Don’t Even Touch It!

No, Adonai said, “DON’T EAT IT.”

Exo 20:6  but displaying grace to the thousandth generation of those who love me and obey my mitzvot. 

Our Creator is about order, not control. Our universe was set in order to declare His glory. Every creature on the earth stands in wonder of it.

Can we touch what is forbidden to eat?

Can we raise hogs and yet not eat them?

Can we wear makeup that has any of the ‘forbidden’ in it?

Have we added to God’s word by adding deceptive words: “Do not even have it TOUCH you.”

Most marshmallows have pork gelatin in them. Can you touch them? YES! Can you eat them so they enter the stomach? No!…if you’re going to be in compliance with The Word of God.

Bees do not have a joint that allows them to hop. Can you touch them? Yes, if you don’t get stung first! Do you eat the honey that bees produce? Yes, as we see John did in the wilderness. But, because bees do not have a ‘joint’ they are a forbidden insect.

The hit series, The Chosen, featured the disciple John on Sunday, May 23, 2021. John will need to be eating insects that have wings, walking on four legs that are jointed to jump. This is the definition of a clean insect. If any other insect crosses John’s body while in The Wild-ness does he become unclean? No!

Something on your skin does not defile you whereas some things you eat can. These are two different conversations.

And what if bananas were on the wrong food list? Then we would be obedient to that because it is not in the understanding of the ‘why’, but in the obedience of “Just Do It.”

If we first had to understand the ways of God before we agreed to live on his earth, then we would not last long on it. He tells us that our ways are not His ways. The flow of life in our universe is set to patterns. These patterns guide us to living in safety while on the earth.

Let’s go back to the beginning my friends. Let us go back to the Book of Genesis….way back to the Gan of Eden. Who do we find there? Yes, a woman who listened, she ask questions and then analyzed the deceiving words from, The Deceiver.

At the end of that day….she found that she had been tricked by words. And yet, she too changed words. She convinced herself that she was not to even TOUCH it.

Today, we have people with good intentions doing the same thing….you must not let any ‘forbidden’ even touch you.

Gen 3:1  Now the serpent was more crafty than any wild animal which Adonai, God, had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You are not to eat from any tree in the garden’?” 

Gen 3:2  The woman answered the serpent, “We may eat from the fruit of the trees of the garden, 

Gen 3:3  but about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, ‘You are neither to eat from it nor touch it, or you will die.’ ” 

Gen 3:4  The serpent said to the woman, “It is not true that you will surely die; 

Gen 3:5  because God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” 


Chanoah was not present when Adam was given The Gan of Eden’s torah (instructions). Chanoh was created on Week Two Day Six, which was earth’s Day Thirteen…hmm, Friday 13..

Adam had the responsibility to tell Chanoh about this tree which gave all kinds of knowledge. Yes, The Creator called it a very special tree….of good and evil. Yes, it was set up as a test. We could call it, The True Taste-Testing Tree of their faith.

Gen 2:16  Adonai, God, gave the person this order: “You may freely eat from every tree in the garden 

Gen 2:17  except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You are not to eat from it, b’ecause on the day that you eat from it, it will become certain that you will die.” 

The date of ‘The Testing of their Faith’ was recorded. Why would we need to know this? This is what I ask all the time…why do we need so many specifics? Why, because ADONAI’s glory is in The Detail.

Right here on: Month Two, Day Seventeen we see The Plan for living eternally happy is halted. Spiritual life was now a choice. This coupld had SEVEN glorious years in the gan that our Creator bent down and created just for them. Those first seven years of the first couple physically caring for The Gan especially designed for them, patterns to The Father reaching down for seven thousand years caring for the entire earth’s inhabitants. We can trust this pattern. There should be no confusion of any different time-line set out for mankind.

And, on this Day of Deception, Month Two Day Seventeen, we have witness to The Flood waters being released on the earth. Yes, The Day of Deception in Year Seven…on the exact day of their first occupation, sin was judged.

Adam was created on Tishri 1 and Chanoah Tishri 7….one week apart. They were each given a consecration time period before they could step foot in their beautiful home designed just for them. It was 40 days. Thus Adam was allowed to walk on that new soil…not the soil from which he had been made…but he would now walk on ‘holy soil’ you might say on Month Two Day Ten….Cheshvan 10.

