World experiences Tishrei for next 50 years on Saros schedule

The month of Tishrei is known for blowing the shofar so God will come to our rescue.  We are also listening for The Angel of the Lord to blow His Trumpet.  Why are the lunar eclipse schedules looking to Tishrei?  And why is our world feeling like Tishrei?  What are The Lord’s Feasts of Tishrei that occur in the next 50 years (1 Jubilee)?

This is a chart that should set everyone on their toes…those that have an interest of looking to the future of what God has in store for mankind should read this to the end.

Lunar and Solar eclipses have many cycles that eventually stop after a couple hundred years.  Each cycle takes 18 years and then the eclipse occurs again.   I am NOT an expert at this, but I can see a pattern…and that is what I want  you, dear observer, to see.




Tishrei  Cheshvan  Kislev  Tevet   Shevat   Adar I II   Nissan   Iyyar   Sivan   Tammuz   Av   Elul


In order to handle on to what I’m about to share, it would be good for you to memorize the Hebrew months in their order.  Once you know them, you’ll spot the patterns.

I’m going to start with Tishrei as the solar system started with Adom and I have come to understand that as God’s calendar is circular he does have some ‘firsts’ to it….such as the Six days of Creation.  The Rabbis and references in The Scriptures lead us to understand that the Lord has declared things to happen in the Spring and things to occur in the Fall.  They are called mo’ed or mo’edim…appointments.  Man has associated this word with seasons meaning…Fall Winter Spring Summer.  But, the Hebrew meaning clearing speaks of these as festivals that The Creator has set up.

With that said…We can look to months as having THEMES.  The Lord’s Festivals have themes to them and actually play out in that time of year.  An example is Passover in the month of Nissan around April.  We know the man Jesus Christ whose Hebrew name is Yeshua, meaning Salvation, was crucified on a stake, buried in a clean tomb and rose alive in three days.  Spring is also like that as a seed is buried by putting it in the ground, it sprouts in the soil and it pops out of the ground and then should bear fruit.  Thus, in the Spring time is when Yeshua was that seed that also was put in the ground to sprout forth and bear fruit in us

What I have been playing with for the last several years is building a calendar of events as they occur to see if God’s hand is in that event in order to give Him the glory for it.  I see that as man’s purpose on this earth…. to give Him glory for everything.  And, that means that God has allowed terrible things to happen too which brings about fruit in us or it destroys our belief in Him.  We are always being asked to show what we think in our minds as our heart responds in action.  We can say we are supporting Israel, but our heart never gets into action which might cost us something in the way of time and money.  God wants to see our love through action.

He has shown us his patterns of love in showing us His themes and patterns so we can be prepared…just as Noach built the ark and was prepared….but Noach was still a great Preacher-man while doing it.  The message was always:  REPENT..RETURN to God and His instructions.

Tishrei  Cheshvan  Kislev  Tevet   Shevat   Adar I II   Nissan   Iyyar   Sivan   Tammuz   Av   Elul

Twelve months and sometimes there is an extra month of Adar I to make up for the earth’s rotation around the sun and moon.

We can see The Scriptures have a theme for many of these months.  The pattern that I’ve found also matches with that theme.  So, when the calendar moves I know what theme will pop up on the earth.  This is not being physic but just a ‘thinker’ about these things. Our Creator will do whatever He desires to bring Israel back into her land and He certainly can speed things up in the end of days…but there is still a theme.

What theme do we see in these particular Saros Series?

The Saros Series 137 is the best example on this set of eclipses.  The month of Tammuz could have been good as Tammuz 1 was the day that the waters of the flood started to actually recede.  Tammuz 1 is a good day that Mosche was summoned to come up the mountain to  speak with God on how to further instruct the Israelites that had just crossed the Reed Sea.  But….by the full moon Tishrei 15, 16, 17   there is noise below and finally Adonai gave the tablets to Mosche and sends him down to see what the children had done.  God saw it happening but Mosche needed to take responsibility for them.

