Ham was NOT black…yet!

God is Color Blind but Not Sin Blind!

Was Ham Black?

I would like to propose that the families on the ark were not dark-skinned…yet? What do you think? I’m thinking deeper on this after discussing with a black male Christian friend at an Independence Day Fourth of July 2020 celebration at his relatives’ homes. He asks me, “Are you ready?” I thought, “Ready for Christ to return! Ready for what?”

He said that blacks feel they are living out their part of Ham’s curse. Is that shocking to hear? Why have pastors not addressed this issue from the pulpits? Do they believe it, too? Blacks are Not a cursed people group! Wow…that is really racist…deemed by their own misunderstanding of how God thinks of black skin.

(Moses married an Ethiopian black woman…God is not worried about color.)

I write this article because if we can teach ‘blacks and whites’ the Truth, we may just save our world from destruction. Has this been ‘little white lies’ turning into ‘little black lies’ turned into ‘Black Lives Matter’?

God did not allow pigmentation to change accept (I believe) to protect humans so they may live longer on the earth. Ham’s son Kush sinned against Noach…and that is some of what we will discuss.

I said to my black friend, “Then what do the “Esau people” do with “and I hate, Esau” verses?

“What do the Jews do with the “I curse Isra’el” verses?

These verses are about actions being hated. It is NOT about a lineage or people group being hated… as we know that God desires ALL to come to salvation through His son Yeshua Jesus’ atoning blood.

The Bible is simple if we study it seeking ‘the patterns’ of redemption. Pattern after pattern defines sin…’missing the mark’ is how we should think of sin. But, whose mark have we missed? God established a set pattern…and if we miss ‘His mark’ (standards) we miss being the example to generations to come. It is then that we have to be removed…so the next generations don’t follow after a ‘false’ mark. Wrong thinking is the ‘mark’ set in our mind that leads our ‘hands’ to do evil against the ‘anointed’ one coming. The Anti-Christs in our world point away from The Messiah (anointed one) that is to come. Christ himself said that there are many anti-christs in the world even in their day.


Sin of ‘murder’ knocking at his door –

Cain missed the mark of what was to be offered…(something with fat that could be smelled) as it looked to GOD offering himself (burnt up/no longer flesh with blood/but spirit).

Cain became a murderer out of jealousy. First, God was disappointed in his ‘false’ offering. God warned him that ‘sin’ was crouching at the door looking for him. (Pride/narcissism goes before a fall).

God wanted Cain to return….it was Cain that left. Cain and Abel were born seven years apart. And in another seven years, the first female would be born. Cain was 14 when his sister was born. He would take her as his bride as he had firstborn rights; but did she want him?

Adam lived seven years in the Gan of Eden to the day. God’s plan for our earth is 7000 years and then at 8000 years Heaven’s Gan of Eden will be enjoyed by all who have the correct wedding garments on via The Seed. After 7000 years no more human beings will be born on our earth. The ‘Salvation’ of our earth will come as all believers will be delivered into God’s eternal Kingdom in The Eighth Day.

People don’t usually name their child Cain because he was the first to murder. People do not usually name their child Esau as his ways were always about power on earth. People do not usually name their child Nimrod as he is noted about Babel and confusion. People do not normally name their child Avimelek…..in fact, we are told to never forget to remember to forget the name of Abimelek. We are to wipe out the name of, Avibinlek. King Abimelek took Sarah away from Abraham and then he blamed Abraham for him doing it. Really?

Abimelechs will always blame others for the very sin they are involved in. We see that in our politics right now. Narcissi people are never happy and always feel they deserve more. And, they forget very quickly how others gave to them. It is a tragedy that we live in a very narsisstic turning socialist / Totalarian world.

This evil king will then pay Abraham huge tribute of goods so all the people will know that Abimelek never did anything to hurt Abraham nor his bride. Thus, the pattern was set for The Bride to receive gifts.

God calls The Nation of Israel his bride. But, what is His bride is the ways she is to act. We graft ourselves into those same actions so we can come join the Wedding Feast. She is to stand for God’s ways on the earth. ALL nations are to confirm her ways being kind to her. She must not be mistreated as Avimelek never mistreated Sarah. We are likened to the ‘attendants’ at this wedding feast.

Right now, we are in a spiritual ‘battle of deception’ thinking black’s are cursed. Is Esau’s lineage suppose to be terrible to Ya’cov causing wars just because they wrestled in the womb? It is the sin of Esau that we should avoid…not Esau…as we see these twins coming togegther in harmony burying their father together. It will be Esau’s ten sons that want his inheritance back coercing Esau to turn against Ya’cov again. Ya’cov is the only one that could kill his twin brother Esau. The arrow was a direct hit to Esau’s heart and Ya’cov wept for that loss. He did it in self defense. Ya’cov has Esau’s ten sons pay some taxes for the use of his land. This is short lived as in TEN years they will go down to Egypt to save 70 individuals called, The Israelites.