The woman was given a ‘double portion’ of consecration. Her 80 days brought her into the Gan of Eden on Kislev 27….Month Three Day Twenty Seven. Adam was 87 days old when she was 80 days old. This is another pattern to follow that points to The Eighth Day or the earth’s 8000th year.

Her consecration of 80 days ended on what would Chanukah future. I took almost 4000 years to see The Temple’s three years of desecration by Antiochus Epiphanies restored in 163 BC. Please keep in mind these life experiences are about other human temples consecrated pointing to Yeshua’s body be consecrated at just the right moment.

Chanoah were both set apart together in the beginning. Both of their time periods coordinate. Each were set apart for three days, then ten days and finally another thirty days. This was a total of FORTY days….which patterns to The Seed Yeshua coming to earth through their loins at 4000 years. The next four thousand years is about The Bride.

It will take another 4000 years for our Groom to retrieve his bride (Israel) after her consecration period. Hence, the pattern is set from the very beginning for the earth to exist eight thousand (8000) years before The Bride can be received to be taken into her new mansion.

Plan A – Adam to Noach

Plant B – Renewed Earth by cleansing

Plan B is Plan Beit: A ‘second’ new beginning. B is the letter Beit, the number two (2) and pictured as a ‘house’. B’ means, ‘in the beginning’. The silent letter a or Aleph represents Elohim. The Aleph (ox) moved His house (2) with a new plan for eternal life.

The Day of Deception: Cheshvan 17,

The Day of Conception: Year 50 – CAIN, firstborn

A Jubilee of time (fifty years) had gone by. The Gan of Eden remained maturing in beauty but an angel with a sword prevented Adam from eating from the tree that let them have life forever. It was the mercy of God that prevented mankind from living in sin for an eternity of time. We are told that if you don’t care to live in eternity with The Creator then to be happy now because that is all you will have…is now.

The Jubilee

When would the ‘human’ made in Elohim’s image begin to multiply? When they matured to age 50. We see the first appearance of a jubilee of time with the first child born to a human being.

They had to step ‘outside’ The Gan of Eden for FORTY TWO years…thus it was in year 49 that Chanoah would conceive and in the jubilee year she would give birth to her FIRSTBORN.

Forty Two is about people and their journey on our earth. Forty-two is the last year of the Sixth Shemittah cycle. Forty-two completes a program…I think of it as an ‘end-of-game’ number. ‘It is finished’ or should we say…now we can ‘begin’ to see the end which leads to the beginning of the least year before Jubilee.

0-7 First cycle

8-14 Second

15-21 Third

22-28 Fourth

29-35 Fifth

26 – 42 Sixth

43 – 49 Seventh

50 – Jubilee

If you can hold these numbers in your thinking, you will be able to see a pattern through whom our Creator works. He’s a mathematican using this simple format.

The Savior Seed had to first ‘become’ in order to walk on the earth to then be planted in the earth. I believe our Savior was a gardener. In fact, Yeshua Jesus was accused of being a gardner…after he rose up from the grave…setting captives free…over 500 were seen along with himself…appearing in homes without opening the doors….they defied this ‘fake’ reality we live in today.

We see the ‘picture’ of what was planned. A man made from minerals would one day defy material things. Mankind is to shed off the ‘old flesh’ and put on the ‘new’. It would be a different spirit that could never be deceived.

A Seed would be born to a very young woman named Miriam. This name means, ‘bitter’. Her life would be a bitter one.


It is in the fifth year that the fruit of a tree can now be enjoyed totally by it’s owner…after a tithe, of course. Today as I write this we are experiencing Shavuot in May 2021. We fully acknowledge who is our ‘First Fruit’…Yeshua Jesus. He provides our every need. The very first sprig of barley or any harvest was brought at Pesach as a first offering. Now FIFTY days later a FULL harvest had grown so many fruits and harvests could be tithed on. Shavuot (First Fruits) closed out 50 days of looking forward to a ‘remnant’…a ‘tithe’.

