The VISION of God

Our world’s Planned-Demic began locking down our world when they rejected this plan. And the US had to close it’s borders as it heeded the world’s opinion and told Israel to, “slow down, they’re not ready.”

Let us re-visit God’s plan for our world presented at Trump’s 3.5-year mark.

Will the next 3.5 years see the fruit of non-compliance?

Defunding police has already turned our world into military nations. Now (just by a chant) America will experience The Red Dragon in their own backyards. The UN with green helmets will remove non-compliant Americans from their homes. China owns our 401K’s now. It will be an even trade?

At this writing Democratic states are bowing and wanting Totalitarian rule. We are hiding in our homes with military on vacation (because of COVID) reading only what the headlines tell them.

We are becoming the tail and not the head.

Democracy is being crushed. America must sever itself from The Dragon’s head.

It begins with Israel. Because that is from where God says He rules. Their principals must cover our earth because they can only do what God says.

Let’s read this new Peace Plan and work to help other nations become democratic nations so they are free to chooses ‘whom they will serve’.

As for me and my house said Joshua, we choose The Lord’s ways. Joshua 24:15.

Without the choice to choose there is ‘no gospel of Christ’ to choose as mouth’s are closed,,,website’s abandoned or shut down.

Freedom of speech is happening right now, even to our President.

This is the most serious election for our world. It’s King Cyrus in one day breaking through the walls of Babylon.

Binyamin said I’ll stay on this side of The Jordan to protect you from our enemies. God said Yes. But you first must help conquer The Promised Land with your brothers. It probably took ten years to do it but three tribes then lived in The Valley of The Jordan.

This plan places that land back into Israel’s hands once again and for the same purposes.

We can’t divide land until it’s established my friends. Israel is 72 years old now. 1948 -2020. Abraham left his Fathers house in Haran at age 75.

We have three years my friends to prepare our earth for Abraham’s son Yeshua Jesus to walk in it.

Could this be true. Many patterns convey it.

Thus, if it’s true, let’s prepare our hearts for the spiritual fight of our lives. The Deceiver’s time is drawing to an end. The Holocaust we’re in right now is real. We will not run in fear because after Elijah slept under a the Broom tree (his tree of knowledge and wisdom) Yahweh put him in a cave to protect him during the fire, wind and earthquake.

Elijah then heard YHWH in the quiet of his mind. He then could run and pass the mantle to Elisha of whom wanted a ‘double portion’ of whatever Elijah had been given.

Elijah pictures The Suffering Servant and Elisha shows us our Double Portion Yeshua king of Kings coming.

We have hope but only if we desire to be used of God. Elisha’s family joined in his sacrifice by even offering their own oxen as he was consecrated. They were behind all that Elisha would do. We must be behind President Trump and pray God’s speaks in a soft voice to him.

We’re not alone in this horrific battle. It’s been planned since the days of Adam. Let us hold fast to our faith and count it all joy.

We know who the conqueror is. Two witnesses will go up quickly after 3 days of being killed before our world. We must go up too so we don’t melt like all of humanity will as the human body can not live in God’s presence. We will quickly return to occupy a cleansed-by -fire earth.

No more tears my friends. But you must remain (no suicides) so The Holy Spirit is evident fighting until the end.

Great are those that love God’s Word,,,they will teach it during the next one thousand year rule with Yeshua Jesus leading us in it.

Zechariah, we will walk by the bones of those whose flesh was burnt up to remind us of The Great Day of The Lord.

Hold fast to The Tree of Life while giving evidence to God performing the earth’s storms.

His peace will come after HE judges the earth.

Study this Peace Plan. It’s on God’s calendar for sure.

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