Turkey Hosts 153 Earthquakes in 3 days – The Voice

February 8, 2023 – 17 Shevat 5783, An ‘encounter’ with ‘The Voice’. This voice was loud. It was determined to wake up other humans. It was 3:09 am when ‘The Trembling’ person woke up hearing the words, “You’re late!”

Her husband came to her side as she had been forced to her knees telling her she was late to prayer. The force held her to the floor as the Holy Spirit’s presence weakened her human flesh. She repeated at least three times, “I do not understand the message.” The answer, ‘The Plumb Line is set, and it is now!’

She knew it was a message for her prayer group and she was the messenger. She knew the plumb line was quickening.

‘The Plumb Line is Alignment’

“The Plumb Line of Alignment is Set.”

The Plumb Line is quickening. Align Now.

February 11, 2023 – 20 Shevat 5783 she read from an index card so not to forget the exact instructions. I noticed her presence seemed frail as I talked to her earlier about earthquakes in Guatemala. Yet, in her spirit’s strength she stood before many. It was a message for many. ACT now on the message of alignment to The Torah…to Yeshua.

The ‘Trembling One’ had the message of ‘Alignment’.

The Plumbline of judgment was set in The Torah. These words given to her aligned with the exact days when they were given to Zechariah. She was a horseman with a message.

Horsemen of Zechariah 1-2 had gone out to the earth and came back with a report of man’s peace. Mankind was not in God’s peace, The Living Torah.

In the privacy of a quaint basement holding over thirty people on the Sabbath Yitro, and being viewed on Live stream, she shared her physical encounter with The Spirit of God just three days earlier, February 8, 2023. It was 48 hours since The Turkey churches earthquakes that began exactly when the New Year for Trees started on 15 Shevat. By Wednesday there would be 153 earthquakes showing the pattern to God’s election of Yeshua helping them to catch 153 fish in their nets. This was a story about men. Men being caught in a net and cast off the earth. If men are not fruitful they are cut off the earth. By the time she gave her report Sabbath morning, the Plumbline had been set at Turkey having 189 earthquakes since January 6, 2023. At that time there was thought to have lost 30,000 souls.

The latitude of the earthquakes matched the Sixth Shemittah cycle which includes the numbers 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42. As Sunday began in Georgia, it witnessed a 4.2 quake and during The Super Bowl Sunday Latitude 42 witnessed two more earthquakes. The world had eyes on The Chiefs and Eagles when Latitude 42 was confirmed by not just one or two 4+ earthquakes, but THREE shakings that stare us in the eyes.

The entire area that housed the disciples after Yeshua’s resurrection was now shaking. A friend told me that Islam loved Mary and Jesus as John brought their mother to the Ephesus area to protect her. Islam loves Mary and they love her son Jesus. Thus, we see the disciples tried to influence many to The Torah and yet 2000 years later where The Plumbline began is where it will close history on the New Year for Trees. Men are cut down for not bringing The Living God’s Torah to the earth.

Islam now occupied in full force. By 300 AD Constantine removed The Torah killing Jews in full force by 325 AD. That City of Constantinople was judged and today is Istanbul.

The Plumbline was confirmed in an early morning watch…3:09 am. She and her husband were just too tired to rise up to pray at their usual 3:00 am. commitment to prayer. They were not just praying at 6:00 am, 9:00 am, noon and 6:00 pm, they comitted to pray at 9:00 pm, midnight, 3:00 am and 6:00 am. It was now 3:09 am and the first loud words to her were, “You’re late.”

Three days later at her Sabbath class, Saturday morning, she would give testimony to, The Voice. She had prepared her heart on how to express The Holy One’s words to her. This trembling female was a Spanish-speaking woman from Guatemala. She had been translating The Torah portions into Spanish. Her family still lives under volcano and earthquakes threats in Guatemala.

She and her husband are the lead staff to the leader of a Messianic ministry in the Kansas City area. The leader of this ministry was told she was ‘queer’ many years ago by the LORD. She then turned to teaching The Torah according to our ‘first love’ being, The Torah (Revelation 2:4-5).

This shaking message was for this leader, her group and all who would hear it. The teshuvah (repentance) must happen in order to align with, The LORD. His alignment is The Torah. It is The Torah that aligns with Messiah Yeshua. The Word was made living flesh. Yeshua filled up everything that was spoken about Him in all prophets, kings and writings. He alone qualifies to be The Living Torah. He never violated it in one point and he never destroyed it.

