God’s Patterns on Chol Hamoed (Passover) 4 Counting Omer 3, Nisan 18

Listen to Gods Patterns

Mat 20:4  and said to them, ‘You go to the vineyard too—I’ll pay you a fair wage.’ So they went. 

Mat 20:5  At noon, and again around three in the afternoon, he did the same thing. 

Mat 20:6  About an hour before sundown, he went out, found still others standing around, and asked them, ‘Why have you been standing here all day, doing nothing?” 

Mat 20:7  They said to him, ‘Because no one hired us.’ ‘You too,’ he told them, ‘go to the vineyard.’ 

He went out to The Vineyard…setting captives free.

This was part of my previous writing a few days ago about Passover. When you read these few verses in Mathew 20 do you look deeper… sort of like reading the ‘fine print’? This is where you want to get. You don’t even have to trust your ‘intuition’ thinking it might be connected….because it IS connected. Our Creator is such an incredible communicator that not one word spoken does not tie into another pattern….Yes, so we are NOT deceived into thinking God is NOT real…God is VERY real and talking to us in this format.

Let’s look at Nissan 18 – It is the day after Nissan 17… Day of Resurrection…which in 2022 happened to be Monday, April 18. Yes, the calendars are just one day from each in April…Yes, in Nissan, the month Mosch was told to make a new year to begins months…not years, but a new year for months. Months are very important because this is how God calculates His feasts that are to be remembered.

Today, Nissan 18 is The Counting of The Omer Day Three. It will always be Day Three. It does NOT change….always Day Three. It doesn’t argue about being on Sabbath of Sunday or any weekday. It floats through history and Nissan 18 is ALWAYS…The Counting of the Omer 3.

Why is this important to know this thing called, ‘counting of the omer’? It was important to know The Lord’s schedule for bringing the ‘first’ grain offerings from the spring’s first harvests to The Temple. They were to bring their best. Yes, ADONAI prepared this pattern to prepare our world for His best offering. It would supersede any offering prepared by mankind, and it would be invisible. The Father had not only planned for an earthly messiah to come, but also something they could not see, but they would feel in presence.

There would be two things necessary for a human being to live with God and not perish. If God is spirit than man would need to be spirit as well. The Messiah was given to relate to man’s infirmities while on earth. Yeshua is our Messiach that came and taught us how to walk in The Torah so we could live safely on the earth. The instructions were even given to Adam as we see his sons Cain and Abel bringing their offerings at the same time. One offering was accepted, while the other offering was not acceptable. What day was it? It was Day 50 of the counting. Yes, even ‘back to past’ the word jubilee was on their tongues. If you say jubilee, you are saying the number fifty. The jubilee was being set up since Adam. In fact, the Book of Jubilees verifies that Adam and Chanoah (Eve) didn’t have their first child Cain until they were a jubilee of age. Yes, a jubilee of earth’s timing had gone by 50 years. God does not live in time, but we do. Time is very specific to see if we will worship according to our ways or our Creator’s ways. Man has chosen their own calendars and discarded Hia. It is ADONAI (The LORD) that keeps it going. Messengers are sent during history like a ‘reset button’ to keep us on track. He takes the poor or he takes an earthly rich person like President Trump and turns him upside down to His glory. This pattern shows us we too have hope…whether rich or poor God is looking for hearts that will humble themselves and let Him use them. That is what happened to President Grover Cleveland and Donald J Trump. It is how we end our lives that will be very important to us in the end. And it is the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer that brings in The Holy Spirit.

We can know a lot about Jesus and preach a good message, but if we are not moving by God’s Spirit, we forsake ourselves and others.

So, why do we still count up to the fiftieth day when there is no temple to bring an offering to? Because, ladies and gentlemen, when we have The Spirit, you are the Temple of God. You can receive the Spirit of God at any time, but we are told to celebrate The Spirit in us on this very special day known as Shavuot. Yes, we can even see it being celebrated by Adam, through Noah and on through Abraham….so why would we quit now?

