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Parshah 46: Ekev (Because)

Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25 – Blessing of the womb at this parshah.

August 20, 2022

Grandniece Everly Lou b. 2:27 am

August 20, 2022 MNL Convocation KC Crown Center

(Unity between Jew and Gentile)

Son, Ryan D Laux 41, August 22, 2022

Ryan Douglas Laux b. 8.22.81 is 22 AV, days are face to face

We have a very personal God that embraces us face to face. Let’s look at the last two verses from the previous Torah Portion 45 Va’etchanan (I pleaded).

Deu 7:10  But he repays those who hate him to their face and destroys them. He will not be slow to deal with someone who hates him; he will repay him to his face. 

Deu 7:11  Therefore, you are to keep the mitzvot, laws and rulings which I am giving you today, and obey them.

In 1981 we brought forth our third child that was planned from the foundation of the earth. We had just given the baby bed to The Salvation Army as our lives were already busy with both of us working and raising two youngsters. Our children are each four years apart because I was career oriented.

Surprise! Ryan Douglas would be born face-to-face on God’s Hebrew calendar on a Tuesday. August 22 was 22 AV. It is very unusual to see the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars align day for day….but in 1981 they did. They also did when my husband and I got married in 1970. August 10 was 10 Tishri. Yes, it was a mass on Saturday that united us in marriage with a huge party afterward. Perhaps after forty years of marriage I found out our wedding day was Yom Kippur. I’m happy now because we claim the atoning part of that day since we came to know Jesus and became Christians when our second child was born in 1977. The Day of Atonement and also called The Day of Judgment.

Our marriage had many turbulent times in it those first seven years. But once we both saw our atonement in Jesus’ blood facing us personally, that Day of Judgment changed to a marriage of blessing. We moved to God’s ways instead of our idolatrous ways of the world. We changed churches and we had to leave many friends. Our spirits became unequally yoked with the world, but we found many new friends who surrounded us with true Christian love. These Scriptures in Deuteronomy surrounded us and our new son. And now 41 years later they now surround my brother’s new granddaughter.

Let’s investigate what the message is that we are to embrace at this time of year.

Deuteronomy 7:12  “Because you are listening to these rulings, keeping and obeying them, Adonai your God will keep with you the covenant and mercy that he swore to your ancestors. 

Deu 7:13  He will love you, bless you and increase your numbers; he will also bless the fruit of your body and the fruit of your ground—your grain, wine, olive oil and the young of your cattle and sheep—in the land he swore to your ancestors that he would give you. 

Yes, my womb opened in 1981 with an unexpected pregnancy. This third child now lives within the 36 acres we live on and is the one that cares for us in the things that have become difficult for my previous husband and myself. These scriptures of blessing have proved very true in our lives. (I thank Ryan and his precious wife as they home school their four children loving us daily.)

Deu 7:14  You will be blessed more than all other peoples; there will not be a sterile male or female among you, and the same with your livestock. 

Aleph Taurus, the calm young eighteen-month-old bull, joined us in 2015 to bring forth 42 perfect calves before he left El Shaddai Estates still in full form.

Our fourteen young heifers would bring forth their first, second and third-born calves on special days. Can you guess their dates by their names? Yom Kira, Noach, Mattot Massei, Shaviout, Beha’alotcha, Pekudei, Shemini, Tazria, Emor, Behar, Bechukotai, Mataya, Erica, Sh’mini, Lecha Lecha, Smokey Mountain, Miskan, Hadassah, Mordecai.

Yes, they were named for what was happening on the Hebrew calendar that day. The calf on Yom Kippur was named after our granddaughter Kira, Yom Kira. A cow was named Mataya because it was our niece’s birthday. One cow was named Freedom because she birthed on Independence Day. One mother birthed on my nephew Eric’s birthday, but it was a girl, so we named her Erica after our firstborn’s wife. And one of the last calves born on our property would be named Abe after Abraham Lincoln as he was born the day Lincoln died, Nisan 14…Yes, the day our Lord died.

Do I see God real in our lives? Absolutely….and it began to happen as I gave recognition to The Lord’s Feasts. I removed myself from churches that claimed themselves as Israel. I knew God’s calendar had to come back to the earth just as the prophet Daniel knew it had to come back…along with the language. These are The Days of Daniel as we restore Torah, which is The calendar and language, to the earth.