TEN points to the way Enoch describes the earth’s generations. There are TEN generations of 700 years each. At the end of the 7000th years, there is a break…where Satan is released again…and then he is destroyed forever. I don’t have proof for this but I believe that that ‘short span of time’ will be 70 years. Adam died at age 930. He was short 70 years of being 1000 years old. Satan will now finish up those 70 years with Adam’s kids. It will is 1/10 of 700 yeas…which is one generation of time with Enoch.

Our Creator works on many time lines and I think our pastors are making lots of mistakes by not looking at these historical books. Our Creator works in one day being a thousand years. He works in 700 year segments as well…70 week segments and 7 day segments…beginning with the Sabbath.

Adam was removed from the Gan of Eden exactly on the day he was put there….Tevet 1

Noach’s flood waters stopped raining on this same day Tevet 1.

Noach’s eight family members are permitted to exit the ark on Tevet 1.

Month Four – Tevet 1 is a ‘marker’ month by Enoch.

Tevet 1 – Rosh Chodesh – 2020 – Seventh day of Chanukah, Jews knifed in NY, TX killings, Australia fires people sleeping on beaches. (December 29-31)

Tevet 1 – 2021 – Sixth Day Chanukah, December 16, Rosh Chodesh..sliver of new moon.

Adam ask for forgiveness. At age 50 (jubilee) they have their firstborn child, Qaynin. Adam has three children with one dying. He will have his fourth child at age 101. There is a 28-year of lapse of having children once Abel is killed. Child four is Seth of whom will now flow the line to The Messiah. I give you these details because these time lines are our time lines…for those desiring to think deeper into these things.

Adam was told to leave. The Gan of Eden had been designed for all of us. It is planted again on a world-wide scale. We will experience living to being a thousand years old and more…as planned from the beginning as ‘one day is as a thousand years unto The Lord’.

And, The Resurrected Seed will dwell with us…which is part of crushing, the Deceiver’s head.

The Deceiver works against eternal life!

Adam..lied to: “God says you’ll die…but I say, NO, you shall NOT surely die.

Chanoh (Eve)…What? I thought that if I touched it…I would die. I did NOT die..hmm so now I will eat it.” God did not say they could not touch it. (Satan’s little white lie)

Truth…”If you eat of it…you will see death.” They would physically experience death but still experience blessing in seeing the earth grow through their children.

Truth….They now understood that it was the ‘obedience’ that way key…not the fruit itself….not Kush being black in itself…not Esau’s birthright in itself…not Nimrod’s Babel high tower in itself…

When we submit to God’s ways in a humble spirit we are then like Christ in humility in our humanity. God is Not about race, but about attitude in obedience…because it all looks forward to His return.

Cain’s vegetable offering could NOT point to Yeshua Jesus on the stake 4000 years from then. His vegetables did not have the aroma of our sweet prayers to God’s altar. Cain’s offering could NOT be accepted. If ‘the patterns’ are set wrong, then future generation’s patterns will be off and we will be off following anti-Christs….those things that do not promote ‘His anointing’.

Burning cities, defunding police, tearing down history will soon lose its luster as our skies grow dimmer in smoke and death. They have tired of hearing…”He’s coming!” They want Him to come and save them, but only so they can control their world and God’s world. They want to be at his right-hand telling God how to run his own world.

Enoch was told to write down four specific months for all humans to mark because if we didn’t, we would be off in our days of coming together. Wow! Enoch and Noach were still bringing offerings and celebrating in 1333 AM (since Adam).

What months are they? Month One, Four, Seven, and Ten. These months are now called: Tishri, Tevet, Nisan, Tammuz. What I notice about this is that these four months each will entertain a special event still recognized.

July – The Fast of Tammuz 17 (today) becomes a day to remember because of Israel’s ‘golden calf’ worship…20,000 died from that plague.

January – Tevet – Fast of Tevet 10 remembers the day King Nebuchadnezzar first breeched Jerusalem’s walls. It took FOUR tries, and they were carried off to Babylon for not keeping The Torah for 490 + years.

April – Nisan – New Ecclesiastical Year begins. Pesach (Passover).

September – Tishri – New Civil Calendar begins – Feast Trumpets, Yom Kippur, Feast Tabernacles.

Tammuz 2020 began June 23.

Amazingly, after trying to articulate these thoughts since July 4, it is now Tammuz 17…The Fast of Tammuz where all falseness is exposed. The ‘golden calf’ was found out by Mosch and it’s gold removed and crushed to be put in the streams of the water for the people to drink it. TWENTY THOUSAND die in the ‘Golden Calf’ plague.

Today, on The Fast of Tammuz…133,000 Americans have died from COVID found in 2019.

Year of Noach’s Flood: 1333.

Scripture says that there will be a day when ‘fast’ days will be turned into ‘good’ days. Tammuz 17 did just that:

Today, my friend Cheryl announced her granddaughter will have a baby. Her son is just ahead of her and having twins in October. Blessings abound as new life comes into being.