Yes, Cain and Able …. one brought the correct offering, and the other didn’t bring ‘his best’ offering. When we see God asking us what is wrong, it indicates a ‘troubled’ spirit. God understands ‘countenance’. We are not to let our hearts be troubled but in everything by prayer and supplication come to The Lord. Cain’s spirit was not at ease in his offerings and just might have resented even honoring this ‘appointed time’ set up by God. Do we begrudge the things of God? Isn’t it just more fun to follow the traditions of ‘easter bunnies’ and santa’s? Last week a new acquaintance said to me, “When we do these traditions of men, we ‘demean’ The Lord’s traditions. I thought that was well put. Why do we want to demean the things set by The Father since the beginning of time? If we begrudge his ways, he certainly has the right to begrudge our ways. King David said he would rather be placed in the ‘hands of God to be judged over the ‘hands of men’. Yet, 20,000 in King David’s kingdom died to a plague…and that was for his calling a census to see how strong he was if he wanted to go to battle. It’s not in the numbers that cause us to win our battles, but it is in The Spirit that moves situations.

In 2022 Passover Week, is your offering during this very special time going to be acceptable? Hmm…. in these last days, most people don’t even know what an offering is. So, how could you even know what is a good or bad offering? That is how far off track we are in these ‘last moments’ in this ‘count down’ to Megiddo some might say. Yes, men are totally doing what is right in their own eyes.”

What happened on Nissan 18 in our world’s past history? Let’s look for patterns that connect to Day Three of the Counting of the Omer. Day Three…yes, our earth is scheduled for three days and then The Day of The Lord. A day can be a thousand years and in this case a day is 2,000 years. So, at 6000 years many are expecting a shift. People cause the earth to shift. Let’s look for the shifters during the 50 Days of the Counting of the Omer. I already spotted two shifters yesterday with Mary C Crowley who followed Baptist ways and loved teaching all her displayers the Bible. And she sold home accessories with verses such as Joshua 24:15, “Choose you this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house we will serve The Lord.” All over America those words rang out and woman opened their bibles and moved forward in serving their Creator. Thus, Day Two Counting of Omer….Mary C. born on Nisan 17..resurrection Day. What else happened Nisan 17…evil died…Henry Ford age 83. Looks to be a cleansing day…with new life installed. This is what we looked at yesterday.

Let’s look at Day Three – Nissan 18

1850 John Calhoun (North Carolina senator) dies 30 days after speaking ‘Against’ The Compromise of 1850. He was pro slavery and wanted new land purchases to include slavery. His speech was March 7, 1850. (Looks like a correction from God!)

I wrote this on the Count Omer Day Two that President Franklin D Roosevelt died along with Hitler and Mussolini within 21 days of each other in 1945. FDR had met with the United Emerites about oil for the United States since the FORD automobiles were becoming very popular. With a hand shake only he agreed to let the King Saude’s group have a say in ‘the borders’ for the new Jewish settlement to be called Palestine. FDR put himself in direct conflict with The Father and his plans for Abraham’s Land. Within 30 days of signing a paper agreeing to that handshake, he was dead. We see the same here that within 30 days John Calhoun dies. Hmm. Seems they had time to get their personal papers in order…. but what did FDR say to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Yacov at his bema judgment seat?

1865 Abraham Lincoln shot (157 years ago) Nissan 18, but died the next day on Chol HaMoed Day 4 Omer, April 14. John Wilks Booth at Ford’s Theatre Washington, D.C. (Henry Ford died Nissan 17, 1947 age 83. He owned the newspaper business shipping it by railway across America spewing libel against Jews for which he was sued. Ford received the third highest Reich Award for a foreigner from Hitler. Islam began in Dearborn Michigan his hometown…. oil and religion stayed in Michigan.)

We must take note that back in 1865 the Fords were influencing the money in America and shot Lincoln over it. President Cleveland saw this problem with the bankers and renounced it. History shows us that at Passover our economy was being undermined as it still is today in 2022. There is a shift happening to come out of Big Bankers in this Shemittah cycle 7 at The Counting up to The Holy Spirit. Amazing information when you think about this cycle of change when The Resurrection on Nissan 17 made an ‘eternal’ change for those that would believe in that atoning blood.