Our cattle project has dwindled down to about seven cows in 2022. No calves were born in the seventh Shemita cycle. But two calves will be born soon after as the New Year of 5783 begins on September 25, 2022. In fact, the steer Bahalocha (when you set up) it seems is scheduled to go to slaughter that day for family meat. It will be sad for me to see him leave El Shaddai Estates. He was born on the Sabbath with Leviticus leading out with the words, when Adonai speaks directly to Moses to tell his brother Aharon to be very specific when he sits the seven lights in the tabernacle.

Num 8:1  Adonai said to Moshe, 

Num 8:2  “Tell Aharon, ‘When you set up the lamps, the seven lamps are to cast their light forward, in front of the menorah.’ “

We again see this spoken of by John to the seven churches having menorahs whose lights may be put out since they aren’t returning the people to the Torah (Rev 2:4, 5).

This steer represents our being ‘light’ to the world endorsing the ways of ADONAI. His lights will go out as he is butchered that week. Yes, the churches still think they want to tell Israel how to run the show. We are to learn Israel’s ways, not Israel learning Gentile idolatry.

Our properties have never entertained kittens but in 2022 they brought two kittens to El Shaddai Estates and allowed them to each get pregnant. It would be three mother cats in the spring of 2022 that signaled our Lord’s miracles of God’s only begotten son of whom was ordained from the foundation of the world to suffer, die and then resurrect so we could be saved from spiritual death.

None of the fourteen cats and kittens would be found to remain on our property. As the Fast of the Ninth of Av approached it would be AV 8, August 5, 2022, that the white kitten would be found dead in the front yard. The neighbor’s rottweiler struck down the last kitten. He was his mother’s firstborn male. She delivered a girl as Sabbath began Friday evening. She delivered a white male kitten next on the Sabbath called Tazria which was also very special being the Rosh Chodesh of the month Nisan and also the Head of the Religious year. The date was 1 Nisan and 2 April 2022. The mother Stormy had watched her sister have kittens a month earlier and those kittens started nursing on her, too, is perhaps why her contractions started. Stormy would deliver five kittens over the next three days…reminding us of Yeshua’s suffering and death that was also a process and then three days and three nights in the grave. That day also began Ramadan for the believers of Islam.

Stormy’s life was a storm. She was constantly chased down by her owner’s crazy dog that would sit on her even as she was heavily pregnant. Under the dark skies of 29 Adar, 1 and 2 Nisan she would finally deliver five kittens with only one being pure white. It was the head of the month and The Head of the Year. Her life was one of giving unto death and she stayed behind protecting her last kitten who did make it up a tree…. but only to be taken out two days later by the same wondering rottweilers.

There is life and there is death. Old chickens went away at my niece’s home in Iowa on 14 Sivan. It was eight days after the powerful festival of Shavuot. On 14 Nisan our savior was killed. On 17 Nisan He rose up to save all who would believe this. The next month on 14 Iyyar a ‘second’ opportunity to have a seder is offered in case you were unclean for the first on 14 Nisan. Joseph and Nicodemus would have honored this program as they were unclean carrying the body of Yeshua on 14 Nisan that year. In 30 more days on 14 Sivan six of my nieces were destroyed by a fox. I had just read where the fox were many as Yeshua had no place to rest his head. This fox was caught as its legs were caught in webbing that was designed to keep him out. He died along with the chickens…as we see justice prevailed for these old hens.

And yet new life was seen as two white hens sat on sixteen eggs. The black rooster that perished now had 16 chicks hatch to bring ‘new life’ to their owners. We knew that their father’s memory would remain since they all looked like him. Six delightful pet hens were taken out by a single fox 60 days exactly after Yeshua died.

Six delightful young ladies will bring forth fruit to the earth. They got pregnant at Pesach and will deliver at The Festival of Lights known as Chanukah.

The Lord’s celebration of Jewish remembrances is continuing in human form. The COVID planned-demic has had many people dying ahead of their planned time. I just read today that thirty-three people who attended this man’s wedding eight months ago are dead. Each of these people had taken their shots and booster shots. None of the people who did not take The Shot have died he reports.