God’s War began in the fall of 2015. By the year 2020 The Planned Demic was in full force retiring many people from their jobs. It is one year later that now there is a tin shortage so cans can not be made for one of the largest tomato producers in Italy. In FIVE years when the fruit of our labors should be our own, we are seeing that ‘fruit’ going to ruin….even as cyber attacks on meat packing plants in Iowa have hit the weekend of June 12, 2021…cattle will not be slaughtered on schedule and the system backs up leaving cattle left without food as they wait to be slaughtered…

FIVE – Is about our fruit. We are a world that does not eat kosher because we think it’s an old system designed for the ‘ancients’. We are being corrected and yet will NOT understand because we have been so far removed from our Creator’s realty. We keep standing in awe and ask, “How has this happened.” Mouths are dropping open and saying, “How did this happen in just one day?”

Adam and Chanoah leave the Gan of Eden in year SEVEN. They will only produce a child (fruit) after leaving the Gan of Eden. Fruit has to be born while upon the earth. You are known by your fruit in loving God. After death, there is no more time to bear fruit for righteousness.


Noach at age 500 had bore THREE human fruit within three years of each other. He was age 498 – 500 when he bore them so they also would be fruitful.

Adam and Chanoh leave the Gan of Eden at age 7. They do NOT immediately have Cain. Cain is born when Adam and Chanoah are age 50. These first parents are 57 when their second child Abel is born. The first human are all born seven years apart. They will pattern to what a generation is…700 years each. Enoch declares that he is tenth in the first generation. As we count heads Cain and Abel are not counted in his righteous line that goes from Adam to Enoch.

Cain is probably a very spoiled only child and now contends with parents dotting over a second male child. And, seven years later we have a seven year old Abel and a fourteen year old Cain vying for years over the next human born…a female…seven years after Abel.

The first female is born 64 years from leaving the Gan of Eden. Adam and Chanoah are now age 71 when the first female is birthed. This pattern flows to Ya’cov (Israel) of whom leaves his father-in-law Laven’s house after twenty years. He leaves in year 21 with his TWO brides, TWO concubines and 12 children in constant chaos around him.

Noach will begin to redeem the earth at age 500 after bearing the fruit of three children (Yapheth Shem Cham).

Abraham is born and 500 years later his offspring enters their ‘Promised Land’.

Adam and Chanoah experiences in The Gan of Eden ended after a jubilee of time. The Gan of Eden was growing in to it’s fullness when Plan B kicked in. A human house (beit) divided could not stand and still can’t stand today as we enter in to 5000 years of time. In 2021 it is year 5781…although 5781 may be short by 210 years. Adding 210 years back in we have approximately 5991 years from Adam.

Yes, we could say that they could have come into the FULL knowledge of what our Creator had for them had they been able to stay on the course set for them. The time for those testings has to do with FIVE – Behold. Respecting YHWH’s ways is what is key so you can enter in to The Millennium (Day Seven of rest).

Gen 2:4  Here is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created. On the day when Adonai, God, made earth and heaven, 

Gen 2:5  there was as yet no wild bush on the earth, and no wild plant had as yet sprung up; for Adonai, God, had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no one to cultivate the ground. 

At FIFTY years from Adam being placed into the Gan of Eden, he agreed to ‘The Deception’ with his wife, Chanaoh. At that first fifty years there was a ‘release’ from their first home. They left the beautiful fruits to now toil for their food. The first jubilee is what the ‘end jubilee’ will be…a time of beautiful fruit.

So what happened at The Fall? Humans were now made aware of evil. They had not been aware of the evil forces all around them. They were not aware that their very lives were asked for by The Adversary. They were not aware that their children would also be asked for by The Adversary….as we see Job being tested.

Yes, the spiritual realm had been allowed to control the airways. The spirit realm learned to entice mankind and give them knowledge of anything to help them survive the elements of being outside the protection of The Gan of Eden.

People would still eat of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil…but they could NOT eat of, The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life was protected by a sword to any who would approach it.

ADONAI’s mercy would not let humans live forever in a sinful state. Physical death would now come to all men with the purpose that while on earth they would continue to CALL on the righteous ways of God to be saved spiritually.

These physical acts were seen as spiritual acts that aligned with our Creator’s ways. The Creator’s ways always revealed The Seed that was to come, did come, and that will come again, to crush the ways of, The Deceivers.

Five is the letter Hei meaning: look, man, behold, reveal, show, sigh, the.

Enoch saw the days of humans following the ways of The Deceivers. He is recorded as being seen on the earth at age 500 writing down the earth’s happenings from a cave. It is these writings that Methuselah retrieved from Enoch to give to his grandson Noach to take on the ark.