We know the story of how Aharon lied saying the golden calf just jumped out of the fire and was there.  Many died from eating the gold that had been removed from the calf and put in the water stream of which the people only had to drink.  Many died in that plague.

In our history of the world we get the opportunity to LOOK  BACK…and with detail because of the internet.  1871  1889  were wars….the same was happening to the Israelites as they wanted something visual before them as they had in Egypt.  They were not use to a God that worked through miracles and signs and other people.

The month of AV had The Holy Temple removed twice and both World Wars began at the Ninth of Av.  That moon was still dark, but becoming clearer for men to see by the 15th…a full moon.  Our world saw The Great Depression and the golden calves of electricity, cars, iron, railroads…banking…a Holocaust as people didn’t trust the Jew any longer with their money….AV…closed out in 1945 with 2 atomic bombs being dropped on Japan…hopefully the wars would now stop with military having aviation to help curtail it.

Elul is the month that shows us The King is in the Field and he wants to get to know his sheep.  It’s a beautiful month with Mosche once again meeting with Adonai on Mt.Sinai to ask forgiveness of not trusting the Living Creator for all their needs.  Elul is a month of kings and nations resolving their differences.  Even in the United States people are choosing a new leader before the month of November/Cheshvan.  Elul is about God’s leadership in man’s life.

Tishrei- If men chose to know their king better in the month of Elul then Tishrei 1 is a blessing as the Trumpet is heard that the King is being announced.  That is probably what I’m doing in this article…announcing to draw close to The Savior, Yeshua Jesus..

They know their king because they dress and act like him.  They know the right wedding garments because in Elul they learned more about him.  Young David was to be king but King Saul was still chasing him around.  Young David and his 300 men were up in the hills for thirty days with Nabel’s sheep helping Nabels shepherds while they were down elsewhere doing things with other sheep.  This is the picture of preparation.  The story is sad for Nabel as he is drunk with the world and his wife has to wait an extra day (not knowing when he will sober up) to tell him David is going to kill him for not accepting him and paying David and his men their due.  Nabel’s heart is waxed hard and he dies in ten days (Yom Kippur…day of judgment for Nabel).  Five days later (Feast of Tabernacles) we see King David ride in and leave gaining a bride, Abigail.  And the bride has a dowry of all Nabels goods….  Read that story…that was a real quick take that shows us the month Elul and Tishrei where the king is announced, rejected, judgment or atonement and then the Wedding Feast of Tabernacles.   Powerful patterns!

The Eclipses appear in this order as well.  They match up in history that goes on in our world and they match up and cycle back toward the beginning of what the entire year was about.  The entire Saros shows: Bringing in the Messiach…with the eclipses showing the path..taking us into 2017 – 2051.

In 2014-2015 we got excited to see Tetrad Lunar Eclipses.  A Tetrad is four.  Nasa defines it as four consecutive Total lunar eclipses.  God’s children then gave witness to them being allocated on the The Lord’s Feasts…and then questions kept rising as to if they were signals about the Lord’s feasts.  It drew people to chasing “The People of the Book” for answers.  This, too was part of the prophecy of the Gentile chasing the hem of the garment of the Jew.  It is their tallit (representing the Torah) that is pictured here in that verse.

People love eclipses because they only happen  a few times in a year.  Then people started putting them on the Hebrew calendar and it showed them something perhaps that they had been missing.  But, there was more……….and this is what I’m sharing with you….

Men become afraid of change and looking at the deeper ( which are really simple and already understood by many sages) things as they fear it will take away from what they are familiar.  It is quite the opposite, because looking at patterns and events make God’s Word to us fuller and more alive.  Through this type of study you get to see more ‘secrets’ that are meant for us to see.

