Pregnancy Pains Soon End: Eclipse 42; 4000 + 2000 = Sixth Day

Mattot – Tribes; Maseei – Journeys

Numbers 30:1-36:13, Jeremiah 2:4-28, 3:4, Luke 13:1-9, Mark 11:12-23

Chapter 32 has 42 verses

This closes out The Book of Numbers – Hazak, hazak, v’nit’chazek!

Be strong, Be strong, and let us be strengthened!

Allowed to Breath!

42 is last year of Sixth Shemittah cycle. 4+2=6. Year 43 is 4+3 = 7….7th Day. Our earth is 6000 + years from Adam. We are having 2020 Hindsight. I’m praying this article will make sense to you that we need to draw near to God…not away from Him. Open churches…but teach Truth. Look at Isaiah 42 after you read this. It is telling us to act on God’s instructions! I will publish that next!

Three-Year Anniversary – Bull calf resurrects to life! 28 Tammuz; July 22, 2017. A nurse, a paramedic both declare the calf dead. I stopped for one more prayer…a possible ‘sign of life’?….and then my words were…perhaps a hoof lifted up…and his head? Oh my, I’ve never laid a fleece before The Lord…I’m sorry…please drop the temperature so the other cattle can live. I pray in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach (the Messiah). Amein. Within seconds…the calf lifted his front right hoof and sat his head on it…holding it there for all FOUR of us to give witness to it. Praise the Lord rang out from each person several times…then I prayed with thanksgiving…the 60-day old (exactly) calf then curled it’s head into it’s stomach. Still in awe, we ran to the house as the storm with 62 mph winds dropping the temperature to 42 degrees was coming to cool off the property. The requests were answered immediately…and would continue to unfold for this calf was sold not to go slaughter…but raised as a bull….just as my prayer had suggested…he was to be like his father..having progeny.

A Total Solar Eclipse was preparing to cross over our property named El Shaddai in a few weeks, August 21, 2017. A longer and better view was forecast from St. Joe Missouri. Then it was a rainy and cloudy day and the campers who had set up for days ahead were disappointed. But we saw it from our home as even a few bats came out. This eclipse crossed seven towns with the name Salem. St Joe and Missouri would have a drought affecting hay sales. In the winter hay in Iowa was headed to $200.00 a big round bale. Hay in Missouri was reaching $100.00.

I believe God signaled America that her peace was leaving. President Trump is now in office January 2017. He commits to making Jerusalem the capitol of Israel. The world said, “No” threatening war; Christians rallied with the ‘US Embassy’ even being moved to Jerusalem in 2018. Golan Heights annexed in 2019…Deal of Century in 2020. This Torah portion defines the ancient borders still be fought over today.

The next day was Sunday and our friend Lee had a “Life Celebration” two hours away. He knew he was dying and ask friends to come celebrate him. I didn’t go…the calf was still alive. I helped walk him up a hill and now had to find his mother among all the other cattle. I cried out, he cried out and then she cried out. They walked to each other…she smelled him, licked him encouraging him to drink and he did. Three days of dehydration for both of them. Another prayer answered.

Lee was a Sabbath bible study partner for about five years. He knew I had a study proving earthquakes are timed to The Lord’s Feasts. He knew about the ‘calf’ resurrection. He had no fear of death and believed in resurrection. He was amazing to speak to…no fear of death.

It was finally a good day for Lee to die. He just wanted the meds to work and cover his pain. Finally visitors were turned away and he rested without pain. There is a time when the person does not need visitors because they want you to think they could handle the pain. It is the hospice nurse or doctor that will help them bear that last pain.

Lee had helped me study the meaning of the ‘153 fish’ that Jesus helped them catch in their nets told in The Book of John. Those numbers communicate: ‘sons of God’. Yes, Lee was one of the fishermen that would tell everyone about Yeshua being our Messiah. He loved The Torah and it pierced his soul. Lee died and then it happened….the earth quaked. The earth shook with a 4.3 earthquake just after he took his last breath. Coincidence?

Then count this as coincidence, as well. He was cremated with his ashes to be picked up for the Veterans memorial. The locker number was 153 D. Yes, I still see God’s hand in it all. Lee looked as strong as an ox…a big healthy smart guy who when retired loved driving a school bus full of kids.

One – Aleph known as strong and pictured as an ox.

Five – Hei – behold, look, man, reveal, show, sigh, the; pictured by two hands in held up.