The World Health Organization announced that profiles show that Asymptomatic people are NOT contagious and therefore only sick people are to be avoided. No masks are required, and people can go back to school. 40,000 people were unemployed over the WHO’s error. Economies collapsed and lives destroyed. This can be treated like the flu so the suspect people should still be careful.

Today, you have learned that ‘Blacks’ are not a cursed people. Ham’s son Kushes sin was found out. The coat Noach had received from his Grandfather Methuselah was retrieved from Kush. Shem and Yapheth put the coat back on Noach while he was still sound asleep. This also teaches us that skin showing is a ‘shame’ and should be covered…just as Adam was covered with a coat.

Personally, I feel people are being played….to play the part our world order wants them to play. And, once mankind (men and woman) realize that they have been duped, they will return to thinking correctly loving one another as commanded by our Creator God.

How did we first get duped? The Deceiver, called The Father of Lies, from the beginning.

God created man from clay. God assembled us with strands of DNA….in the shape of crosses.

The image of God includes a Spirit that lives eternally…thus, we inherit that characteristic whereas animals do not.

Most certainly Adam’s skin could have been black from the beginning. Did their skin lighten up because there was no ‘sun damage’ going on to the human cells?

For 1,333 years the earth had never experienced rain. It was watered by the morning ‘dew’.

They had lived under a canopy of fluid that protected the human body from the sun.

Until the 40 days and 40 nights that this canopy would fall to the earth, there was no skin damage from the sun. The body did not have to adapt to its location by changing it’s skin color to protect the body from outside influence…except we do see Adam now needing a coat to protect him in the different growing seasons the earth experienced.

I have a Mexican female friend and she puts on sunscreen to stop her beautiful olive skin from turning darker. White people like to have dark skin and go to tanning spas. Everyone seems to want to be who they aren’t.

So what is the real story of The Ham Family having a curse put on it?

Was there a curse put on that clan or was it just Kush!

Was judgment on the black people or was it just for Kush?

Judgment was on Kush. I personally do NOT believe men were black at that time. In fact, coming out of the ark they could have looked very pasty in color from no sunshine for over a year.

Why do I think that? Because they had not all moved away from each other yet when this incident happened Cham was able to get immediately resolve with help from Shem and Yapheth. They helped retrieve the coat (the misconduct) from Kush since he stole it off Noach as he slept. And they did it before Noach woke up from his deep sleep. If I had not read the Book of Enoch nor the Book of Jubilees, I would not have the extra details to fill in the details not found in our Bibles.

We must look deeper into subjects especially when we see the citizens of our world thinking their job in life is to act out how they determine what the Bible says about them. Is Esau acting out their part because that’s how they see Scripture defining them? Wow…we must get a better handle on what sin is.

It is not ESAU’s family that is being reprimanded, but it is the ACTION that is condemned.

If men remove themselves from God….you CAN’T be blessed by God. If you’re not to be blessed, then are you cursed? No, you’re just out of God’s will until you decide to return. Blessing…doing God’s will. Unblessed…walking outside God’s will.

Being outside of God is not being with Him….thus you are empty and void of abundant life. The thing that bothered Jesus Christ the most about doing what his father ask him to do at The Stake (cross) was that He would be separated from God. We must ask ourselves…what would we be like without God…our Father…in our life.

So, what did Ham do? Stole

So, what did Cain do? Murder

So, what did Ishmael do? Hated his brother

So, what did Esau do? Married wrong

So, what do all men do? What is right in their own thinking

What does Total Arianism believe….Oh I mean Totalarianism believe….yep…they believe they are an elite race that controls others’ lives…Total Arianism…as per Hitler.

Humility was taken over by coveting. When man is left to coveting…he participates in Narcissism.


Adam, Cain, Ham, Ishmael, Esau, Balak, Moab, Agag, Today’s Yapheth is against Israel

Every generation has had deceived leaders that revolt against the blessings of God

“If we disobey God, we put ourselves under ‘the curse’ (no blessing) that leads to our eternal destruction.

Yeshua Jesus was obedient to The Father to the point of death. He was the only human that could suffer to the point of death…because Yeshua Jesus is God in the flesh.

Yeshua Jesus was not a curse, but he lived under ‘the curse’ of being ‘without the protection of God’.

Yeshua Jesus’s worst suffering was being ‘without’ The Father.

If God let totally go of mankind, we would experience ‘hell on earth’. Has he let go? NO!

We see IsraEL seeking to secure her ‘East Gate’. With God it is always about His Land and His Gates.

All are equal before God. God is color-blind toward man but not sin-blind.

To be a slave to sin means eternal death.

Eternal life comes via The Son of whom taught us to be a slave (humble) to all mankind.


We have to be care!ful of the ‘little white lies’ that lead to ‘little black lies’ that lead to


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