Today’s ‘Deceivers’ have tried to destroy Enoch’s writings, but they are being restored on our earth. He describes in great detail The Gates in the heavenlies that control the weather on our earth. He goes into great detail about the earth’s years and months. Enoch goes into great detail so we don’t get The Creator’s festivals mixed up with man’s festivals.

Enoch describes earth’s timeline as being TEN generations of 700 years each….thus giving our earth a 7000-year time line.

Enoch is very prophetic. We have the advantage of looking back and filling in our past history. He aligns with Daniel who also describes history through the governments on our earth.

Shem teaches from a cave for 500 years. Perhaps it is the same cave his great grandfather Enoch lived in at age 500. Noach preached against their wickedness for 500 years before The Flood.

MISSION: Back To Eden

We have a Creator whose on a mission. It is NOT ‘Mission Impossible’ as most think. Humans all walk out their part with ADONAI’s purposes in mind. Every pattern leads to the next pattern which stays consistent in theme through our world’s history. It is about getting us ‘Back To Eden’.

Immediate Future: Day Seven: which is one thousand years or seven hundred years as seen through Enoch’s description of a generation. Our earth is scheduled for a burn from surface to within to purify itself. Our holy God will step down on it and it will cleanse…because He alone is HOLY.

As we return from being ‘caught up’, the entire earth again becomes a Gan of Eden. Perhaps once again a mist will water the earth as the new plants and new trees don’t yet need rain. Those chosen to live on the earth at this time will prove to all ‘deception’ that mankind can love each other and live in peace with each other as our Messiach once again dwells with us. He will be leading us in The Creator’s words because He is The Word.


The Sunday Church Crowd has been closed down because of a bio weapon meant to sterilize human beings. The Dragon’s assault has put fear into these Sunday people. Insult upon insult is now being inflicted by it’s own members as they disagree on how much ‘social justice’ is necessary to live together on this planet.

This crowd portrays The Lord’s Day Eight when they meet on Day Eight. Anti-Jew leaders chose Day Eight to get rid of anything Jewish way before 325 BC when Constantine declared anything Jewish illegal.

Constantine would embrace days such as Easter. Catholicism was very occultist. Demon elves and later even Santa were forbidden in America. Universal religion has failed because it sets up it’s own tradition while eliminating The Lord’s festivals.

I met a man this last week who agrees that God’s instruction is not done away with. He agrees that the Sacrifical system is not applicable today. But, his question is that are The Lord’s Feasts to be commemorated or are they fulfilled and not applicable today.

The word fulfill must be defined. The word ‘Fill’ is an action word. Fulfill is also an action word as a husband fulfils his obligations to his wife and family by working for a living. A wife is fulfilling her marriage covenant obligation when she bears children…obeying the command, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

Fulfill is an action word. People confuse it with the word, FINISH.

Even the word Completing…is an action word. People can be completing many positions in life at one time…they are a wife, mother, home school teacher, cook and grandmother all at the same time…completely absorbed into those responsibilities.

We know Adam taught Cain and Abel to bring their BEST to The Lord on certain days. Cain did not bring his best. We know Noach got off the ark and did the same… the offering up of what is clean. They did not go in by two and two…they went in by SEVEN clean and TWO unclean animals.

We read our Bibles but slide over what it really just said, because our minds have been programmed by media. Merchants who sell us two of each animal begin to confuse children who do not even read or write yet.

This goes back to Chanoh saying, “We were told not to TOUCH it”…when that was never said to them.

Another saying causes confusion. “Well, the Jews killed our Jesus.”

Whose Jesus? Hmm! Yeshua Jesus came through the lineage of the prophet Nathan. It was Nathan that anointed David and young Solomon as kings. Nathan set up the House of David.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. This is a good statement that tells us to help people learn a trade so they can feed themselves instead of depending upon handouts.

Back to fishing. Is everything clean that a fisherman catches? No! But, we still catch the ‘dirty’ one and have the choice of throwing it back.

Can we touch a catfish? Can we touch something unclean and yet not eat it and be okay? Can I have a ‘catfish’ oil in the ingredients of my makeup that I put on my face and still be in compliance? YES!

Do men think woman are easily ‘deceived’?

What about Adam who went along with the deception. Adam was the one that was told the instructions first hand as Chanoah (Eve) wasn’t even created from his side until one week later. She will be the ‘strength’ by his side since she’s taken from his rib.

