7000 Years – Is only a remnant going to survive?


Born 1231 – Died 1831

In 355 years – Blessed Binyamin Born

Binyamin born 2186

(2186 – 1831 = 355)

Daniel declares the number of blessing: 1335

Daniel is speaking of a time period that calculates itself into the future and we see it in the past. IF,,,if you can make it to this day…the what? Your will be blessed. If you calculate this in days you will always start and end of The Lord’s Feast….which are certain to bless you.

Shem gematria: Shin (300), Hei (5), Mem (40) = 345

Shemen: Anointing Oil: Shem: 345 + en, nun 6 = 351.

The Messiah Yeshua Jesus is the ‘anointing oil’.

Yeshua even had them catch 153 fish as he anointed them to be fisherman of men. (John )

Leviticus Chapter Eight review: Lev 8:1-2, ADONAI said to Moses, “Take Aharon with his sons with him, the garments, the anointing oil, the bull for the sin offering, the two rams and the basket of matzah; and assemble the entire community at the entrance of the tent of meeting.”

Moses took:

Aharon – as the high priest (Yeshua)

Aharon’s two sons – Nadav and Avihua (N – nun, A – aleph = life and strength)

N nun/life, d dahlet/opening

A aleph/silent vowel/ strength; h hei / behold

The High Priest is placed at the entrance of our world with his own flesh and blood with him representing the Life Opening to behold The Aleph’s (YHWH’s) strength.

Moses placed at the entrance: a man representing The Messiach. This man’s sons represent us that we should be priests representing God’s presence on the earth.

Leviticus 8:2 Garments – included breastplate with urim and tumin in it.

Urim begins with the letter ‘aleph’ representing the ‘first’ letter or (God).

Tumin begins with the letter, ‘tav’ representing the ‘last’ letter or ‘sign, covenant’.

We have here the theme for the ‘first to last’, A-Z or aleph to tav, God’s sign of covenant.

This Urim to Tumin would be the new communication to set the covenant in place.

ANOINTING OIL – Olives are under great pressure as our Mesiach was under great pressure when his blood flowed from him anointing earth’s soil. Our Messiach is our Shemen oil..anointing oil.

Shimen (anointing oil) – 351

Shemen gematria: 345 + N nun 6 = 351

Root word is Shem: S shin H hei M mem

A short study on Shem – Noach age 498 – (I believe Shem was the firstborn.)

Shem gematria: Shin (300), Hei (5), Mem (40) = 345

Another numbering for Shem –

These letters add up to 39 in just taking the letters in their numerical order.

Hebrew alephbet: S (21st letter), H (5th letter), M (13th letter) = 39

Three is the letter ‘gimel’ pictured as a camel, meaning to ‘lift up’, gather, walk, carry, reward, pride.

Nine is the letter ‘tet’ pictured as something that twists like: basket, snake, surround, clay, mud, contain, twist.

39 (lifted up in a twisting world)

Shem – Lifted was lifted up in twisting waters to be carried to walk in reward. And, yes…again he was carried in a basket that would be surrounded by mud and clay. The number 39 perfectly suits the name Shem.

Can you relate to him? He lived to tell about his troubles to ADONIA’s glory for 600 years. Perhaps we’re given sixty years…as our earth is given 6000 years.

Man created on Day Six…to give testimony to our lives on earth being the ENTRANCE to a new beginning in Day Eight…(8000 years plus).

Six thousand years humanity is tested. The most beautiful created angelic being was transformed to crawl on it’s belly. This Deceiver took one-third of heaven’s other ‘messengers’ with it to earth. This one-third will carry a pattern in other things that are allowed to fall.

At 3900 years from Adam when men seem to have twisted themselves beyond recognition to ADONAI. The next 100-year generation would give witness to themselves planting the The Anointed One in the ground at 33 AD. At 35 AD other sprouts grew up to go out to all The Nations teaching Yeshua was now The Living Instruction to believee on.

Yes, ‘The Sprout’ was anointed. Julius Ceasar would create his own calendar as he claimed himself a god. He was born in 100 BCE and died at age 54 in 44 BC. Before Comman Era would be given the letters BCE but our world knows it as Before Christ’s Era. Our Creator will turn evil intent back to good.