In these new young brides becoming pregnant immediately, we see ‘new life’ coming back to our earth. In twenty years, they will help repopulate our earth.

Four pregnancies in our personal family will bring forth fruit this December of 2022 during the eight days of The Festival of Lights known as Chanukah. Humans and cows have the same gestation period. Nine months and twenty days is a full-term delivery. That is 39 weeks. If we count back from December 18 – 25 we come to II Adar in 2022. Three of these pregnant women are new brides having their firstborn child. The fourth is having her third child. Two are having girls, one having a boy and one soon to find out. And one new bride is having her baby on The Day of Atonement October 2022. Yes, five new babies in our family and four more pregnant woman at their church. I call it the Shushan Purim Baby Boom. God’s enemies are being defeated as The Father commits to keeping The Torah as light on our earth. The Fast of Esther Adar 13 ends with the celebration of Purim 14 Adar and the celebration going outside the city celebrated 15 Adar. All our enemies will be destroyed…not just in The City but in the entire Middle East that was controlled by Esther’s husband, King Ahasuerus.


Adar I is the extra 30 days added to the Hebrew calendar every couple of years. Adar II is the original month known as Adar. These conceptions took place the same week during the original Adar that Esther’s people would have been celebrating that they too would reproduce and live. I had never thought of this as a week of ‘conception’ but now I can see the pattern clearly. It will be in 163 BC that The Father will establish Chanukah 9 months and 20 days later. Chanukah is the population explosion from being set free…for Esther’s people and for us in this 7th Shemita cycle in 2022 after many have died from a vaccine that was unwarranted.

Adar holds a theme of Return. Moses was obedient to accept judgment. He died 1 Adar. He was mourned 30 days until 1 Nisan. Deuteronomy 34 describes the detail of the prophet Mosch since that time there has not arisen a prophet like him whom Adonai knew face to face (mouth to mouth…audibly.)

Nisan shows us Joshua preparing the people for battle quickly seeing the walls of Jericho fall…with only a shout from the people.

Ezra and Nehemiah are telling the people to leave their foreign wives and children and come rebuild the walls of Jerusalem at this same time in history. It is a time of review and a time of pregnancy. The Temple is like a pregnant woman with a seed planted that will sprout up on our earth. Yes, Chanukah, Kislev 25, had to be cleaned before the presence of ADONAI would return. We must clean ourseles and that is what Tzav is about…how to be clean before our Creator. Leviticus 6:1 (8) – 8:36.

Moses writes the book of Deuteronomy telling the extra details of their history for the last 40 years in The Wilderness. March 19 to 26, 2022 Torah portions are Tzav and Shimini. These young women get pregnant with new life being planted in them as ADONAI speaks to our world about how to be clean before God. Yes, they are beautiful Christians serving God to their best knowledge of how. Even the Torah portion Shemini speaks of new beginning…new life. Yes, the portions are about pregnancy in woman who love God.

Parshah 25 is Tzav meaning ‘give an order’, Leviticus 6:1(8) – 8:36 and Parshah 26 is Shimini meaning ‘Eighth’, Leviticus 9:1-11:47.

We have instructions about how to pray. When a burnt offering is to be totally consumed it gives our entire being to God. The smell of the incense represents our prayers. The beginning of the next Torah portion read seven days later is about us being without defect before God. We know that it is Yeshua that is without defect that cleanses us. The Father keeps us alive bringing forth fruit from the womb. On the eighth day God will call us to Himself. Yeshua is the perfect offering for peace between us and The Father. We see Aharon being corrected for not bringing the goat offering outside for the people but instead Aharon had burnt it up. Aharon responds that isn’t it enough that I had my two sons carried outside the camp dead as my offering? And Moses accepted his words. Aharon lost two sons from his loins because they were disobedient to The Father. Children are given and children can be taken. Each person will give their own face-to-face experience with God.

Now we can continue to look at the Torah reading for August 20, 2022, the day Mataya delivered her ‘second’ born that was a female. Everly Lou was 8lb 1 oz, 20” long making her appearance at 2:27 am. Her older sister is Haevyn. Their name reminds us of eternity in heaven.

