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God’s Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day ADONAI. Yesterday, on 6-20-2020, on the Parshah study named Shlach L’kha which means ‘Send on your behalf’ you sent the man you appointed as our leader for the United States to meet for the first time in a long time with us. People came out of hiding to hear President Trump in Tulsa Oklahoma. In fact, they only had a few days to plan for it because of rioting not liking the first day he choose which turned out to be what people labeled Juneteenth (the end of slavery day), June 19.

I was in a bible study where 24 people gathered for five hours talking about you via The Scriptures Numbers 13-15 and Joshua 2:1-24. It was an intense time of study and declaring your ways on the earth. Our Bible leader Marilyn invited us to her office since churches are still closed to you because of the enemies ‘covert’ operation against you. She handed each person a card for us to write a Happy Father’s Day note to you today….at Father’s Day. One person said that the note paper would be too small for us all to sign and then she showed us that each of us were to get our own notepaper. But, her words were correct as even one note paper for each of us still could not contain what fills our hearts. Thus, I wake up today…Father’s Day…and now post to the one of the biggest outlets you’ve allowed…Facebook.

My heart is full of thanks for your hand that I see on our earth. I awoke thinking about the things I wanted to thank you for and also what Marilyn and other impressed upon me. It took me 40 minutes to get to her home but I when I picked up two ‘homeless’ gentlemen we came in late but still welcomed.

Yeshua Jesus taught us how to pray. Marilyn has had several encounters with you and declares that every time we’re together. She knows we all have encounters if we just look and realize it. She said that she has been convinced that we must concentrate on the first two commandments because they truly do lead to all the rest ways of acting righteous on your earth. And then, she said…perhaps it just comes down to one really…Love the Lord your God….who brought you out of Egypt…the world.

Today, we are as in The Day of Noah you have declared to us. There are more ‘lovers of themselves’ than there are those that truly love your words.

Jesus gave us the way to pray which we have labeled, The Lord’s Prayer. “Hallowed by thy name” is no longer in function in our world and it’s disappearing in America. Because mankind no longer ‘hallowed’ your name (make it set apart as good) you took them away in The Flood…leaving only eight human to start again…which measured to The Eighth Day…where your program fills itself up and those that wanted to ‘hallow’ you will live forever.

“Our Father you art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. They Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Yesterday, we all agree that you told Yeshua Jesus’ disciples when the end would come, again. Yeshua Jesus came to die and had to leave but also promised to return. He said that the green tree (himself) was with us and things were terrible…so he would return later when our earth’s iniquity was so filled up that the goe’im time was up to hear the truth. We are at that time Father. Our earth’s iniquity claims you as their savior and they kill in the name of Jesus…while hating their neighbor ‘the white man’.

Violence of the Torah is the ‘removal’ of The Torah. I now see that and I’m sorry for being deceived…none of us wants to be deceived. We have been a ‘haughty’ people ADONAI. We have done much wrong on your earth and especially now to your earth as ‘left’ states tell their police to stand down so violence can rule…so people can feel good…they are being listened to.

Violence has come to our world because of removing you from our lives, The Tree of Life. We no longer know your word and instruction because we no longer sing The Scriptures but make up our own beat to dance to.

But, we do see hope as we see The Circle of Life coming back to our earth via The Land Grant promised to Abraham…of whom you’ve allowed us to call, Father Abraham. A mere man that accepted in faith that in 400 years ‘the iniquity’ of the goe’im would then be full … their sins against you so great that they would either have to repent and change to your ways or be removed by ‘the remnant’ that you grew up in Egypt…so for their such a time as that, we could see them as ‘our time for this’.

Yes, we are are in ‘that time’ that the world (go’em/gentile) believe they love Jesus…they’ve heard…but they don’t know him…because if they did they would also know you..The Father.