Just even that I am speaking about this is the pattern for Tishrei…The world is changing it’s view on Christianity and what it really is.  They want to go back to see how the beginning never changed our ending…but the ending was right there from the beginning. Tishri is that new beginning that even Adom and Chanch had to work their way through to understand patterns that were set before them.  The Sabbath was a pattern.  Being set apart in being clean before God is a pattern.  They did not have children for one Jubilee.  They only multiplied after the ‘sin’ of disobedience and when they were set ‘outside’ the Gan of Eden.

Other history shows us these things but we are so programmed to not read anything outside the prescribed bible that a favorite church recommends.  Or, we have leaders who are filled up with  knowledge that they can’t see what another part of the body of Christ/Messiach has as being valuable.

Now……A young preacher has had 32,000 hits or views of his speech on Tetrads.  He gets excited about them not being a Tetrad (4), but 5 and then we’re actually having a  Sexted (6) and then we’re having a 7, an 8 and then 9.    He is telling  us that it’s gone crazy of how many announcements (signals) are being made to the days in which we live.

In a manner of speaking, it is true.  But, the four Total Lunar Eclipses that occurred in our current history marked some very special times such as 1949-50..Israel establishing herself through wars as a new nation.  1967 Tetrad held true to war..The Six-Day War where Jerusalem was re-captured.  2001 had a Tetrad but not on The Lord’s Feasts.   America woke up to The War of Terror with Islam at the head of it when the Twin Towers and Defense Pentagon were hit.  And now the 2014-15 Tetrad has left us with ISIS wars in every nation which has given Islam the excuse of sending only young male warrior throughout the world as refugees.  That is quite the plan my friends.  It’s a war from within that will kill us.  I must make a note here that 2049-50 will host a Tetrad.

Yes, Wars and rumors of more types of wars.  On August 24 2016 it was the 500th Anniversary of The Battle of Marj Dabiq.  It was purposeful to announce Turkey as the Ottoman Empire revived.  That anniversary day they put tanks on ground going into Syria for the first time in that war that exploded in 2011.  The Syrian War has taken on a new phrase that Turkey has now demonstrated that they accept their part in end-time prophecy for bringing back the Maude.

Turkey is the Ottoman Empire described in the Book of Daniel.  Turkey has cut off the Medo part and goes alone conquering the world for Islam.

Turkey that has also been given authority to bring PEACE between Islam and Isra’el.  The Syrian war was being settled…but the real plan of killing the Kurd Christians, Armenian Christians and the Iraqies is now underway.    Turkey plans for the task to be completed in seven years, 2023….that is… Islam throughout all those territories will be complete.

And, so as we jump up and down thinking that we’re so smart to see that there are more eclipses right now than just four….well good..  God knew it too.  But, the Tetrads were signals….and this is the clencher…..

It’s not going to let up.  Look at the chart in Saros 137  9/26/2015 Eclipse is Tishrei 15,

10/8/2033 is Tishrei 15.  The next chart for 137 should read Tishrei 15 as well in the next 18 years in 2051.

First, each of the lunar eclipses in Saros 137 occur on The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles.  This should not surprise us as we look for the new Tabernacle to be set up in Tishrei.

Second,  This shows us what the earth is scheduled to have occur,,,,Tishrei….The awakening to The Kingdom…and that is what is happening.  As much as the Christian church wants to hold to New Testament theories…people are now understanding the covenants of God that are still in affect on the earth.  The Davidic Covenant is going to be coming true.

Third, The heavens declare the glory of God.  It is not superstition but submission to the ways of God.  These eclipses show the ‘theme’ of Tishrei now scheduled for the earth.

Fourth, The ‘Time of the Gentiles’ is being filled up, fulfilled…as they are chasing after the Jew to find out about these feast days…Thus, prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes.  There is a movement all across the world that seeks it’s Hebrew roots.  There are 40,000 church denominations now and so it get pretty messy as these people bring in their old thinking into a new wineskin and they just can’t accept some of what The Kingdom is really about.  They need the real Teacher Yeshua Jesus to arrive to verify how this New Kingdom works…they want to do it right….but there are too many leaders and some don’t even think Israel should be in their land.  It is a messy Messanic time right now!  But, as Jews says…it’s good to haggle…and then we come back together and haggle again.