Three – Gimel – gather, walk, carry, reward, lift up, pride; pictured by a camel.

The man Lee was strong in walking with God. God gathered him up through death with reward. Lee was a Fisherman of men for The Living Torah, Yeshua.

I still have the zip tie in my Bible after three years reminding me of the kind-hearted man Lee was. He had three trailers that could all pull down the road together as he escaped the tyranny that he thought was coming. He wanted people to join him as he had everything they would all need. His things are now sold or were given away. I believe God spared him the troubles our world is embarking on.

Today, I know this. 3.5 years later the ‘conspiracy theories’ that Lee believed were true…ARE really happening right before our eyes. Beliefs are no longer theories when you see them coming true. The Deep State is really The Deep Nations that hate God’s son. When my family holds up signs that says, “Jesus Loves You”, some will scream back…”We love Jesus…but we HATE you!” One even jumped the curb to intentionally run over the Pastor.

How does an attitude of Esau still live! How can Esau love his father and hate his brother! They are one family…but it’s true. The Deceiver lets people think they have Jesus in their back pocket to pull out when they want him. In truth, Jesus would never yell anything hateful in the first place. We can NOT make our words God’s words. We do NOT know God to even say what he might determine something. His ways are far above our ways. He does allow iniquity to fill up…because then ‘justice’ is required and is seen as mercy for the rest of our world.

Psa 104:35  May sinners vanish from the earth and the wicked be no more! Bless Adonai, my soul! Halleluyah! 

Cain, Ham, Esau and Nimrod were each their own individual person responsible for their own sin to God. Nations and people can be seen with their same spirit of evil but that does not mean they have to follow them. Cain chose to leave, Ham chose to feel sorry for his grandson Kush being corrected by God, instead of standing with God on his judgment. Esau married wrong and lost favor with his parents. Nimrod became prideful from the coat of honor he wore. Pride always goes before a fall.

Having the ‘spirit of Ham’ does not place a curse on black people. I suggest that Ham was not black until hundreds of years later when their skin adapted to protects itself from the southern heat. Ham went to get Shem and Yapheth for help with his grandson Kush before Noach woke up. They put Noach’s coat back on him before he awoke. They had not yet separated thus the skin had not yet needed to adapt. I denounce the ‘theory’ of Adam carrying all the color DNA’s. That ‘theory’ is not proven and has caused harm…thinking ‘the black’ race is cursed. God curses no one…but let’s man decide the path of blessing or unblessing. You are under God’s care or you chose to leave God’s care.

The Mattot Maseei studies show us patterns. Wars and more rumors of wars happened to them. They had to WAIT…until the ‘right day’ arrived to cross over. Yeshua Jesus not only had to complete every prophecy about him to then prove he was The Messiach but even those ‘ancient paths’ had to be walked out correctly, so we don’t get confused on The Messiach’s return.

Cain didn’t want to bring his best. Yeshua is the BEST offering to arrive 4000 years ago into the future. Four is the letter Dahlet…even in his arriving in year 4000 we hear him called The Door. He stands and knocks, but the church is sleeping and doesn’t wake up…they don’t even know he is at our door…right now!

Cain is warned about sin knocking at his door. This Torah portion of Mattot Massei is that same reminder that sin knocks at our door.

Gen 4:6  Adonai said to Kayin, “Why are you angry? Why so downcast? 

Gen 4:7  If you are doing what is good, shouldn’t you hold your head high? And if you don’t do what is good, sin is crouching at the door—it wants you, but you can rule over it.” 

Num 32:23  But if you will not do this, then you have sinned against Adonai, and you must understand that your sin will find you out. 

Cain walked away building his own house.

Esau married wrong building his own house.

Kush again stole Noach’s coat hiding it for Nimrod to build their power houses.

None of these individuals wanted to be part of ‘The Tribes and Journeys’ of God.

Lee shook the earth within minutes of his passing. Lee signaled that 153 was real and worth become a ‘son or daughter of God’.

Lee had attended The Feast of Tabernacles at Lake Paradise, Missouri in 2015. Many sat on folding chairs in double rows of about seven chairs each. We looked through the hoopah and trees to the serine waters of the lake. The couple had been baptized before this ceremony.