And, when a woman speaks is she to always be corrected? Is the man’s viewpoint to always be the right one? Just because it says that it is good to ‘chasten’ a brother, does that mean you are to chasten his every word?

It is the ‘tempestuous’ male or female that is the ‘deceiver’ that The Scriptures describe. Woman should want to look good for their husband and their friends. Esther took almost a year to heal up her skin and make herself presentable to her future king. Our King dresses his bride in very special clothing and adorns her in jewels.

Firstborn Leah was ‘weak eyed’…probably fair skinned and needed some sun screen too.

Rachel had that olive skin with dark eyes that Ya’cov was drawn to. She didn’t need makeup. So, who had the husband problem at first and felt rejected? Yes, Leah needed some skincare help as most woman today do.

Our world is so sensationalized that is hard for a man’s eyes not to wander. The tight exercise pants that woman wear in public came from early exercise classes and then a quick run into the grocery store. Now, it’s the ‘style’ many just keep on and don’t change out of.

Cleavage has no place in our world if woman are to help men with their lusting. But, it is NOT the woman wearing makeup that is the problem. It is not the woman who wears pants that is the problem. The problem begins in the mind of the beholder. Even a very modest dressed person can be lusted after. It is the flesh that we fight…so please stop blaming woman for what is in the ‘mind of the beholder’ no matter what.

We can not expect our world to change because human beings no longer CALL upon the ways of Elohim. They have counted The Torah as something ancient and not for today. Mankind will do what they feel is right in their own eyes. It was the same in the Days of Noach.

But, we must expect respect in helping prevent temptation where we can and when we can.

The Law of Jealousy – The Husband Accuser

So, who is jealous of who? Or, does the husband just accuse the woman because he wants another woman? The Law of Jealousy is seen in the Golden Calf scene where Aharon removes the gold from the calf, crushes it and put it in the water for the people to drink. If their stomach’s swelled they were found guilty and were killed.

Our husband is ADONAI…of whom is a very jealous Elohim. If we are guilty, we certainly can see problems happen in our lives. It is bad enough to bring judgment on ourselves, much less on our friends and family.

This Chinese Biological weapon under the guise of CV19 is an attack on humanity. It does not have to make people sick to be effective, it just has to make them sterile.

We have a jealous Elohim and which is allowing our world to be punished. Our world has gone upside down in morality.

June 12, 2021 – 24 Hour prayer

TOPIC: Contraceptives

Tears flowed from a pastor who admitted they were so poor that they put their church career ahead of having children…and also recommended parisheners do the same. Tears flowed as he felt he was no different than people who had abortions. Contraceptives abort babies. IUD’s (Interuteral Diaphram) destroys the baby.

Wow…we were all repenting of using such devices or even being on birth control because it violated The Torah. What does the Torah state? Go yea and multiply upon the earth.

My mother’s mother had thirteen children. My mother had six children and I chose to only have three. My generation used contraceptives to allow our lives to be full and happy and not cooking and slaving away every day. Today, we witnessing a plague that is sterilizing my grandchildren. I will not have great grandchildren because this ‘shot’ is designed to depopulate through sterilizing the male and removing the lining of the female uterus.

We have a plague of ‘population control’ because my generation believed in ‘getting in control’ of how many children we had.

We are now paying the price as it has become our ‘Catch 22 Plague.’ Tears flowed through over forty people last night. Our children are being sterilized just be coming close to ‘Grandma’ who has taken, ‘the shot’. Grandma is sluffing off the remnants of the sterlization and passing it to the children.

The Scripture says that you will die according to how you killed.

To STOP The Stealing of His righteous ways from our earth…He has allowed pregnancies to stop. This goes with the promise of blessing those who bless Him and cursing those who curse Him.

Torah Portion called Naso…take a census is heavy with instruction.

When I came to understand about the Law for jealousy it broke my heart to see the deception our world has fallen into by willingly taking a shot that is about sterilization. Yes, woman are now passing huge clots of blood as if their entire uterus is shedding off. Men are also having very serious reproductive issues. Yes, this is no joke…but something that is spreading across our entire earth to sterilize the human.