Just having this discussion brings the Kingdom in…  Just discussing God’s Word says in your heart you care about His Words.  No one has to be right about it all…at this time…we are all seeing in part.  I share what I share because I also just see this part of it when others see other parts of it.  God considers it ALL GOOD…because we do it to bring Yeshua Jesus back to be our leader..and Savior.

We lost 6 million Jews to a Holocaust in the horrible cycle of the month of AV..1925-1943…and then it changed to knowledge of who God really is in….ELUL (The King is in the Field theme).

I find the Hebrew calendar fascinating and it’s language.  But, because it is in such detail and if one expounds on it, then people call you a soothsayer…occultist.  Maybe all Christians are part of an occult…because the definition of occult is a religious sect….not word for word but in general any religion is considered a ‘cult’.

The way that you can know a false prophet is that if what they say, does not line up with TORAH.  If a person comes along and wants to teach you about God’s Word and he eats pork…..or he does not honor the Sabbath….or….or…..or..  Where does it stop.  If you love God…if you love Jesus do as He did.  He was fully immerse in Torah…because it was ‘safe.’  Remember, the sign of The Messiach is that he can not violate one point of it. That means that he is DOING it…and aren’t we suppose to be like Him?

That is the sign of a false prophet or anti Christ….He does NOT think Torah is valid today.  Being against the anointing of The Messiach is being against Torah…He is the living Torah..Living Word….Jesus Christ/Yeshua.

So, what is happening across the world.  Christianity that does not believe in the Torah of God (torah means instruction) they will not value the Feasts of Tabernacles….of Yom Kippur or Rosh HOshannah nor Shemini Azaret which means, ‘rejoicing in the Torah’.  That is the last festival in Tishrei.  It is Day 8…an extra day added onto the 7-day Festival of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).  It means: REJOICING IN THE TORAH!  Because in the eighth day that is what we do….rejoice…live our lives in God’s instructions.

The instructions have never changed but they have been increased for different ages of time.

Don’t believe me….look at these charts…

The first yellow chart shows us approaching Tishrei 15 in 2015 and 2033 and 2051.  These will all host this eclipse on The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles…where The Creator Elohim desires to tabernacle with you.  He desires to come to this earth to set it up…for a 1000- year reign.

The second green schedule show 2015 and 2033 and 2051 all will point to Nissan 15…PASSOVER.  It’s not Easter my friends as Constantine commanded you to follow…but it’s the Seder that points and shows The Messiach being buried, hidden and risen to save us from the penalty of our sins.

The blue schedule and tan schedule keep pushing the months of our future forward into the cycles of Cheshvan…the flood period of cleansing and sealed in baptism.  And Iyar 14 which is Yeshua Jesus walking the earth before he leaves in Sivan.  Many believe he will come back as he left.  It was the 4oth Day of the Counting of the Omer..which should be 6 Sivan or at least thereof.  The Ruach HaChodesh was sent to mankind on the 50th Day of the Counting up of the Omer.

I’ve been finding confirmation of the 120th Jubilee of our earth.  The chart shows it beginning in the year 2017..which on the Hebrew calendar begins Tishrei 1, October 2 2016 at dusk Israel time.  This fall begins another fifty years…one  Jubilee.

Noah was a righteous man and yet he was shorted exactly 50 years from being 1000 years old.  A thousand years is a day unto the LORD.  No man is perfect and thus we all die in the day that we sinned.  No one makes it to 1000 years…accept one, The Messiach, who never violated the Torah…and rules over it…Just as Jesus said that He was Lord over the Sabbath He will also be LORD over the Throne of David ruling from Jerusalem.  When you are LORD over something…it is happening….