We were having a physical demonstration of what the Feast of Tabernacles meant. The Groom comes for his bride. This couple would be officially married in another state in a few months and yet had already run through another dress rehearsal previous to this so others could also celebrate their marriage. Yes, we ate cake and food outside in a pavilion…a wedding always has many friends congratulating the couple of their commitment to each other. You don’t really have a banquet without guests. We, my dear friends reading this, will have a banquet with many others attending with us with The Lord as our groom. We are the guests…following after the Bride Israel’s ways…to also be joined to our Groom Yeshua…of whom comes when The Father bids him to come for his bride. That day at Lake Paradise I remember that we arrived on time, but the wedding wasn’t yet…and we waited and waited and finally, the chairs began to be set up and the ceremony began.

Hmm…now that I think about it…we had Tyler and Megan invite guests to our home and they were married under a hoopah Tyler built for his bride. When we started…the song to begin was not played and we waited and waited for it…and finally we just brought our horse with Megan the bride on it and delivered her to her father who then brought her to her groom. This was accidental, but now I see YHWH was in control as the theme to ‘wait’ is part of the process. In fact, a year later I went to a wedding in a park and all the guests were there sitting in the hot shelter on benches and the bride and groom were no where to be seen. It started very late as they still had to set up their hoopah. We must not be anxious for anything…because in all things…we know there are lessons for us even as right now I’m seeing this in these three weddings.

It is when we are tired of waiting that our Lord Yeshua Jesus comes. Please do NOT stop waiting for him.

The Feast of Tabernacles 2015 was a ‘marker’ in time. A young man 15 years old died in Israel at his aunts home. He came back to tell about the two huge legs that come on our earth and ends the wars going on. He died on the first day of The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles, the wedding feast, which is Tishri 15. He is age 15, it is Day 15 and it is the year 2015.

He died and resurrected telling us that God’s War had begun in Elul 2015…18 days earlier. I have written about those days when Iran and Iraq blamed each other for the sand storms that closed airports and people were dying in the hospital from lung problems. And, then Osama Bin Laden’s family would be sued for their crane falling and killing just over one hundred people. With over 50 lightening strikes and wind and the earth shook where people had gathered for early prayer before their 2015 Hajj began. Just over 100 died as the crane and poles came tumbling down on those praying. And, then just a week later when hajji began, 1100 died when they all piled up on each other as people pushed from the rear. A road barrier had been moved to let an official’s car through and not put back. People ran into each other going opposite directions…all happened at ‘the devil’s corner’ where they throw a rock at the devil.

Oh yes, I knew Elul was the month of War from God…and it was marked by the last of the Tetrad lunar eclipse that day Nathan died, 15 Tishri. The Fourth blood moon occurred the day Nathan died which was the first day of Succot…Tishri 15. This closing of four blood moons occurring consecutively ‘marked’ the beginning of the end…as human’s have known our world. I believe Tetrad are markers. We are in a time slot of changing to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. The next Tetrad begins in 2032 and ends in 2033. Yes, even the Mattot Massei are chapters 32 and 33…which close out the Book of Numbers.

Do we have time? Just know God’s War is always about land…Israel’s Land and Earth’s land…which are all God’s Land. Tetrads are rare and yet we seem to have them in our world history being sited with Columbus who sales the ocean blue and 1492. He had Jews on his ship saving himself and them from The Spain Inquisition…all Jews kicked out or die.

Coming forward in history to have them land on The Lord’s Feasts is another exceptionally rare pattern. When Israel was recognized by Harry S Truman from Independence, MO…from where I type this…War began the very next day in 1948.

The 1949 and 1950 Four TOTAL Lunar Eclipses consecutively occurred at Pesach (Passover) and Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). Nissan 15, Tishri 15, Nissan 15, Tishri 15.

1949 – April 13 – Total Lunar Saros Series 121

1949 – October 7 – Total Lunar Saros Series 126

1950 – April 2 – Total Lunar Saros Series 131

1950 – September 26 – Total Lunar Saros Series 136

What? Hmm….I just saw this. I’m born between the last two Total Eclipses…August 15, 1950. Is this why I’m drawn toward the study of earthquakes, eclipses and The Lord’s Feasts? I know I’m a watchman with unending energy for a project that I begin. I see things to their completion.

I have been aware that on August 15, 1950 tragically 50,000 people died in an 8.0 earthquake in Indonesia. And, I do know through studying 8+ earthquakes that many fall right in line with The Lord’s Feasts since the year 1900. These studies have made me learn The Lord’s Feasts and to memorize his calendar. Since 2015 I’ve noted every significant earthquake and event in our world to look for patterns of what we are to learn from our Creator.

