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Nisan 1 – The Month for Miracles

Listen to Miracle Month

NISSAN 1 – Hebrew New Ecclesiastical Year: Nisan is Head of Months. Tishri is Head of Years

1751 b. James Madison – Sabbath Nisan 1. Last man known as founder of US Constitution.

Madison was pro-slavery. He married Dolly Todd, a widow with a child. No children. Died at 85.

WW II years: 1938 – 1945 (Began and closed in 7th Shemittah cycle)

1940 NORWAY WW II – German troops invade Norway and Denmark

1942 8.2 CHILE earthquake, Coquimbo

1952 VI (6) Oklahoma earthquake– Jewish New Year

1989 6.9 Vanuatu earthquake, Rosh Chodesh Day 1

2002 125 vehicles pile up GA – sudden fog, 4 die

2005 Hybrid solar eclipse on 29 Adar II (1 day, 1 year earlier). Very rare eclipse performing all functions of other eclipses. Only a few occur in this century.

2006 6.1 IRAN, western

2014 RECORD Earthquakes: 245 5+. 26 6+, 15 6.5+, 15 7+, 1 8+

2015 18 4.5+ earthquakes in the world. On Sabbath Vayikra (He called)

2018 21 4.5+ earthquakes in the world

2022 RAMADAN BEGINS – April 2 to May 1 2022. Shemittah Year of release

2022 Sabbath she conceives, Tzaria * El Shaddai cat Stormy has 5 kittens. Firstborn girl born April 1, 29 Adar II. Firstborn son Nisan 1, white b. Sabbath morning with two others. Fourth found Sunday am.

Hebrew Festivals in year 2022:

1952 years from the destruction of our Holy Temple

74 years from establishment of the State of Israel

55 years from the liberation of Jerusalem

Rosh Hashanah 1- 1 Tishri, 7 September 2021

Fast of Gedaliah 3 Tishri, 9 September 2021

Yom Kippur 10 Tishri, 16 September 2021

Succot 15 Tishri, 21 September 2021

Chanukah 1 25 Kislev, 29 November 2021

Tu B’Shevat 15 Shevat, 17 January 2022

Fast of Esther 13 Adar II, 16 March 2022

Purim 14 Adar II, 17 March 2022

Israel Independence 4 Iyyar, 5 May 2022

Lag B’Omer 18 Iyyar, 19 May 2022

Jerusalem Day 28 Iyyar 29 May 2022

Shavuot 6 Sivan, 5 June 2022

Fast of Tammuz 18 Tammuz, 17 July 2022

Tisha B’Av 10 Av, 7 August 2022

Tu B’Av 15 Av, 12 August 2022

Nisan 1 – The Day of Dedication.

From Adar 23 on these seven days are called “the days of dedication” because according to tradition the mishkan (santuary) in the Wilderness was dedicated during this time, with it’s final dedication rite taking place on the first of Nisan.

The Jewish Holidays by Michael Strassfeld

“Exodus 12:1-20 is read on Shabbat ha-Hodesh, the Shabbat before (or, if they coincide, on) Rosh Hodesh Nisan. This reading proclaims that the month of Nisan “shall be the first of all months,” and goes on to describe the ritual of Passover.

In 2020 this did happen. Nisan 1 was on a Sabbath. It was Sabbath ‘she conceived’ Parshah 27 Tazria Leviticus 12:1-13:59.

Yes, April 2 was Sabbath and it was Nisan 1. Extra prayers were being prayed. It was a Sabbath, A New Year and the first month and New Month.

The Sabbath reading began with a woman giving birth to a boy. The reading seemed repetitious but when you’re studying by pattern, it gets exciting to make connections. As I sat in this study group of about forty people the family cat was having her firstborn son.

Interestingly the family cat had her first little of kittens born this day. One was born on Friday, three on Sabbath and one on Sunday. Yes, her firstborn kitten was born Friday noon Erev Sabbath ‘she conceived’. Saturday morning she delivered her firstborn male the only white kitten. Next came a yellow girl kitten and soon after a stripped gray kitten. She then shut down until 24-hours later to deliver a tan girl kitten for a total of five kitten consuming April 1, 2, and 3. Is this an April Fool’s joke? No, it’s a true and unusual story of animal birthing.

