Twenty-Year Olds in 2020 – Ethan born 2000.

July 17, 2020 – Happy 20th Birthday Ethan

Twentieth birthday of our third grandchild. It saddens his entire family that American patriots are being put down. Marxists are screaming on his birthday to take down any statue or memorial so they can start with a clean slate of their minds. Ethan’s generation will have an even harder fight to have Lenin Laban leave their father’s land. Memorial stones were set between Jacob and his bride’s father Lavan. They would NOT harm each other. Yes, Ya’cov and his father-in-law set a memorial stone to remember…and thus we too must remember the past, so the evil part does NOT repeat itself.

Ya’cov left the Land of Laban in year 20. He knew he had to return to his father Isaac’s house/land.

Ethan still lives in his father’s house. He has been to college, serves in his church, even speaking many times from the pulpit telling others how to serve God with all their heart, mind and soul.

Ethan has hourly work and also has taken up woodworking…becoming a carpenter. Furniture can last a life time with some becoming perhaps ‘antique’. Ethan is creating items that may remain.

Yeshua Jesus was thought to be perhaps a carpenter, gardener and rabbi. The ‘work of his hands’ would be invaluable today in the ‘antiquity’ market. And it has been His WORDS that still remain. His ways are going into antiquity if we carry them there. Yeshua Jesus words are The Father’s words as he could not say or do anything unless it came from The Father. He is the fulfillment of The Father.

His words are still here at the time of the ‘fullness’ of ‘iniquity’ (sin). His return to the earth comes when The Gentile has filled up their time with iniquity. It is called ‘the terminal generation’ because IF the earth’s iniquity (sin) would prevail any longer, none would remain. The time is shortened so some do remain. It is now in 2020 that we feel this iniquity so strong that it is so obvious that good is being called evil. This is the reason our world is crying out because ‘evil’ must stop before we all perish off the earth. The ‘covert operation’ of COVID is being seen for what it is…and now we’re suppose to be prepared for Phase Two? Yes, it is said that even the test itself attaches the invisible that remains to ID us. Is the invisible ID mark now inside of us part of Phase I or II?

No longer do our teens or youth (those below 40) think it wrong to lose their freedom of speech. They are Facebook guardians to help remove what they deem as ‘hate’. Words are flown into the air and if they can attach something to it they will. Racist doesn’t even mean racist any more. DEFUND Police they say doesn’t really mean that. But it does mean cutting police services more and more and more and more until oops now we have NO military at all. A policeman was telling other policeman that Americans have rights and they must NOT go beyond that….He was let go for his telling constitutional TRUTH. Obama left with our military having no ammunition.

FB now deems ‘conservative speech’ as ‘conspiracy theory’ even as the ‘theory’ is proven to be a conspiracy. There is no ‘theory’ once it happens before our eyes. FB, Twitter, social media, ‘slanted media’ deem themselves to have higher authority in our land than even the duly elected President of the United States as they ‘take down’ his media.

Can you believe it? Yes, the Red Dragon in the Book of Revelation is alive and well. As Ethan turns 20 and has The Words of God buried in himself and continues to leave the world…even leaving the internet, Americans don’t see the Land of Laban as a problem. They don’t care if Laban changes their wages ten times always at the government’s demands. Ya’cov’ ask his family to come into his wilderness to meet him. It was in the quiet, without Laban knowing their plan of escape. The son-in-law and his family, flocks and herds were gone three days before Laban noticed. Then angry Laben chased them for seven days because they had stolen his gold on some of his idols. At TEN days their final confrontation occurred. This patterns to Enoch 93 describing ten generations of 700 years each that ends with THAT ‘final’ battle. I believe this short time of deception by ‘the deceiver’ is 70 or 7 years because Adam was short 70 years from having lived 1000 years old which is a day to The Lord. And, that is the time they spent in Babylon.

I’m glad our Ethan listens to what God is saying. He is not sold down a wide road of socialism…communision. He does respect those veterans…of all color. That fought to be fre from tyranny. Hong Kong, Cubans, Venezuelans, Iranians and many more hold up American flags to tell the world they want a non-oppressive government. They, too, hide to flee to freedom.

2020 is hindsight as Ethan is twenty and looking back at God’s protection on his life even in several physical injuries. It is our minds that must be protected from the spiritual warfare going on. God gives our minds peace in knowing that He is REAL in our lives. Without you knowing God is real to you personally, your life can be following the masses of ‘pied pipers’. Giving your money to the poor of whom some think it’s their right for you to do that..will keep asking you for more until they are now occupying your house…expecting you to work and they tell you what to do. America is now housing these illegal individuals as they float from state-to-state spreading their dragon’s agenda. Yes, The Deceiver is clever since the Garden of Eden.

Ethan is TWENTY…the age of Ya’cov’s ‘hindsight.’ He sees God sparing his life and he sees his family always there to love him. Thank you to his parents for always loving and helping him to become a Jacob….a man wanting to know God’s name…God’s attributes…so Ethan can know the God who allowed his every situation so he could chose to be an ‘overcomer.’

My dearest Ethan, You are now able to see the past, so you can wisely walk forward to our Heavenly Father’s house. The trip home won’t be easy because your twin brother Easu may come for you. But, Esau married wrong and you will marry right Ethan…..equally yoked to a woman of whom also loves the god of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov.

In the name…Yeshua Jesus our Messiah, I pray for you as you face the ‘dragons.’


This flag is setting at half mast. I post this tribute to FB and to share the heart of a Grandma…of whom turns 70 very soon; born 1950. Born a jubilee year as was Ethan in 2000.

We are to profess our love for God. If anything goes against God’s instructions to us…it is the anti-Christ speaking through that venue. No Torah…means no instruction and therefore ‘lawless’.

Dear Father…King of the Universe, “Bless Ethan, a prophet and priest of yours, and keep him safe always standing for righteousness just as King David sought your face and desired to share you with the world. It is you that gives us jubilee (freedom) as we declare your son’s name, Yeshua which means: salvation! Amein

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