4000 years of darkness now brings forth The Light seen in the skies by mere shepherds at -1 or -3 BCE. We know ‘the Herods’ were threatened by any other taking their priesthoods from them. Babies were being killed that had any blood lines that went back to the House of David.

Did Yeshua live in 35 AD, the number of blessing? Or, since he was purposed to suffer and die did he follow The Flood date of 1333? I think so…as most believe he was age 33. And yet, since he was born a few years before 1 AD he just may have been age 35..thus, carrying Shem’s numbers as well.

He was a ‘man of sorrows’ and a ‘man of blessing’. 35 – Behold – Lifted Up.

A man covered in the earth as the moon is hidden for three days. Creation declares His glory and anointing. 33 is the letter gimel gimel…lifted lifted high off the earth on a stake. The last letter in the alphe-bet is the tav. It’s number is 22 with a picture language of a slanted small t or cross.

It’s meaning is covenant, mark, sign, seal, own. This last letter is ADONAI’s covenant with mankind. Coming in the number TWENTY-TWO. Just as Noach was lifted up 22.5 feet off the highest mountains of our earth at Ararat. Just as The Temple opening is 22.5 feet…Yes, we can expect things to ‘lift up’ in year 22…Yes, 2022. There is an anointing in that number.

President Stephen Grover Cleveland was an anointed man. It is exactly 150 years (3 50-year jubilees) of Presidient #22 Cleveland to President Trump in 2022 that the righteous ways of ADONAI have been tested on our earth. Two is the Beit (in the beginning) pictured as a ‘house’, family, in, with, peace, divide. The Son is only ‘second’ to The Father. It is the SON that is returning to The House!

Noach had Shem (the new Melchesidak priest) with him in the floating ark (basket) in the year 1333.

Noach was lifted up in year 1333 according to The Book of Jubilees.

Yeshua was lifted up in year 33 AD according to historial records and The Bible.

(Adolph Hitler was lifted up on January 30, 1933 as Reich Chancellor, Germany Prime Minister. March 1933, he was establishing the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany: Dachau.)

TWO more days to : The number of blessing: Number: 35. (Daniel 12 )

Dan 12:12  How blessed will be anyone who waits and arrives at the 1,335 days. 
Dan 12:13  But you, go your way until the end comes. Then you will rest and rise for your reward, at the end of days.” 

So, what about 35? What do we have in our 21st century and two thousands years from The Suffering Yeshua that was lifted up in 33 AD, age 35? A Tetrad which is FOUR consecutive Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclpses over a two year period.

Tetrads are ‘markers’. Tetrad’s mark wars. Israel’s wars and YHWH’s war.

Two thousand years ago…to be perhaps exact…the year 33 AD plus 2000 years is 2033.

Four Blood Moons will appear in 2032-33. They are signals to mankind. Our world will be looking up when it is a FULL moon, but turns dark. We should remember that He comes in the dark so as to be seen as LIGHT. I’ll post some of those scriptures at the close of this article on ‘anointing oil’.

Saros Series 122 Hezekiah Passover 14 Iyyar, April 15, 2032 Total Lunar eclipse 1 of 4

Saros Series 127 Sabbath Taanit Bh’B 13 Cheshvan, October 18, 2032 Total Lunar eclipse 2 of 4.

Saros Series 132 PESASH / Passover 15 Nisan April 14, 2033 Total Lunar eclipse 3 of 4.

Saros Series 137 SUCCOT / Day One Feast Taberacles / Sabbath, October 8 2033 T Lunar 4 of 4.

Our earth is NOT going away any time soon. At least we know it’s on schedule for 7000 years. Then and only then will The Sabbath cease. It’s pattern will no longer be needed to point to The Millenium.

Then Day Eight can be celebrated as ADONAI’s ‘new beginnings’ for all those you have loved His Torah…His Festivals, His Holy Days…even seen in his Tetrad Eclipses as markers of time.

This Tetrad Series coming to us next in 2032 and 2033 will have one more set for our earth in the years 2043 and 2044. 2043 2044 will be the last of the EIGHT Tetrads that began in the Twentieth Century in 1927 1928.

Yes, we are following the path of Ya’cov. He had SEVEN years of troubles with Laben which culminated at year TWENTY. He left Laben in year 21.

Yes, 2042 will NOT host it…but the next series will be as in the ‘Seventh’ cycle of time.