No one will ever convince me that any other calendar is more important than God’s calendar. God operates on His calendar first and man’s calendar next.

God will not be mocked. We should not have ‘fake’ weddings which are NOT bound by God. Men may not bind to a man, a woman to woman, a mother to a daughter, a man to his dog or any other such silly things. If they do, they have chosen to ‘walk away’ from God’s pattern for our earth. No Pattern..No God. No God…No Blessing. No God…No Eternal Life. There is no life except through The Father and The Son Yeshua who embodies us through The Spirit.

We can look back over the last FIVE to SIX years and realize God’s War had a ‘marker’ in the heavens that would play out on earth. If we go back to study what happened in our world that changed the attitude of some people and how their mind games got the best of each other, we could look at now President Trump and then President Obama. It was in 2014 that the man Donald J Trump decided to run for the U.S. Presidency. A very successful business man with a never-give-up attitude. He would allow patterns to work through him. He allowed pastors and rabbis to pray over him. God was allowed in and God would lift him up over the earth to rule nations.

After 3.5 years The Red Dragon was revealed and all it’s horns (nations). God has used 2020 has hindsight moving reporters to push forward the truth…coming out of their closets of being bankrupt and people in their families being killed by the dragons fire.

In the next 3.5 years there is more to come. The hoaxes were found out. The impeachment at the time of Ezra’s possible impeachment was denied. Justice would go forward but a plague would hit because the dragon and it’s horns hate Israel and her land and put a stop to The Deal of the Century.

Books have been written by one who was allowed privy to the President,, John Bolton…bolted. Then Mary Trump a book to only help her recover mentally from the loss of her father at age 16 who she felt was left out of the Trump Dynasty. Both people had become like family wishing him well, but ‘sin crouched at their doors’ and entered into each of them. Will this be the end? No…as the next 3.5 years will be a ‘second’ wave of the first.

World Order…China’s 5000-year long world order. She was, was not so much, and then resurrected again by The Clintons. China herself acted like a developing nation but she soon outgrew her coat as her tail sweeps into the oceans conquering Japan as she grows into New Zealand. She is a ‘dynasty’ of rulers set to consume the earth. They are not voted in but placed in position….with their lineage unending deep.

The live organs sold by China are NOT from donors, but victims of people from other religions. People will not chose their faith, but come under what is ‘chosen’ for them.

The deceptive ‘bio weapon’ released in 2019 puts fire in the brain so the fundamentals of ourselves is no longer alert but as if we’re living in a tunnel. We can think but not act. We can talk but best from a paper put in our hands. It’s from chemicals used by the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation presented to the the CIA in 2005 for anti terrorism…already applied to Fundamentalists in America…per a video spoken by Bill Gates in 2005.

When we ask why some live and some very good people die…we can only calculate that ALL must physically die. But when you are secure in your afterlife through our Messiah Yeshua Jesus saving blood, you can go home to The Father’s house. Some are left to sow so others can still be reaped. This is the process until that ‘time of silence’ when prayers will no longer be heard by the lost.

Their time is up…because God’s will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. These two arenas must line up spiritually so there will be no more tears. All sin is removed so righteousness can prevail our earth. It is the SINNERS that are swept away…even as we claim Jesus’ Blood sweeps away our sin.

From the beginning the ‘War of Deception’ is in full operation.

Not only are we to die, but the breath that God put in us is taken from us. Plus, this means that the Holy Spirit’s breath can no longer enter into us.

Should we visit the hospitals where they are taught to use ventilators (built by Ford Motor). God is using a Texas doctor that treats his patients with HPC for asthma. Along with Vitamin D my 80 year old friends are cleared up now.

What does COVID do? As covid patient George Floyd said, “I can’t breath”. He said this before he was put on the ground and yes, while on the ground. Both standing up and on the ground he declared, “I can’t breath.” He had tested positive in MN earlier for COVID and he still had it at his death while on two other drugs that help kill people.

Psa 104:29  If you hide your face, they vanish; if you hold back their breath, they perish and return to their dust. 

Our cows were all sold December 2019 to good caring local owners. Tarus gave us one heifer calf to raise up into 2020. Smokey is now 14 months old being bred at this Mattot writing in July 2020.

