God’s Patterns on Chol Hamoed 1, Counting Omer Day 2

Listen to God’s Patterns


RESURRECTION – Yeshua Our Messiach

27 AD – Could be Yeshua’s Resurrection. 27-28 AD is a Shemittah year Yeshua would have been 30 years old if born in -3 BC which seems highly possible. It makes sense that The Messiach would set ‘captives’ free in a Shemittah year.

NISAN 17 is the date of Yeshua’s resurrection.

He dies before Nisan 15 begins at dusk. Scripture states they were breaking the others legs that were being crucified so they would die. Death comes from suffocation and can be prolonged by lifting oneself up with the feet…..Yes, think of all the splinters in their feet from hugging that beam with their feet.

But because Yeshua’s life was ordained from the foundation of the earth he knew he would take his last breath at 3:00 pm. This qualified him to be the first lamb slain as the other lambs chosen on Nisan 10 were now being slaughtered and would begin to be roasted to be eaten the next day Nisan 15.

Nisan 14 is the ‘Day of Death’. Fourteen is the last day of the second week. Yes, it would be the ‘second’ sabbath of the month. Day Seven being the first Sabbath and Day Fourteen being the ‘second’ Sabbath. This pattern is seen through the earth’s history even with Noah beginning to produce human beings on the earth again by year 1400. They got off the ark in year 1334 from Adam.

Nisan 17 – is three complete days in the tomb. Yeshua is portraying Ya’cov’s son Joseph who had dreams and visions which made his family jealous. His parents did not understand him, and his brothers decided to kill him. Intervention by Ya’cov’s firstborn son Reuben stopped his annihilation. The Father is the only one that could have stopped Yeshua’s annihilation. Reuben did stop the slaying, but he still did not tell the truth to his father for 113 years. Ya’cov dies at age 147. (17+17=34 years father son together. 147 minus 34 = 113 years separate.) Will today’s Israel be 113 years old separate from their Messiach they forsook? )

Seventeen shows up again in Joseph’s life as then He loses his father to death. Yeshua is now portraying Ya’cov of whom dies after they have only been united for seventeen years. Ya’cov lives in Goshen, a city of lights, with Joseph still in Egypt ruling as ‘second’ in command to Pharaoh. This pictures The Father still in charge but giving all authority on earth to Yeshua.

Many people love the number seventeen. It adds up to eight which means, Hei, behold. Day Eight (8000 years) is when earth’s current mission of bringing salvation to Jew and Gentile completes itself in it’s current format. Personal salvation completes itself when the full salvation of the earth completes itself. So, right now we walk out our lives every day ‘sanctifying ourselves before The Father through The Son’s atoning blood and the words The Father spoke through the prophets and through Yeshua’s own words.

Since 2015 I’ve kept track of things like earthquakes, eclipse, president’s birth and death dates, etc. Anything that I thought we could perhaps see the ‘hand of God’ in I studied it for ‘Timing’. I studied to look for patterns of timing on the Gregorian calendar, but mainly on The Hebrew calendar to see ‘HOW’ God thinks. We see him in things. If we don’t study those things, we miss seeing him being real in our lives.

We are allowed to be sifted, but we are not allowed to die. Our life and even the animals lives are all programmed and on schedule. It is what we do with ‘time’ that matters. Yeshua was ‘tested’ and we are ‘tested’. Even in The Lord’s Prayer we see that hope to comes through testing. It is our ‘faith’ that is important.

May you study God as well. He is ours to seek out. This is why I look for patterns, so I can tell His Stories, and all can see Him real .. so they will believe God and do what He asks of us. When we trust Him in all things, we can be entrusted with more.

Now let’s continue with Nisan 17 on the Gregorian calendar as to what was placed there since 2015 in my studies. You can add to it and see if there is a pattern that speaks to you. If the day seems to be about death, then it is a lesson on death. If it is about life, then it is about life. Not every day is the same. We know our Creator knows exactly what is going to happen on this earth and what draws it to continue in days or causes ADONAI to bring it to closure…so at least some remain.

Nissan 17 – Chol Hamoed Day Two (New Year for months); Yeshua – First Fruit out of ground. Unleavened Bread Day Three

1915 Mary C Crowley born. April Fool’s Day. Began Home Interiors and Gifts, Inc after going through a depression and raising two children on her own. She and Mary Kay worked together and then began their own companies. “God didn’t create and fool here.” she would tell us. “Be somebody, God didn’t take time to make a nobody.”

1947 Henry Ford 83 dies cerebral hemorrhage. Owned newspaper. His paper lied about Jews causing libel suits. His paper was shipped by railroad all across America. He received Third highest Reich Award for a foreigner from Hitler. Nation of Islam began in Dearborn, Michigan. (World Holocaust 1938-1945) (Israel a Nation fall 1947 – recognized by Harry Truman after FDR died spring 1948.) (Pres. Franklin D Roosevelt, Mussolini, Hitler die within 21 days of each other, spring 1945.)

1969 5.0 earthquake Montana; 325 aftershocks Big Arm, Lake Mary Ronan, Poison area

1986 Chernobyl Ukraine blast – 31 die, 4000 more, elevated cancer still

1992 Fog – Afton Mountain 60-car vehicle pileup, 2 die, 39 injured (41)

2014 Passover – Tetrad Blood Moon – First of four Total Lunar Eclipse. 20 weeks pregnant from 2013 Thanksgiving to first of four total lunar eclipse which occur on Passover and Succot two year in a row…. amazing ‘Hand of God’.

2014 6.0 Solomon Island, Erev Sabbath Pesach.

66 4.5+ earthquakes during Passover Week. (Nisan 12-17 included 7.6, 7.4, 6.6, 6.0 earthquakes.) (66 books in bible)

2015 10 4.5+ earthquakes. Shemittah year

2016 21 4.5+ earthquakes (April 6, 2016)

2018 6.8 earthquake Bolivia (April 2, 2018)

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