Jonathan Cahn – Live – No Hanukah, No Christmas

The Book of Daniel prophesies about Chanukah 167 BC.   Ruler Antiochus Epiphanes is the nemesis of the Anti-Christ.  The historical book of The Macabees fills in the detail of future wars on the earth.

Where did it all begin?  It began with Adom being removed from the Gan of Eden at Chanukah.  They were removed from the ‘Perfect Paradise’ on earth made for man.  The historical Book of Jubilees shows the exact day of their sin and it shows the exact day of their removal back to their original soil from which Adom was made. (First woman Chanoh (Eve) deceived on Cheshvan 17.)

Noach’s Flood marks Chanukah in the words, “40 days and 40 nights”. What is 40 days from Month Two Day Seventeen (Cheshvan 17)?  It is Kislev 27.  WOW…Chanukah!  i.e. 163 BC, The Feast of Dedication also known as Festival of Lights.  Noach’s rains finally stopped and the ‘light/sun’ shown through once again…removing the darkness.

The History of Adom to Noach to Macabees to Yeshua Jesus standing at Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem speaking John 10….  All point to the ‘conception’ of Light that comes into the world…The Messiach…who first suffers.

This mystery is for you to know….because Chanukah repeats itself and it is coming again.  The conception this time bring a grown King to rule with justice….His Torah….instruction!

Now, let’s listen to Jonathan Cahn where I left off.  Learn how Daniel ties to the Book of Revelation…written by New Testament John…for us today…2000 years from Yeshua honoring it.    This story would not be taken from our Bibles…except that you must know that the Hebrew word for ‘dedication’ is ‘chanukkah.  (Spelled with Ch is preferred.   The ‘Chai’ (ch) means ‘life.’)

It is NOT one of The Lord’s Feasts…so why did Jesus Yeshua give honor? Why should you give honor….besides the fact that it is when The Messiach is conceived via the Ruach Ha Chodesh (Holy Spirit)?

Chanukah is a time of receiving the Ruach HaChodesh so you can dedicate your temple to The King that is coming.

Will you know Him?  Is He Jewish?  What festivals did He endorse?   Study to show yourself an approved workman of the L-ord.  By hearing you receive the stories of YHWH.

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