Deu 7:15  Adonai will remove all illness from you—he will not afflict you with any of Egypt’s dreadful diseases, which you have known; instead, he will lay them on those who hate you. 

Deu 7:16  You are to devour all the peoples that Adonai your God hands over to you—show them no pity, and do not serve their gods, because that will become a trap for you. 

Deu 7:17  If you think to yourselves, ‘These nations outnumber us; how can we dispossess them?’ 

Deu 7:18  nevertheless, you are not to be afraid of them; you are to remember well what Adonai your God did to Pharaoh and all of Egypt— 

Deu 7:19  the great ordeals which you yourself saw, and the signs, wonders, strong hand and outstretched arm by which Adonai your God brought you out. Adonai will do the same to all the peoples of whom you are afraid. 

Deu 7:20  Moreover, Adonai your God will send the hornet among them until those who are left and those who hide themselves perish ahead of you. 

Deu 7:21  You are not to be frightened of them, because Adonai your God is there with you, a God great and fearsome. 

Deu 7:22  Adonai your God will expel those nations ahead of you little by little; you can’t put an end to them all at once, or the wild animals will become too numerous for you. 

Deu 7:23  Nevertheless, Adonai your God will give them over to you, sending one disaster after another upon them until they have been destroyed. 

Deu 7:24  He will hand their kings over to you, and you will wipe out their name from under heaven; none of them will be able to stand against you until you have destroyed them. 

Deu 7:25  You are to burn up completely the carved statues of their gods. Don’t be greedy for the silver or gold on them; don’t take it with you, or you will be trapped by it; for it is abhorrent to Adonai your God. 

Deu 7:26  Don’t bring something abhorrent into your house, or you will share in the curse that is on it; instead, you are to detest it completely, loathe it utterly; for it is set apart for destruction. 

We’ve come through March 2022 into August 2022 and just looked at December 2022. These months are about The House of God and beginnings. Two is the letter Beit represented by a house. It also shows us the second in authority with The Father, our savior Yeshua known as Jesus. It is the seventh Shemita cycle which releases all things that are to be released so freedom can rule.

The next Shemita cycle begins at the end of September. It is likened to a year of jubilee because it’s year one. Year 49 is likened to a jubilee because it’s 7 x 7 equals 49…and then the next year is the jubilee but really year one…50.

I believe we are at a time on our earth that is clearing away people who do NOT want to accept Israel as viable on our earth. Catholics declare themselves Israel in their liturgy. Mormon are very bold in declaring sites within the United States where they declare Jesus will return as they say they are Israel. Budha declares…Islam declares Mecca. Religions declare…causing much confusion on our earth.

Abraham left his father Terah’s house at the age of 75 years. He traveled about for 25 more years and every place his foot stepped; we are told would be where he would be granted that land. At 100 years Isaac was born to an old wife who had given up on having her own children.

It is my personal belief that religions that ‘declare’ they are Israel, will be no more. We must leave those religions because for seventy-four years we have given witness to the presence of Israel on our earth once again.

I have a friend whose husband got The Shot and now is dying of liver cancer. He is an avid Mormon and will not go against what he says has been in his family a long time. After attending a Convocation this last weekend where rabbis and bible scholars discussed their viewpoint on Israel being on the earth and how to best help raise up her on the earth, I am left with this message to my friend’s Mormon husband.

“Get out of her!” He is 65 years old tomorrow and dying with no help left as his cancer is spreading. What is does have left, is a choice. He loves God. Yet, now he is without excuse because during his lifetime he saw Israel established as a nation…even living in Independence, Missouri where Harry S Truman declared them a nation. This man is without excuse to leave his Mormon religion just as I was without excuse to never go back to my Catholicism. Both churches declare themselves to be Israel. This is a huge abomination and anyone against the ‘real’ Israel will be personally removed from this earth…as we are seeing.

I am so sad to see people who love God being deceived by established religions.

Now, let’s begin again on Parshah 46 Torah portion. There are only 54 parshahs and soon we will begin the new year. And with that new year there could be very drastic measures happen to cleanse our earth…and with a great shout heard as they did at Jericho before they crossed over.

Let’s begin once more at the beginning:

Deu 7:12  “Because you are listening to these rulings, keeping and obeying them, Adonai your God will keep with you the covenant and mercy that he swore to your ancestors. 