So, I thank you for the time that we live in and I thank you that you’ve created us as warriors…not to bend the knee…not to anyone that goes against your principles of ‘life’. No to any group that kills the unborn…or kills the elderly…as we see with this covid operation called COVID 19. A man went to a Jewish hospital and after 20 days on a ventilator…he lives today. He did not go to hospital in New York that kills abort more children in the United States than any other state. He trusted his life to a hospital that believed in life because you are our Creator that designed LIFE and believes that we should all live into eternity in fellowship with you.

Yesterday, I dropped my homeless person off at a coffee shop. This coffee shop had three large round tables set up stacked high to the overflowing top with bread. I thought of you…the bread of life…that when we eat it we should give thanks to who provided that bread to fill us up. No one was coming for the bread…their doors were to remain closed. The poor of Kansas City could not even come to where BREAD lay there freely to be given by the stores that donated it.

When I saw this place I could not believe the pictures on the walls of people over the years who supported this ministry and even held weddings there so people were not living in sin together. I reminded me of being in Haiti where much was given…but now no one came because of ‘fear’. Thus, they starve in their homes…as purposed by the enemy. Those wanting to feed the pour no longer can find them to feed.

I’m hosting Father’s Day at our beautiful land you gave us named after you who owns all the cattle on the earth’s hills…El Shaddai…A God who provides all. Your land produced the bread but the enemy stops our bread from going out to feed your children.

I have one last…but very important observation of lately. Our study covers Rahav of whom some have called a ‘harlot’ but that is questionable now. This woman hung up a scarlet cloth at her window for your to know not to harm her family in that corner of her city. That scarlet measured into the future by many years showing your only beloved son born of flesh…which is yourself…God in the flesh..known as Emmanuel. That scarlet showed your ‘blood’ sacrifice to which we look to for our salvation. I truly am awed about your ‘covert operation’ in pulling that off under cover. Many religious leaders still blame Abraham’s family for that offense because it was so covert…(planned from the beginning when Adam sinned.)

The point I want to bring forth to you and those reading this letter to you, is that you’ve always been about The Land Grant. You described land to Abraham…but it would take years before it would come true….and in that part of the earth it took many year and wars to secure it and then I don’t really think they acquired it very long as Solomon’s sons then each wanted their own temples to appease themselves with riches via a quicker walk by their clansmen.

I bring us back to the point of where Rahav lived named Jericho. After the blowing of shofars and marching seven times around the city…well you know your own story…those walls fell and that city was never to be rebuilt. And, the man who did rebuild some of it…his sons died for doing it…just as you said would happen. Today, it till is not that POWERFUL on the earth as it is a memorial to remember you are in control of all gates on our earth.

Can we talk about gates? It was Reuben (first born), Gad whose name means ‘good fortune’ and Ephraim known as a half tribe of Joseph…of whom brother is Binyamin. In Scripture we see that the clan of Binyamin also sat at this EAST gate…just as you tell us The Messiach will return at The EAST gate. How how wonderful are your ways…if we just look to see them.

Theses tribes saw very fertile land that was suitable for all of the herds you gave them to feed. You allowed them to acquire this land in the land grant for their families and your goats, sheep and cattle. The requirement to keeping that land which would be used also as a vanguard…the first line of defense for intruders who wanted to harm your ‘remnant’…was that they would settle things and come with the other brothers to help them acquire their new cities….cleaning up the ‘iniquity’ in the cities allocated to them.

In 2020 we are having a census in the United States and perhaps Israel is, I think. David called for a census to see how strong he was which insulted you because you were his strength and David knew that. David was warned but still had the census go forward. We see pride in our government today and in how they have done this and done that. Nothing comes but from your power on us ADONAI…this we must repent of and admit.

In January the ‘Deal of the Century’ was laid out by our President and the two potential leaders of Israel. Nations gathers in Israel and endorsed this plan but many nations did NOT attend and still threaten violence against those that support your Land Grant. What happened when The Land Grant was rejected is that likened to David likened to us…a plague was measured out.