The conspiracy for over two thousand years is to DESTROY it. “Surely God did not say you should obey his every word!”

To Chanoah (Eve), “Surely you shall not die!”

Torah was never meant to go away. It was to rise up on all the earth. Yeshua Jesus came to earth to walk it out correctly. He was the only one that could break down that ‘wall of partition’ between man and God. That partition was seen in his atoning blood and The Father’s instructions called, The Torah.

The Torah showed man that he was unworthy to be in God’s presence. There had to be a way to stand, and it came in the form of a substitution. The system of ‘sacrifice’ was elected to show this. It would be seen in the election of the heart that salvation would come to man.

The Torah taught to bring only The Best. Yeshua Jesus would be God in the flesh. God brought himself to earth as the best. Yeshua did not represent God; He came as God.

First, he talked to Moses through voice. Then he let the people see his El Shaddai in the power of a pillar of light and cloud in the Wilderness for forty years. Then his glory was seen in The Temple built by Solomon. God came in many forms and now it was time to come in The Flesh. It would be this form that man could most relate to. It then became personal as he would suffer as they would suffer.

Cain failed to bring his best. Abraham did not fail when bringing Isaac. Isaac did not fail as he did not argue with his election.

Abraham is a picture of YHWH bringing himself in the flesh on earth at Mt. Olives. He was anointed in a garden and slain outside the city. Adam felt anointing inside the garden but would die outside of it.

Adam was saved into eternity because he made teshuvah. He repented in his heart and showed it in making sacrifice. From Adam to now it has not changed. All is God’s and we are thankful His hand is on us…even pushing us to our knees. At forty days from resurrection Yeshua went back to the strength of this message. At fifty days the Holy Spirit confirms God’s present in each human that requests it. Humans can now hear the ‘voice’ of God or see him in their lives.

Perhaps patterns of these types of proof have become too numerous that they are just ‘common’ to us. Even to consider The Old Testament valid has no place in the modern church today. The Church moves by the Gentiles ‘majority rule’. Only if a pastor has a small group might they not challenge returning to their Hebraic alignment.

The Jesus that saves us from a hell of our own design has even been neutralized. We look for anti-christ in everything, when anti just may be in our own thinking that will no longer hear truth. Scripture says that there will be a day when we won’t hear or see the truth when it stands right before us.

What is against Christ? Anything against Jesus walking in The Torah. The ‘Lawless One’ wants ‘lawless people’. They are Torahless people. They are against the patterns that prove Yeshua was, is and will be.

People claim Obama and his crowd lead out as being ‘anti-Christ’. Does this group honor parts of The Torah? Yes. Does Islam honor parts of The Torah? Yes! Do people honor parts of The Torah? Yes!

Does Islam honor their own holidays? Yes! Do people honor their own holidays? Yes!

Do people follow God’s Hebrew calendar? No! (But, that is changing big time.)

Do they know how to honor Day Seven? No!

Do they know what how to celebrate a Seder? No!

Do they know Passover in Hebrew is Shav’uot? No!

Do they know the four new starts of new years on the Hebrew calendar? No!

Do they know Moses died on 1 Adar? No!

Do they know when Aaron died? No!

Do they know when Jesus died? No!

Do they know The Plumb Line? No!

Do they say they know they are going to Heaven when they die? YES!

The Plumb Line is The Torah brought first to The Nation of Israel.

Showing them their Messiah in The Torah brings them to their salvation.

The Father knows us our fruit. We are cut down if not in The Torah. We cannot walk two paths. The Living Word can only walk in what The Father spoke. The Father and the Son are one because the spirit of Torah is in both. We must love his commandments and Yeshua. They walk us into eternity. Every day we walk out our sanctification to finally come to that final redemption that is only his to bring to our earth.

If we walk as Yeshua walked, we are one in Him!

What else happened on The Falling of Trees 2023? One Hundred and Fifty rail cars misalign with an intentional chemical burn that is worse than a Chernobyl. Fish, crops, Mississippi waters and humans may die in abundance. This new plague to America’s waters was not even noticed by our government. Fish and animals are already dying from an intentional waste removal of chemicals poured into the sky. PA is upset. Where do people go?

When will we repent and remove from being cold and lukewarm for The Torah?

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