Revelations Red Dragon spewing fire.

Totalitarian government has free no freedom of religion. China is the dragon that was, was not, and now is propped back up enhanced at The Clinton dynasty.

This brother against brother is becoming worldwide with fires burning set by its own people.

Why? Because Israel wants The last piece of land that it first acquired; The Jordan Valley.

When the United States laid out The Perfect Plan called The Deal of the Century, forty nations stood on her soul agreeing her to be a sound and good member nation.

Then, those deemed not responsible enough to be a nation continued their war against God’s Land.

The world was judged with a plague in a census year (jubilee of release).

David’s sin of a ‘census’ caused 20,000 to die and was required to buy the threshing floor from Jesubi. Once he acquired the floor, the plague stopped.  FOUR of Jeshubi’s sons witnessed the transaction…never to rescind it.  They saw The Angel of the Lord with sword in hand above David.

Once Israel reclaims The Jordan Valley, will that be enough to stop our COVID operation plague? David then offered on that floor..then it stopped. All of this happened to show us living in the ‘change of days’, how to stop our plague. It will take a world of about 200 nations today to agree with God’s Land Grants on our earth.

If they do NOT give respect to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacov, they will have plagues and famine. Which includes famine of God’s Word in that nation.

North Koreans still think Czechoslovakia is a nation. Dark days for dark nations held tightly by its mother China.

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