The firstborn son was the only white kitten in the litter. I call him Tazria because Miriam disrespected her brother Moses and her entire body became white with tzara’at. I do not know if Miriam ever had children but she was cast out of the camp in her condition. It came from having evil speech which is called Metzorah.

People in biblical times would get tzara’at from sinning. Miriam sin was Metzorah…evil speech. Today, we don’t see this type of skin issues from sin. Leprosy today is called Hansen’s disease. It is not curable, and people can lose appendages such as their fingers and toes. This is not the same thing at all. Tazara’at comes from sin. Metzorah can spread from person to person so we must be careful not to be involved in evil speech especially when it comes to God’s chosen will.

Miriam slandered Moses which was slandering God. Hmm…so when we slander The Torah given through Moses, are we slandering God? I believe so and it is the reason we become blind to the truth as we harden ourselves toward the ways of men instead of God’s instructions.

Numbers 12:9-12

Revelation 16:12

Job – His friends just looked at him for one week without speaking to him. I believe this a pattern for our world. God is silent for 7000 years just looking at us and seeing how we handle ourselves. and when he finally speaks, what does he say? He declares who is man compared to the Creator who set all creation into play. Read Job to get a new perspective on who you are. Job had total respect for God. Who was he to put one word in God’s mouth. Job was found having faith never denying his creator.

What did people with tzara’at have to do? They had to cover the lower part of their face and declare themselves ‘unclean’. It sounds like out world who some still think they have to cover their face because of the plague of 2019. How did they declare themselves clean? They Took their mask off. Just like we should all be doing. Get rid of The Mask. We are clean declaring His blood. He has made us righteous to now be responsible Torah keepers. We open our mouth and shout His ways to come to the earth.

I want to revisit the 7 days of silence pattern. Enoch declared himself the seventh in his righteous generation. Enoch calculated a generation to be 700 years back then. Thus, for 700 years YHWH did not have to send correction and could be silent with no more instruction needed. Then the next 700 years our earth explodes with ‘unrighteous’ behavior and correction came before year 1400. The Book of Jubilees is wonderful in given every date and year for us to track our history. The Flood calculates to happen in 1333 after Adam and NOach get off the ark in the year 1334.

Hmm. We will have another set of four lunar eclipses in years 2032 and 2033. This patterns to Noach exact years of YHWH finishing the matter in order to begin a new program with better instructions for mankind.

I believe the last Tetrad set our world on a course of change. 2014 was a Shemittah year setting things free. Sin was revealed when President Trump ran for office. The Middle East had a sandstorm that shut down Iran, Iraq, Israel airlines in fall of 2015 at the Creation days of 25 Elul to 1 Tishri. this study on earthquakes is important if we want to see YHWH’s hand on our earth. That is my next posting. We will go back SEVEN years to the Shemittah cycle 2014-2015 and note that when prayer covers our earth…the earthquakes ceased. The spirit of God does hear the plea of his children.

Nisan 1 is so so very important. It begins a 40-day time of prayer. We will see Lazarus die on Nisan 3 to be raised up four days later on Nisan 7. People are excited and show up on Sabbath Nisan 10 to put Yeshua Jesus on a donkey declaring him their Messiah. He did not come for that position until in what I believe is the millennial reign.

Pesach is more than Easter. It’s a SEVEN day festival that asks us to remind ourselves of who was sinless…Yeshua had no sin in him…and that is why He alone can reign as priest on earth and King of all the heavens. The Silence will end and final judgment will come at year 8000. We must stop slandering The Torah. Elijah became white as well as Nahaman had leprosy. He had to dip himself in water seven times to be healed and he was. He didn’t understand and fought it. But, when we stop fighting God’s pattern, we can be healed.

Yes, 7000 years will pass and then there is no more tazra’at on our earth. We will not longer ‘bad mouth’ The Torah or The Living Torah Yeshua.

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