On December 14, 2020 Solar Saros Series 142 was present and occurred on the day the election ballots were due to be cast forward to declare the next president of the United States.

Humans infected this God-ordained election and installed a ‘manchurin’ candidate. He was not elected by the majority of the people but installed by outside forces from the United States. It was a ‘false election’…and it would be the last ‘false’ election allowed by our governments. You see 42 is the ‘end game’ number. It’s the last number of the Sixth Shemitah cycle. After 42 the SEVEN can begin it’s cycle.

It looks like this:

0-7 = 1st shemittah cycle

8-14 = 2nd cycle

15-21 – 3rd cycle

22-28 = 4th cycle

29-35 = 5th cycle

36-42 = 6th cycle

32-49 = 7th cycle

50th is Jubilee – Set Free – Year One begins in year 50.

This is the cycle in which we are living today…in 2021. We are living in the Sixth Shemittah cycle . On May 26, 2021 we have the Saros Series 121 Total Lunar eclipse happening on President Trump’s Hebrew birthdate of Sivan 15…He was born on June 14, 1946. Man tries to put out his light but He is God-ordained to be light in our dark world.

And remember Daniel 10: 2. He mourned for 21 days…never eating or anointing himself…and then on Day 24 he saw a man dressed in linen whose face looked like lightening….READ IT now. President Trump will be back in 2022 and 2024…it’s prophetic and aligns with President Stephen Grover Cleveland of whom was our 22nd and 24th president. It is in patterns that we can have confidence our future is sure, my friends.

And, let us not forget Ya’cov who left Laban because of his wages being changed TEN times…and our world had it’s wages constantly changed in 2020. Ya’cov completed 20 years as we completed COVID in 2020. Now, we are wiser and want the bondage of The Land of Laban off our backs. Twenty-One is tough even as President Trump and Ya’cov gave half their wealth to a brother (partner). Binyamin comes when Joseph is 7 years old. Let’s see how long YHWH’s War from 2015 is…marked by the 2014=2015 Tetrads.

The first brides were created or born involving Six.

Chanoah (Eve) was created on Day Six. Week Two.

Awan was birthed in Jubilee Two, Sixth Shemittah Year.

Aqua (?) was birthed in Jubilee Three, Sixth Shemittah Year

Adam was created on Day Six.

Humans are attached to our Creator by this number six which is the letter vav…which means to add, attach to, connect.

It will be at Day Six or 6000 years that a a New Leader appears that will guide our earth for one more day…or a thousand years…or it could be one last generation of 700 years bringing our earth to complete it’s 7000 life cycle as we know life today on earth.

Now, let’s close this with where we began. The Torah Portion this week of April 10, 2021 began with a review looking back at Leviticus Chapter 8 from last week. It’s good to do this so we know what the setting was before going forward.

We saw the Urim and Turmin being brought for to be used for the first time. We see ADONAI telling Moses to bring his brother Aharon and his two sons Nadav and Abihu with him to be consecrated for priestly service. It is Nadav and Abihu that have seen God on the mountain as they approached with the rest of the men.

I want to note this, because whether they got drunk from wine or were prideful for having been able to look upon God…or prideful that they got to eat in his presence…or just the fact of being ‘CHOSEN’, they do die in this week’s Portion in chapter 10.

Last week’s Torah Parashah 25 called Tzav (give an order) Leviticus 6:1-8:36

Chapter Eight – Items brought to entrance where people had gathered.

Aharon, two sons, the garments, the anointing oil, bull, two rams, basket of matzah.

We are the people now gathered on our earth. We are priests if we choose to follow instructions.

We wear garments cleansed by our Anointed One, Yeshua Jesus. He is the anointing oil.

The bull and any other offering is representative of Yeshua’s anointing on the tav stake. The entrance is where we come to agree with this offering. All the fat is burnt up and taken outside the camp because Yeshua’s being offered up was taken outside of earth and placed on Heaven’s altar to be accepted by The Father.

IT IS FINISHED references back to a Psalm that describes The Suffering Servant being offered. Yeshua not only declared the penalty for our sin was accomplished, he was telling them, “I AM he that was spoken of.” It’s ME…It’s ME…the ‘Suffering Servant’. And, I was reminded last week of Isaiah 42…and who that is referencing.? Yes,…the ‘end-game’ number even showing up in chapter 42 of Isaiah talking about Yeshua.