Deu 7:13  He will love you, bless you and increase your numbers; he will also bless the fruit of your body and the fruit of your ground—your grain, wine, olive oil and the young of your cattle and sheep—in the land he swore to your ancestors that he would give you. 

I shared my story about the fruit of my granddaughters and the fruit of our cattle and cats. Cattle, cats, granddaughters and nieces…all who love God over religion.

Next we see no pity for God’s enemies. Today I read about 33 people that had the Shot dying that had been at this man’s wedding eight months ago. His letter was written 8.22.2022. Yes, news travels fast and it lines up with the torah portion about disease killing off people. This portion also covers the womb being fruitful which have just given witness to as well.

Let’s see what is next as we just came out of conference that had great conflict between Messianic Believers and Messianic Rabbis. Yes, I want to agree with the rabbi that said, “Why, do I have to have two names?” “I believe in Yeshua but why can’t I just still be a rabbi?” It’s his family that now disowns him.

Deu 7:23 Nevertheless, Adonai your God will give them over to you, sending one disaster after another upon them until they have been destroyed. 

Deu 7:24  He will hand their kings over to you, and you will wipe out their name from under heaven; none of them will be able to stand against you until you have destroyed them. 

These are consoling verses for those that love God’s rulings, keeping and obeying them.

It is hard to leave your family church and it is hard for a Jewish person to come to Yeshua Jesus and told to leave their synagogue.

It is now August 24, 2022 with three of my friends having birthdays today. The youngest is 65 and the oldest is 71. The youngest is dying of liver cancer caused by ‘the shot’ for C-vid. The oldest just moved into only their fourth home in their marriage together. Leisure World in Arizona will be their retirement home. I am happy for my friends today and yet another surprise came to us for friends who moved a way to Canada eight years ago returning two years ago to the state of Washington living with their son and his precious wife. They surprised us by just dropping in. In these last eight years our friendship has not dwindled because our bond comes through the love of The Father and his precious Son. Yes, this couple’s friendship will go into eternity. She had C-vid three times, but neither will get shots…as we will not either.

Our world is seeing kings handed over as Fauci is retiring as of December 2022. What a mess he has caused for our world as it is The Shots that is killing people. Today our friends said they just lost a close friend recently to The Shot. Many sad stories are coming in faster now and we must hold our faith in knowing God is in control of every life. Deception will come in these ends days because evil must go away. We are living in times that these very Scriptures jump out at us screaming LIFE from the womb and DEATH to the enemy. It is a time of awe…

Deu 7:23  Nevertheless, Adonai your God will give them over to you, sending one disaster after another upon them until they have been destroyed. 

I’m glad I don’t have to judge who my enemies are. God knows who His enemies are, and His justice is prevailing across our earth. We need to hold tight to the promises of justice for evil.

I’m going to post this now and it’s just too sad to talk about The Hand of God right now. I believe He is judging our earth and removing those that want to stay stuck in the old systems set up way back to 100 AD and before. Religion is evil but relationship is powerful.

I’ll continue this study tomorrow…good night and hopefully this post makes sense for what I’ve written the last several days.

ADONAI…please help Leslie to turn from a wicked church that thinks it is Israel. We have one Israel on this earth. At age 75 Abraham left his father’s house to venture out into the unknown for 25 years. At age 100 Sarah still was without a child. Will you allow Israel to be 75 years old when you send your Son to walk out on this earth gathering your sheep?

Yes, the time is close and recently my message seems to be to get out of any religion that claims they are Israel. These churches are your enemy. The Bema Seat question will be – How did you help Israel and my instruction manual come back to the earth? Did you tell people about Yeshua and how he lived it out for all mankind to see what the purposes of The Father were?


List any religious entity that claims they are the only true way to God.

List any church organization that claims they are Israel!

Time is getting close my friends. America needs to repent of their churches that have removed The Torah from being taught and obeyed. Yeshua Jesus saved us by his atoning blood, and it is The Torah that The Father continues to place on the earth to verify the one man who didn’t violate it in one point. When we do away with The Torah, we do away to the very witness that verifies The Messiach….Yeshua Jesus.

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