The Lord saw to it Taurus Aleph’s progeny would be birthed on Sabbaths and The Lord’s Feasts. Yes, God showed his hand on this property named, El Shaddai through this bull. He even had one born on Pesach (Passover) Nisan 15. And then a fall calf was born on Yom Kippur Day Two. I called her Yom Kira after our granddaughter Kira. Another calf would be born on The Feast of Tabernacles, Tishri 15 which I called, Tabby. Oh yes, and the late spring calf…moved to our son’s farm… was born on Shavuot…of whom I called Shavi. And another cow at our son’s farm was born in the rain on the Torah reading Noah…named Noah. I had prayed that the grand kids from Arizona could see a calf born when they were here and there is was…just born…in the rain and Grant got to see her…Noach…all Taurus’ babies.

That is just a sampling of God’s hand on our babies that declared YHWH’s hand on us all because we declare His name El Shaddai and His Feasts….not our feasts…but God’s consecrated days for our earth.

I had a set price on Taurus of $1700 because of Joseph being sold to Egypt at age seventeen. I had a deadline from my husband to sell him or he would go to the sale barn and probably for slaughter. He was only coming five years old. His new buyer trusted his friend’s recommendation and so Taurus lived and is serving a large herd in Missouri. I hope to drop by to see his calves some time.

Our last calves sold for $1.42 lb. My husband sale ticket was mailed to us and he was Seller: 42. The prayer around that dead calf was to drop the 90 degree temperature…it was 9:00 pm. After the bull calf lifted it’s hoof and head in a sign of life…the winds came at 62 mph and dropped he temperature I verified at 42 degrees. God talks to us my friends….you just have to be watching.

There are many stories buried in my heart…so many to tell. As they happened I would tell others and now this week…THREE years later…as we visit the last study in the Book of Numbers…my new friends look around as well. They recognize now that God works in patterns. He speaks to us through these patterns..pointing to the numbers…so we don’t miss His handwriting on our walls.

42 – Why forty-two…it just kept showing up in my life in temperature, clocks, parking spots, mileage and more. When my husband sold something the price received was not a asked price, but it’s what we received for some items: $42,300 in one check. With that money we searched long for different car for me. My husband would never pay $42,000 for a vehicle…but when I saw the top sticker price had been $42,000 I knew it was the right car. I did not reveal this to my husband, but let him work the price to where he would settle.

About a half year after the bull calf’s resurrection my friend Lisa said, “Well, what Parshah study is Mattot Maseei…the day the calf resurrected? It was Parsha 42….and that is when this started to make sense to us. It is about our families and our journeys with God on this earth. It is for us to give Him all the glory…taking no glory ourselves. God will deliver us into His land…through His promises…because we declare to be sovereign over all.

The miracle of resurrection was connected to our tribes and journeys on this earth. It is about Yeshua Jesus coming at 4000 years dying and resurrecting to life so we who believe can also resurrect. Then 2000 years later The bible explains The Father’s plan to have The Son return as King of Kings on our earth. That is 4 + 2; 42. And, 4 + 2 = 6 for 6000 total years purposed by God in his 42 ‘signal’ to us.

And, what about my life now? I knew I needed to step out and grow so I searched for others who could help me in growing. In a few months I would find another person of who kept having ‘God experiences’ but she had become a bible teacher like none other. God just downloads into her soft spirit and people receive her words. My words are ‘sharp and quick’ so we complement each other as she can help others see the points. God has rounded me out with the right group who does not sneer at ‘God’s raising up our calf’ but they also can share their ‘God Miracles’.

Now that I’ve reviewed what has happened…those still living and those that have died…I want to share what the people I respect have had to say about the 42 Parshah entitled Matto Maseei and include my own patterns to it.

Marilyn Griffin brings it right down into personal development and application to our lives. She believes in patterns and see other things than myself. I was able to be with her group during COVID in her office with twenty people discussing these portions for FIVE hours. Powerful time!

Pastor Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries take us through the Scriptures in about 30 minutes and also had a lady from Israel on Zoom share her thoughts. She lives in the exact land that the five daughters were granted to keep their father’s land. She found it interesting that Manasseh would hold land on the west and east side of the Jordan Valley.

It was Reuben (first born) and Gad (good fortune) that made the request to settle there because of their cattle enjoying it’s green lush pastures. Moses is not happy about their request but they agreed to bear weapons to help their other brothers settle their cities. In time these three tribes would become known as The East Gate. It was from that east side of the Jordan that protected the rest of the tribes from attach from any enemy.