The desire of angelic beings to produce after their own spirits became a reality on earth where mankind finally no longer called upon ‘The Name’ of Elohim. Walking with our Creator turned into calling unto themselves following their own ways. Everyone was doing what was right in their own eyes….just as we do today…when good is called evil and evil is called good.

Num 5:21  then the cohen is to make the woman swear with an oath that includes a curse; the cohen will say to the woman, “. . .may Adonai make you an object of cursing and condemnation among your people by making your private parts shrivel and your abdomen swell up! 

Num 5:22  May this water that causes the curse go into your inner parts and make your abdomen swell and your private parts shrivel up!”—and the woman is to respond, “Amen! Amen!” 

We are married to our Savior Yeshua. He is jealous for us and wants no other ‘gods’ before Him. We are baptized into His suffering and joy or we only care for this world and shrivel up spiritually which shrivels us up as a human being.

Our Creator is taking a census. America took a census in 2020 and found itself under a plague along with the world. The United States took a census to see if they should take in more aliens from other countries.

David also took his own census to see how strong he was in number. How many warriors did he have left after his recent battles. He fell under ADONAI’s judgment which took the life of 20,000 people before Phineas threw his staff into the Hebrew that was in a relationship with a Midianite woman.

Numbers always point. We are quickly reaching the year 2022. When you look at all of these twos it tells us it’s a very strong. It is telling us HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE. BEIT BEIT BEIT – Beginning Beginning Beginning – Divide Divide Divide – Double Double Double. Son Son Son.

It is the beginning of the Son in the House. It is DOUBLE PORTIONS.

Sivan’s Ramadan Eleven-Day War 2021 cost 250 Palestinian lives and 10 Israeli lives. It began on Counting of Omer Day 45 and continued through the very special miracle time of Shavuot only ending on Iyyar 10 as The Sabbath Nasso opened. Yes, it was time to take a census of all the lives lost and the damage inflicted by Hamas on humanity.

The United States double-minded president had no influence of BB Netanyahu not stopping this Hamas cleanse of leaders, tunnels and even the entire building collapsed that held the AlJazeer radio towers on the last day May 21, 2021.

May 22, 2021

Parsah 35


Numbers 4:21-7:89, Hosea 2:1-2:22 (20), Judges 13:2-25, Luke 1:11-20

Chapter Six gives us the beautiful prayer known as the Aharon Blessing.

Aaron’s Blessing

Num 6:22  Adonai said to Moshe, 

Num 6:23  “Speak to Aharon and his sons, and tell them that this is how you are to bless the people of Isra’el: you are to say to them, 

Num 6:24  ‘Y’varekh’kha Adonai v’yishmerekha. [May Adonai bless you and keep you.

Num 6:25  Ya’er Adonai panav eleikha vichunekka. [May Adonai make his face shine on you and show you his favor.

Num 6:26  Yissa Adonai panav eleikha v’yasem l’kha shalom. [May Adonai lift up his face toward you and give you peace.]’ 

Num 6:27  “In this way they are to put my name on the people of Isra’el, so that I will bless them.” 

We are getting very close to Day 6 or 6000 years as in one day being equal to heaven’s time of one thousand years? This pattern is seen in Noach age of 600 when he moves us into a new dimension beyond the ‘veil’ of water.

He will live 350 more years. I consider 35 as a number of blessing. Daniel adds 30 more days to Day 1260 to make 1290 from an abomination. And then if you can hold on for another 45 days he states that there is a blessing for all that can do that.

So, what is the blessing? The blessing is that it now reaches into the next of The Lord’s Festivals. It is in these festivals that JOY is seen for all mankind.

Letter Hei, number five pictured as man with raised arms meaning: look, man, behold, reveal, show, sigh, the

Even the tetra Gramatan YHWH defines it’s as Behold The Sign of Man. Yeshua told us to ‘behold’ the nail prints in my hands.

He told us to TOUCH Him!

In our world right now….we should not TOUCH…lest ye be sterilized. This is the ‘second plague’ which is worst than the first.

My heart breaks and I repent for using contraceptives….it is against the instruction: Go now and multiply on the earth.

The angels were bound up for fornicating with the daughter’s of men. Their anger has moved upon mankind and if they can’t reproduce, neither will God’s children. It’s an evil plot that can be undone if we would just understand that we’ve gone back to the beginning and have accepted The Deception…”God did not say….” God did say…Do Torah…All The Torah…because I first loved you and now you love me!

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