On Sabbath June 20, 2020…with clear hindsight in view…our President held a rally in Tulsa Oklahoma. The COVID stopped many elderly from attending because it would mean ‘death’ to them. Their hearts were struggled not to go, but they knew they would go vote for democracy .. for freedoms you set up for us in America. On June 20, 2020 the reports showed 117,000 had died of this plague that began when your Land Grant was refused and America backed away from Israel…telling her…”We want what you want but you’re going to fast…and you must slow down…as we’re not with you militarily at this time.” This is when you increased the plague and America’s borders closed as did Israel’s borders.

You shut us all in during Passover and we all felt like we were in Egypt…doing our own personal Seders in our homes. We are still in our homes…not having church…but surely by Shavuot you would let us out? Some went out on their own…but no…many states said no to the Holy Spirit..which they know as PENTECOST.

Monday night, June 22, 2020, begins the month of Tammuz…and our world will have lessons on materialism being removed as Tammuz 17 is The Fast of Tammuz (will any fast with those still in repentance over this terrible sin?). Monday night our children should fast…as dark days are coming as measured in those lessons.

But, for this week…when we’re reading about Rahav and the walls falling and now Joshua will instruct them to finally cross over…and some want to remain to be the vanguards…we have lessons unfolding that we must not miss. What you did in the beginning here will be what happens in the end as Israel is established on the earth. Shene heard this from me and agreed it cycles around as what was first will be last.

In these last days, Israel will secure last what she secured first. On Friday, my friend Elaine connected me to our congressional records which detail The Deal of the Century. She heard that we once again told Israel to move forward in this deal. She saw it as division…but then I remembered this measurement of what it took to acquire The Land Grant. You can NOT divide something if you don’t own it.

Israel is now walking out your history but we are seeing it in reverse. We know you want much more land for them but in order to have peace…The Jordan Valley must be secured next. It is the ‘gate keeper’ for Israel from her enemies that cross over…must as they climb up Itamar’s hills and crawl in windows slaughtering a family of five just after I visited there in 2009. You allowed me to see those hills that are needed to be secured from being killed by Esau’s children. They seek after other gods and do not understand that eternal life is only in you.

So, I thank you for letting us see that first we MUST encourage Jacob’s family to finish acquiring the RETURN of what was their land from the time of Abraham. The Bible shows the ‘land deed’ described by you….it is the most read book in the world and the Top Seller in the world. You have done that.

Now, let me thank you for giving the words to spoken by Mathew so we can see our future in 2020. You never change and thus your words can be trusted. Many people are now reading the Book of Matthew (Mattityahu) as it shows us how you think and respond. Let me say thank you for thee words, Matt 5:17 “Don’t think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete.” You can never abolish it because then all that was said about Yeshua Jesus could not be confirmed in it. He fills it up and thus these word do NOT save us but guide us to righteous living. It is you coming in human flesh…dying in your ‘covert operation’ (under cover until time to reveal who you were) for our sins.

Let me thank you again…Mathew 24 tells us when your operation is finally laid open in plain sight for all to see. The questions is always you… ‘when’.

First you explained the WHO…

24:13 “But whoever holds out till the end will be delivered.”

We will be here my friends…we are caught our after the dead are raised first..and then we who remain will go up.

Then you explained the WHEN.

24:14 “And this Good News about the Kingdom will be announced throughout the whole world as a witness to all the Goyim.”

“It is then that the end will come.”

Has the Gospel of The Kingdom being preached to the Gentiles? YES…more and more people are hearing a kingdom message. This message is about being caught up as the earth is cleansed and purified…even ‘believers’ will rise up out of their graves so their bones will be renewed to a new body that will return. These bones will not be allowed to burn in this finally cleansing which happens naturally by The Presence of God on our earth. All other flesh will melt off it’ bones and will be visually be seen during the next one thousand year reign of The Messiah.