Two weeks ago my spirit was so excited to realize that The Deal of The Century proposed by President Trump to Israel in January 2020 was this Pattern replaying itself out. Yes, in our time-line of history we are acting out what these three tribes of Ya’cov saw. They knew they could extend far enough along their borders to protect them all. They had the flat battle ground where war would be over quickly.

I believe this is where Father Abraham successfully defeated five kings earlier in the beginning of his walking the earth. God said that Abraham would have the land wherever his foot stepped. He was even in Damascus retrieving Lot’s family. And, before the other tribes cross over the River Jordan they must remove their enemies on the east side first. We see this is important today as well as when I witnessed these borders myself in May 2009, snipers were picking off human beings or sneaking in their homes slitting their throats..even killing young babies.

The Jordan Valley was the first to be granted and the last to be settled. It is the first shall be last pattern that permeates God’s plans. Today, we’ve been so concerns about dividing Israel’s land that we’ve forgotten that she doesn’t even have it all yet. When The Deal of Century is allowed….then she can perhaps ‘start’ to be whole. This area where Joshua crossed over has to be settled by Israeli’s. It’s the last even though it was a acquired in The Six Day War of 1967. In order for people not to crawl in your windows at night…the barbed wire has been put closer…even though ‘the border’ is way out yonder.

This study on Mattot Massei shows us that The Land is to be settled. It is to be resurrected!

We know this is The East Gate. He will come in the sky…at this East Gate. Perhaps it is The Jordan Valley that will lift up, divide itself and be where Yeshua Jesus reigns from. We know it is always about the location God chooses not man.

Numbers 31:52 – 16,750 shekels is 420 pounds of silver and gold were retrieved by the Israelites after having married into the Midianites. This gold coming out of Egypt was intended for The Tabernacle and now it was lost to Midian because of intermarrying. Moses had it put in the safety of The Tabernacle carriers…Korach’s family (Aharon’s first cousin). (Koresh is Cyrus in the Greek)

There are 42 verses in Chapter 32 that describes these special events.

They will move one more time…the 42nd move takes them to Canaan.

They conquer 42 cities.

42 is a number of consecration seen as Adam being 40 days and Chanoah 80 days of consecration. And, when you add in the day it is announced as a day and then 40 days and one more that shows it’s completion…it is always 42 days to the beginning to the end of these time slots.

Do you think we have a message ladies and gentlemen? Yes, It’s about The City being set up for those that love that He came at 4000 years…and have still waited for his ‘reappearing’ after 2000 years.

Our Messiach is coming according to the pattern set by The Father. Is there more detail than this.

Absolutely, Just read Numbers 32 for yourself. And, when you read it…when it says no one over the age of twenty…just put in ‘twentieth century’. And, what does it say? How are we to follow God? UNRESERVED

The Pattern: God’s Anger Blazing

Num 32:8  This is what your fathers did when I sent them from Kadesh-Barnea to see the land. 

Num 32:9  For when they went up to the Eshkol Valley and saw the land, they disheartened the people of Isra’el, so that they wouldn’t enter the land Adonai had given them. 

Num 32:10  Adonai’s anger blazed up on that day; and he swore, 

Num 32:11  ‘None of the people aged twenty or more who came out of Egypt will see the land I swore to Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya`akov; because they haven’t followed me unreservedly— 

Ya’cov ‘unreservedly’ came away from, ‘The Land of Laven’ AT year 20. He will travel one more year which then closes out the THIRD Shemittah cycle of being with evil Laven. At the end of 21 years…we Ya’cov’s “Son of sorrow and ‘son of strength’ born to him….right before year 22 which begins the Fourth Shemittah cycle.

Four – Hebrew letter Dahlet – pictured as: door.

Two – letter Beit – pictured as: house.

Ben is son

B is ‘in the’

In the beginning is son in the house

42 – Door to the house is the Son.

Year 22 shows us: house, house; son son

From my small amount of study, I see that things can usually happen first and then the number confirms it. One of the examples is that Binyamin’s birth occurred in year 2186…which is 14 years before year 2200 from Adam.

Psa 104:19  You made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to set.  The Lord’s appointments are usually at the full moon…(no one is without excuse)..

Other examples are connected to the land of Israel. Once they have a war, the Total eclipses occur afterward….