There is ONE Jubilee missing from Noache’s life.  (I’d like him to be one of the two witnesses so he walked the earth in that last Jubilee.  just some fun thoughts here.  And, perhaps we could have Adom being a witness so he can finish his life course correctly…hmm!)

But, these Saros series take Tishrei into the year 2051,  In fact, I’m noting that it’s not the year 2050.  It completes a full 50 years in the year 2051.  This eclipse signals an event.

One final thing to look at in this Pattern of Return

Look at the very bottom row and read across the entire bottom.

Tishrei 15      Nissan 15     Cheshvan 13        Iyar 14

In 1932 Iyar 14 we have the month of Yeshua on the earth teaching and doing miracles.

In 1932 Cheshvan 13 has the next eclipse which shows patterns of baptism and world change.

2033  Nissan occurs bringing the Passover lamb

2033   Tishrei sets up the Kingdom in the New Year.

This is a beautiful pattern of what will be accomplished on our earth…and yes…in our life time if I can make it another 52 years….But my generation of children will witness and come through it.  The next generation will know how to survive because they are protected in God’s instructions.  They will know how to make it into the next millennium…and that  is not to say that there won’t be those that say, ‘How long before you avenge our blood?’  Many will die…but we all die physically one day anyway.  And, isn’t is special to be persecuted for Him?

But, what matters is living as Yeshua lived so we know how to live in the Kingdom as we do come back to live in it.  We may be hidden away for awhile…but we return.  Mosche was taken away but he was seen on the other side.  He was not perfect, but he made it.

Adom’s life was cut short by 70 years because he died in the day (1000 years) that he sinned.  His grandson Israel (Jacob) will complete being 70 years old in this next Jubilee as it begins.  Whether we count Israel being a nation in 1947 approved by the United Nations or reclaiming Jerusalem in 1967, they both will be 70 years old in this next Jubilee of the earth.  Israel is a nation as the 120th Jubilee of the earth beings and as this next Jubilee begins.  Adom is Strong’s #120 representative of mankind Strong’s #119.  The next man #120 is on schedule to return..The Second Adom is The Messiach.  I think it will be in the earth’s 120th Jubilee.

Israel is a young nation that needs letters and posts written for world support of her.

1947 + 70 = 2017  United Nations Approved Fall of 1947

1967 + 70 = 2037  6.6.67 – June 6 1967 –  Six Day War Jerusalem re-captured


We know God’s Day is at hand.  We know Noach’s day is at hand.  We know Adom’s final 70 years is at hand.  All these days will commence as Change happens in men’s hearts and The Gentiles come into the full knowledge actively involved in Torah.  Then they also will recognize The Messiach and call him by his Hebrew name…YESHUA.

It was in 1917 that Britain signed The Balfour Declaration.    Fifty years later in 1967 Israel also had Jerusalem.  In 2017 it is 100 years that it was declared for Israel to be justifiable set on her soil at the same location of the earth that was declared to Abraham.  And, Abraham was 100 years old when he birthed Isaac.  They say Abraham was also born in 1948 BCE so he brings it forward very nicely…with Israel being brand new in 1947-48.  They had a Tetrad in 1949-50 and there will be another Tetrad (four consecutive Total lunar eclipses) in 100 years.  What will it celebrate?  2049-2050


It will not be 9-11-2016’s celebration of Islam declaring Ishmael as the sacrifice of Abraham.  Ishmael is a lie as it directly says:

Genesis 17:18 “Avraham said to God, “If only Yishme’el could live in your presence!”  God answered, “No, but Sarah your wife will bear you a son, and you will call him Yitz’chak (laughter).  I will establish my covenant with him as a everlasting covenant for his descendants after him.”

Genesis 17:21 “But I will establish my covenant with Yitz-chak, whom Sarah will bear to you at this time next year.”  With that, God finished speaking to Avraham and went up from him.”

