keeps them healthy.

The cleansing of God’s house will happen. Many are called ‘great’ because they love to teach God’s Torah during the millennial reign of one thousand years. Yeshua Jesus will be our world leader at that time.

Sivan 13 June 5, 2020 – A partial lunar eclipse covering Asia, Africa and Australia. 57 per cent of the earth found itself under darkness likened to a curse. Day 10 of RIOTS with intentions of destroying the earth. Protests are partially around our entire earth. People want governments to rule fairly.

Sivan 15 Jun 7, 2020 – A full ‘strawberry’ moon – Hurricane Cristoban hits FL…southern states…flooding. Tornadoes in Louisiana take off roofs. Hurricanes came before June 1. We had A B and now a hurricane named with C.

The Santa Anna winds are a month early for fire in CA the next few days.

Let us share the goodness of God together…please no more removing ‘the image of God’ from our earth. We see Him in human form and in our spirits. Thank you for not letting The Deceivers win this this battle. Yes, they are children of the father of lies, Satan. Flee…run the other way…flee sin!

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