I thank you that you think of us as a ‘whole’ living organism. The Land Grant must become whole because your promised it. The Land is your footstool on the earth…which means The Land is about what you’ve planned for our earth since the days of Adam…even before Abraham.

I thank you for being my Father and declaring your word through the simplest of your children. I thank you for Marilyn our teaching leader. I thank you for Elaine who love Israel and never wants her divided and yet we see she is not yet whole. I thank you for Sue Schniderman who is nearly blind and yet sees and loves you with all her heart. I pray for all our family that you will preserve them through these ‘days of deception’. To have 9 billion people deceived was only possible if allowed by you as we hand ourselves over to the deceivers.

Please Father ADONAI…continue to be our Father and issue your mercy even as you remain judge over all the earth. Give us your grace to hold on and fight the wiles of the devil and his evil ones. They call on your name…and you will NOT know them because they know not your instructions…which show The Messiah.

Materialism will be exposed next and the month of Tammuz begins…but the worst sin was having to go spy out the land…when you had us ready to go in. The iniquity of the world was full…it was time to stop all the evil…and yet they were given another FORTY years to repent as those that did NOT believe died off…they would not cross over without inspecting what you had already deemed good.

Forgive us…our Father. Send your Holy Spirit to open our minds to truth. Please remove deception from our world. You have provided The Bread of Life…but it’ been locked up and people don’t know how to return to be fed again.So, what is worse than materialism and having other nations gods before us? Not wanting to go into our Kingdom. Spiritual death comes from the first sin of ‘the golden calf’, but eternal death comes from the second ‘Land Grant’ sin because we reject our “Eternity – Eighth Day Promise’.

As Moses said, Please do not leave us…we can not go anywhere without you leading us.

One thought on “God’s Father’s Day

  1. Hello brother in Messiah!

    I stumbled across your site as I was trying to find out what the spiritual / Hebrew / Biblical meaning of writing a message from the Lord on the right palm that I had in a dream recently. But I have read a few of your “writings” and I am struck that you write out your journals the way I have for 25 years… I write my journals as a letter to my Holy Father. Just as you do! I love your perspective as a Messianic Jew with an eye on Israel that is very enlightening. I do listen to Amir Tsfarti sometimes and JD Farag a lot to hear much of what I will never hear from the American Media. They are silent on anything having to do with Israel and the truth of what is going on in the world / Middle East! The media is controlled by the spirit of this world and will not show or tell the truth so It is important to understand that and try to find the remnant of the Lord on the earth who will speak the truth and point to Truth.
    Because I am not Jewish I really do not understand some of the references you make.. like the significance of the month of Tammuz and what it really means. But I will seek that out more! Another thing that tells me I was led here today is that all yesterday I was yet again in a study of “As it was in the days of Noah…” and I was led to your pondering on the as well! Every perspective adds more to the fullness of understanding that we are instructed to get! So thank you for that blessing as well.

    But yes, I journal like you do! I write the day and time the year of the Lord 2020… I pour out my heart to Him who knows all things… I ask questions of Him and sometimes He will lead me to answers and sometimes before I can fully finish writing the question, He begins speaking by Holy Spirit into my spirit. It is not every time, and I have to dig to understand some of the things He is telling me in His Word. All things must be in agreement and alignment with His revealed Word.

    Thank you for blessing my morning!
    your sister in Yeshua
    Victoria Ann

    P.S. I also have a web page where the Lord commissioned me to begin releasing the Words, and Prophetic visions and teachings He had been giving to me for more than 20 years. I had no idea what I was to do with them, or why He should show and share these amazing and priceless teachings with me. Finally He had me begin putting them out.. Like the tables you saw laden with FREE BREAD.. this is Manna from heaven… Free of charge as He only desires for all who are weary and heavy laden to come! Partake in what is good and makes for life! The name of the website is: WordsFromTheGarden.com It is spiritual food from the Garden of Life. I would be honored if you wanted to give me your perspective or opinion on anything that is there. I will thank you now for

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