Genesis 21:12 “But God said to Avraham, “Don’t be distressed because of the boy and your slave-girl.  Listen to everything Sarah says to you, because it is your descendants through Yitz’chak who will be counted.”

Genesis 22:1 “After these things, God tested Avraham.  He said to him, “Avraham!” and he answered, “Here I am.”  He said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love, Yitz’chak; and go the land of Moriyah.  There you are to offer him as a burnt offering on a mountain that I will point out to you.”

Genesis 22:6 “Avraham took the wood for the burnt offering and laid it on Yitz’chak his son.  Then he took in his hand the fire and the knife, and they both went on together. Yitz’chak spoke to Avraham his father: “My father?”  He answered, “Here I am, my son.”  He said, “I see the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?”  Avraham replied, “God will provide himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son”; and they both went on together.”

Genesis 22:9 “They came to the place God had told them about; and Avraham built the altar there, set the wood in order, bound Yitz’chak his son and laid him on the altar, on the wood.  Then Avrhahm put out his hand and took the knife to kill his son.”

Yitz’chak was around 34 years old when happens.  He is not a youth.  He willingly laid down his life knowing Abraham’s God could lift him back up.

Ishmael was sent away from their camp when Yitz’chak was young.

In Genesis 21:8 “The child grew and was weaned, and Avraham gave a great banquet on the day that Yitz’chak was weaned.  but Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, whom Hagar had borne to Avraham, mkaing fun of Yitz’chak; so Sarah said to Abvraham, “Throw this slave-girl out! And, her son!  I will not have her slave-girl’s son as your heir along with my son Yitz’chak!”

Genesis 16:15  “Hagar bore Avram a son, and Avram called the son whome Hagar had borne Yishma’el.  Avram was 86 years old when Hagar bore Yishma’el to Avram.”

Genesis 17:1  “When Avram was 99 years old ADONAI appeared to Avram and said to him…..  he declares how Yitz’chak will be born and have 12 princes….

Genesis 17:24 “Avraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin, and Yishme’el his son was thirteen years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.  Avraham and Yishma’el his son were circumcised on the same day;”

Yishma’el is thirteen and one year later Yitz’chak is born..making Yishma’el fourteen.

If Sarah nursed Yitz’chak three years…then Yishma’el is 17 when asked to leave.  If she nursed  him fewer years than Yishma’el was younger yet when asked to leave.

This shows that Yishma’el was not living with Abraham to even be considered his ‘only son’ to be sacrificed.  There was only one son in his house…Yitz’chak.

Tishrei 10 is Yom Kippur known as The Fast.  These are the things that will be judged that day.  And they will be rightly judged in rightly months…Tishrei.

Our world is winding up…as men’s knowledge of evil is presented to them.  They now know what Islam is about…or at least they should learn in order to stay safe on the earth.

God has always sent signals to mankind.  But what is happening is the signals are about spiritual matters.  These are religious (spiritual) things that men are told not to talk about.  But, if you don’t talk about them, then God sees no action on your part to give witness to your heart. By our silence we give into the spiritual battle that is before us.  We must talk to each other so we have a strategy against the enemy… Satan.  His deception is high right now and everyone is listening to the whore church of Revelations. (40,000)

Ishmael’s celebration of being Abraham’s offering on September 11 2016 happens on the day America is mourning the loss of nearly 3000 people in 2001 at the Twin Towers and two other locations.  Islam choose the day to celebrate Ishmael and they chose to cheer when America is mourning…another sinister plan….Sunday, September 11, 2016.

The wheat and tares are showing up on the earth.  In the land of Israel they are hiring more guards and workers to accommodate the Muslims and terrorists as Israel opens her gates for this deceiving holiday on the Temple Mount at Al Aksa.

These are the days of Tishrei…where the Trumpets are being blow…calling ADONAI for help.  Rosh Hoshanna is upon us…The New Jubilee that brings in the King….within the next 50 years….by 2051….to finish the day of Noach and Adom….


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