Henry Ford dies on Nissan 17 1947 (Omer Day 2)

Abraham Lincoln dies on Nisan 18 1865 in Ford Theatre (Omer Day 3)

John Calhoun dies Nisan 18 1850 Nissan 18 (Omer Day 3)

1892 Corrie tenBoone born Nissan 18, April 15. She dies the day she was born April 15. Born on Nissan 18 and dies on 2 Iyyar, Day 17 Counting Omer.

When you die at your birthday, it is a completed life…Moses did this and we see Noach shifted into a new world on his birthday at age 600.

Corrie tenBoone and her family hid Jews and the persecuted during the holocaust. She wrote two books about this, one called, “The Hiding Place.” She escaped by her paperwork being signed by accident and she walked out two days before her camp was annihilated. She would come to know Mary C Crowley, President of Home Interiors of whom would support her traveling to tell her stories of the holocaust. Mary C Crowley is born on Nissan 17 as her friend Corrie is born the next day on Nissan 18.

Mary C. born Nissan 17 in 1915 was April Fool’s Day, April 1. Mary Crowley taught people the bible and declared, “God didn’t create any fool here.” “Be somebody, God didn’t take time to make a nobody.”

Yes, our Creator knows us and our friends in our future. Corrie and Mary C were very good friends. Mary had Corrie speak at her Home Interiors decorating convention of which I met Corrie. Corrie gave Mary C her watch when she died saying, “Here, sweetie, you have my watch because where I’m going there is no need for time.”

We celebrate Corrie tenBoone 130 years today. Just as Ya’cov stood before Pharaoh at age 130, I bring you Corrie tenBoone today…. I only say, Amein as I write this. It’s the hand of God on this writing for sure. Today is Nissan 18 2022, April 19. I celebrate two woman I loved deeply…both Gentiles and both in love with the persecuted.

Corrie tenBoone born and died on Fridays before the Sabbath. Born Day 3 Unleavened Bread. Died on Day 17 Counting of Omer. Again, we see 17 showing up that line up with the pattern to Joseph being in bondage to his brothers and Ishmael for 17 years and then still away from his father in Goshen for the last 17 years of his father’s life because Joseph still helped rule Egypt. Leaders serve others just as Yeshua Jesus said, “I came to serve you.”

1938 6.6 Earthquake Turkey – April 6 In the Book of Revelation Turkey has its lampstand removed. This earthquake will be 1 of 6 6.4+ earthquakes during the holocaust years 1938-1945. In Europe there were zero 6.4+ earthquakes during the holocaust, but one to Romania, northern Turkey. (April 6, my deceased parents 74th wedding anniversary 1948-2022)

2014 6.6 Papa New Guinea,

2014 66 4.5+ Solomon Islands shaking, Nisan 12-17, Sabbath through Feast of First Fruits

2015 8 4.5+ earthquakes, April 17, Nissan 18, Shemittah year

Let us make note of the difference from 2014 which would be the Sixth Shemittah cycle likened to double manna in the dessert. Sixty-six 4.5+ earthquakes and then this day come to almost a complete stop in the 7th Shemittah cycle hosting only EIGHT the entire day throughout the world. Eight represents Day Eight or our 8000-year-old earth.

2016 21 4.5+ earthquakes April 26 – Iran 4.6

2022 19 4.5+ earthquakes April 19 – Shemittah year

2022 6.1 Santiago

We are on a journey right now for a jubilee of time….fifty days. I’m praying I can hold fast and keep up putting this God-puzzle together. I believe we’re already seeing The Hand of God in these very special days.

Get on the Hebrew Calendar and check out people and events that happened during these very special days. There is a Messiah coming and The Holy Spirit will reveal him to us. Take communion…unleavened bread during this week. We have an opportunity to come into His presence.

Thank you for joining me on Day Three Count of Omer…. We are blessed by recognizing each day. Be blessed my friend.


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