Jerusalem Returned 6.7.67


 The Six Day War known as Six Days of Miracles

 Jerusalem Day – 6.7  1967

We can see just in the Gregorian dates for man to witness that God fought that war in Six days and then rested in Jerusalem on the SEVENTH day.

God repeats the pattern of resting on the Seventh Day.  Where did He do it?   Same personal real estate claimed by God with Adam….JERUSALEM!

On 6.6. the Egyptians said to the Hebrews we concede this war.   Then they changed their mind and said “we still want to fight one more day.”  Hmm…does God direct the ways of men?

It would be on June 7, 1967 on the Gregorian calendar that IsraEL then rode into Jerusalem and miraculously took it.

In years later it was agreed upon by IsraEL that the Arabs could protect it.  The Hebrews thought that if Egyptians were given charge over the Temple Mount that it would protect it from being destroyed.   Today, the Jews are not allowed on the mount but perhaps for a few hours on special feasts.  The Christians are closely observed that they dare not pray on it.  I personally experienced this as about seven of us in 2009 tried to pray.  It was Muslim woman who confronted us as it was only for Muslim woman to pray in the spot we stood.  There was no spot for Christians to pray.

Today, the President of the United States has dictated that IsraEL is not the capitol of IsraEL and will not allow passports to say as such.

This man is Anti-IsraEL which means he is anti-Messiah.  He is acting as if he is Messiah of the world and admits he has been told by his wife that the world considers him the Messiah.  It is not Messiah, Mr Obama, it is Anti-Christ.  You are against the anointing of the real Messiah to come.  Yeshua will stand on the Temple Mount, not Muslims looking for Mohammad’s return.  Mr Obama says he prays five times a day.  I wonder if they will let him pray on the Temple Mount….surely….he is a Muslim.   Keep to your Mecca and Medina and return the thinking of the world back to truth….  Jerusalem is the capitol of IsraEL.


Whether embassies are placed in that town or not, does not change the fact that it was returned to it’s rightful owner since the times of Abraham, Jacob, Israel and King David.

I am blowing my SHOFAR  in remembrance!

The shofar is blowing.


Did you hear it?  One more time….


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