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Listen to Two Brains

What’s On Your Mind today, April 6 2022

War and Rumors of War

Taxes Due April 15

Government Controlling Oil

Government Controlling Railroads

Food Shortage in America

My Deceased Parents 74th Anniversary is today

Easter April 15, 16, 17

Seders April 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Is God Real? Where is He?

I woke up today from a nightmare that I could remember. I went to bed after watching a horror movie which I will never do again. I’m going to stick to history movies that teach me something instead of fearing and running from something.

My husband made us omelets which he considered a disaster because they stuck to the skillet. I was glad to scour the burn off our 51-year old Salad Master skillet. His heart health has been poor but the last two days he claims prayer has given him his renewed strength. (He’s had leaky gut!)

What I want to discuss at times I don’t because it’s not what people can wrap their mind around. I’m hungry to prove God real to others, but it takes takes a personal ‘intuition’ from God I believe.

The Epoch Times April 5 2022 Mind & Body – ‘Why We Need Our Intuition’

I have not read this entire article before I write this. We will go through this together and see if God is involved in healing.

Before I quote this article, I just want to say that our world is so doubled up in so many things and yet it is clearing up many issues at the same time. Many issues have been very hard for us to understand. Thus, when I approach someone who already has so much on their plate in the things of God and I hear them mutter…I just can’t focus on one more subject, I get it.

But, what if this perplexing subject that is so deep and about the things of God are finally ready to be released to the public? My intuition tells me that the time has to be coming where people can step outside the box and listen to their intuition about what is really happening around them. Our personal lives are being affected by our leaders making nonsense mistakes. People don’t know who to trust.

We have two thoughts about Russia’s War. We have two thoughts about our own President of the United States going on in our minds. We have way too many conflicts right now for people to even have a logical conversation about some of it. People are using their inner intuition to trust God in it all…and I’m glad.

It is His Patterns that run through history that can give us peace of mind. If we do NOT study about the meaning of Adam’s first tree problem then we have not learned what The Creator expects from us the created. Noach was placed inside an ark made of trees. Abraham had Issac carrying his own tree (wood) which looked forward into history where Yeshua Jesus carried wood on his shoulders and then shared that load with another human. We have to remember to share in that sacrifice. The Seder program has the children asking the question, “Why is this day so special?”

In these last days as we know it, Humans are NOT interested in having a Seder. Instead God’s children (us Gentiles) are asking ‘Why do we waste our time with a Seder when we can have fun with Easter eggs?” Where is our intuition about God feelings? Can we NOT obey His commands “Do This In Rememberance of Me?” Yes, communion is just part of it.

Let’s see what The Epoch Times says about Our Intuition. We certainly must lean on something since there are way too many opinions screaming at us. Is there another ‘brain’ somewhere?

“We’ve all had that feeling – an instant knowing that something isn’t right. Whether in a business deal or when a friends hasn’t called in a while, somewhere deep inside us we have a knowing, and we can’t explain why.”

“This is intuition, and it has been with us, buried deep in the limbic system for a very very long time. So what is intuition, an where does it come from? Intuition if ‘a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why,” according to the Britannica dictionary.”

“We’ve all experienced it, that moment of inclination, when something we have no reason to know seems quite plausible or even certain to us. Some people have described it as the results of previous knowledge and experience culminating in an instantaneous understanding, but there may be more to it than that.”

The Science of Intuition

“Physiologists sometimes divide our thinking into two categories. The first is intuitive thinking, which some scientists believe is controlled by the right side of the brain. This thinking is quick, instinctual, and happens below the level of our conscious awareness. It comes from a deeper part of the brain, called the limbric system. This part of the brain is responsible for how we respond to threats (our fight-or-flight response) and behaviors needed for survival, like feeding ourselves, reproducing, and caring for offspring.”

“Our analytic reasoning is largely controlled by the left side of the brain. This thinking is slow, deliberate, logical and conscious. This happen on the outer part of the brain, the neocortex which makes up half the brain’s volume. It is responsible for attention, thought, perception, and episodic memory (a person’s unique recollection of experiences,events and situations).”

It is this next part that people have cured themselves of even cancer. We have a ‘second’ brain. We have called this ‘our gut feeling’.

Scientists have discovered that over a hundred million neurons exist in our digestive tract. These are the same cells that are around our brain. It it called the enteric nervous system, or ENS. It’s size, complexity and similarity in neurotransmitters and signaling molecules makes it a ‘second’ brain.

And, it can act independently of our brain making decisions without contacting our brain.

The Epoch Times article promoted Kelly Turner’s book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. She is a researcher and psychotherapist.

A few of their nine research subjects covered changing your diet, control your health to spiritual connection and having a strong reason for living.

Since the C-outbreak in 2020, it has been hard to stay connected to our family members. This most certainly caused early death to thousands and perhaps millions in our world. Fear still lingers in our minds.

I liked reading this article because it gave value to an inner reasoning that is in each human being. We have to be smart and not be lead around by the nose and other people’s agendas.

For me, seeing God real in so many venues has given me faith that is unshakable. My faith is not shaken because I know God is there for us. I know that His patterns are playing out on our earth. I like the fact that the patterns that run back to Adam are still running today. We have a Creator who never changes.

When the consistency of God is our anchor, our inner being comes alive in faith. We should not have ulcers because the brain in our gut isn’t leaking. When we eat correctly according to God’s instructions we have peace in knowing we’ve been obedient to the very one that created our guts.

If I can be obedient to God’s ways, then I trust life will be just as it is suppose to be in God’s eyes. If I disobey God’s instructions, I know I can expect anxiety. We are to be anxious for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication make our requests known unto The Father.

Is The Torah coming back to the earth? No gut feeling tells me it already has!

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