Now, chapter Eight is talking about consecration. We must be consecrated by this final sacrifice.

Next…READ this carefully because we SEE a time-line. After that Day Eight begins…which is the next Torah Portion called Sh’mini (Eighth) Leviticus 9:1-11-47. Sh’mini has a gematria of 26…just as YHVH has a gematria of 26. (2+6=8)

Lev 8:33  You are not to go out from the entrance to the tent of meeting for seven days, until the days of your consecration are over; since Adonai will be consecrating you for seven days. 

Lev 8:34  He ordered done what has been done today, in order to make atonement for you. 

Lev 8:35  You are to remain at the entrance to the tent of meeting day and night for seven days, thereby obeying what Adonai ordered done, so that you may not die. For this is what I was ordered.” 

Lev 8:36  Aharon and his sons did all the things which Adonai ordered through Moshe. 

Let’s review 33-36.

We will NOT go out from the earth’s entrance for SEVEN thousand years until it’s days of consecration are over. ADONAI is consecrating it for 7000 years.

He ordered these examples to be done for us to witness to show us the way to atonement.

We will remain at the ENTRANCE of earth meeting day and night for 7000 years obeying the ways of ADONAI so we will NOT die.

Then…and only THEN will Day Eight not be the worship of the ‘sun’ gods.

I close with a question…

Why does our world not see this?

What have our churches done to hinder the knowledge of Day Seven?

How many people are looking forward to years 6000 – 7000 with the RETURN of Yeshua standing at the ‘entrance’ of our earth for all of us to stand before?

I will tell you just one small detail that began with Solomon who lost Elohim’s wisdom when he married many wives that would connect him to many nations which caused him to participate in offering up his firstborn children of those wives to the fires of Molech…

The Sabbath no longer mattered. Solomon no longer rested The Land every seven year. It was over 490 years that had to be resolved which caused The Land to get it’s rest consecutively for 70 years to make up for it while The Israelites moved to Babylon again laboring causing it to be ‘A wonder of the world’.

In one day King Cyrus broken through it’s walls by draining it’s ‘swamp’.

Our Swamp needs to be drained and can be done in one day .. if we REPENT and RETURN to God’s instruction known as The Word…The Living Word…Yeshua of Nazareth.

Read Leviticus 10:1

Who thought they had God in their turbans? Yes, they had eaten at the Table of ADONAI with all the elders. They had seen God and were not ignorant of his ways. Yet, they were drunk with pride and did things their way. The example of being glorified before ALL the people will never change.

I close with comment – We have a loving God who shows us patterns…and if we remove those patterns…we will be held responsible….even burnt up and removed. If we remove the Sabbath…we remove pattern to the next thousand years…The Millennium. If your eternity worth a man-made doctrine?

The Death of Nadab and Abihu

Lev 10:1  But Nadav and Avihu, sons of Aharon, each took his censer, put fire in it, laid incense on it, and offered unauthorized fire before Adonai, something he had not ordered them to do.  (unauthorized Sunday worship)

Lev 10:2  At this, fire came forth from the presence of Adonai and consumed them, so that they died in the presence of Adonai. 

Lev 10:3  Moshe said to Aharon, “This is what Adonai said: ‘Through those who are near me I will be consecrated, and before all the people I will be glorified.’ ” Aharon kept silent. 

Lev 10:4  Moshe called Misha’el and Eltzafan, sons of `Uzi’el Aharon’s uncle, and told them, “Come here, and carry your cousins away from in front of the sanctuary to a place outside the camp.” 

Lev 10:5  They approached and carried them in their tunics out of the camp, as Moshe had said. 

Lev 10:6  Then Moshe told Aharon and his sons El`azar and Itamar, “Don’t unbind your hair or tear your clothes in mourning, so that you won’t die and so that Adonai won’t be angry with the entire community. Rather, let your kinsmen—the whole house of Isra’el—mourn, because of the destruction Adonai brought about with his fire. 

Lev 10:7  Moreover, don’t leave the entrance to the tent of meeting, or you will die, because Adonai’s anointing oil is on you.” 

We should mourn because we do what we think is right in our own eyes. We MUST NOT leave but give respect to the ways of ADONAI. Why? Because Yeshua’s blood is poured out on you!

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