Israel a nation 1948 – Tetrad Eclipse/4 Lunar total eclipse – on Lord’s Feasts of Pesach Nisan 15 and Succot Tishri 15 – Years 1949 and 1950.

Israel Six Day War – 1967 – Tetrad eclipse – 4 Lunar total eclipse on The Lord’s Feasts Pesach Nisan 15 and Succot Tishri 15 – 1968-1969

Battle for Jerusalem as Capitol with US President Obama – FOUR (Door) Total Lunar Eclipse

2014-2015 – 4 lunar total eclipse on The Lord’s Feasts Pesach Nisan 15 and Succot Tishri 15 2014 and 2015.

Nathan declares ‘God’s War’

God’s War began 27 Elul – 2015; Confirms it with Eclipse on Tishri 15 on Succot Day 15.

This war is described to Nathan when he dies in Israel at aunt’s house on Succot Day 1; Tishri 15

2020 – Our daughter is no longer 42…moved into 43rd year June 15, 2020.

Num 32:14  Now you, another brood of sinners, have arisen in your fathers’ place to increase still more the fierce anger of Adonai toward Isra’el! 

Num 32:16  But they came up to him and said, “Here we will build enclosures for our livestock and cities for our little ones, 

Num 32:17  but we ourselves will be armed and ready for action to march at the head of the people of Isra’el, until we have brought them to their place. Our little ones will stay in the fortified cities here because of the people now living in the land. 

We can leave our children at home but we MUST bring arms with us to help Israel settle her lands. If we don’t do this, God will leave us again to die in our wilderness (outside of eternity) because we forsook bringing Yeshua Jesus to his rightful place as ruler of all.

Psalm 104 – Ten is yud – Hand – Four is dahlet = Hand Door

Psa 104:27  All of them look to you to give them their food when they need it. 

Psa 104:28  When you give it to them, they gather it; when you open your hand, they are well satisfied. 

Psa 104:29  If you hide your face, they vanish; if you hold back their breath, they perish and return to their dust. 

Psa 104:30  If you send out your breath, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth. 

Psa 104:31  May the glory of Adonai last forever! May Adonai rejoice in his works! 

Psa 104:32  When he looks at the earth, it trembles; when he touches the mountains, they pour out smoke. 

Psa 104:33  I will sing to Adonai as long as I live, sing praise to my God all my life. 

Psa 104:34  May my musings be pleasing to him; I will rejoice in Adonai. 

Psa 104:35  May sinners vanish from the earth and the wicked be no more! Bless Adonai, my soul! Halleluyah! 

We see the wicked vanishing…not the good. HalleluYAH! Praise be to God!

End of Pregnancy Signal: A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – December 14, 2020; South Pacific, Chile, Argentina, South Atlantic.


Hebrew Date: Kislev 28, 5781.

Celebration: Chanukah Day Four – (Dahlet/door)

Shemittah Year SIX (4+2=6)

Yeshua Jesus came at 4000 years

Yeshua Jesus is gone TWO days; 2000 years

Total 6000 years for mankind to dwell under their own governments.

Next 1000 years or 6000 – 7000 years to be ruled by King of Kings Yeshua…from House of David to sit on Throne of David…Who is qualified? Yeshua son of God.

Mattot – ‘tribes’ – Parshah 42 (4+2=6)

Massei – ‘journey’ – Parshah 43 (4+3=7)

We are to listen to the tribes of Abraham. Their journey will be our journey.

YHWH wanted to lead them but they wanted their own king to rule over them. Taxes came and man became oppressed.

Our earth is changing from man’s government to God’s government. We are about to experience what Adam and Chanoh experienced. Our world will change being governed by God’s justice, The Torah. Who will implement this type of justice on our earth? Yeshua Jesus will lead us in The Torah ruling the earth.

Yeshua is the resurrected Torah. It has been lost for TWO THOUSAND years and now found.

Just like Jeremiah was cast into prison for two years but continued to tell them, “Get your ‘false gods’ out of God’s House.” There was no other message from God for two years. When the last king was carried off to Babylon, Jeremiah was released to then marry his favored bride.

Yeshua will marry us soon. The edict has been given for The East Gate secured by firstborn Rueben, good fortune Gad and Gentile Manasseh in Numbers 32 this week…shows us the first land given was the last land secured. We are the same…’s first piece to be reclaimed is now the last to be secured…The East Gate. Yeshua’s Angel will come in the east just as lightening comes from the east to the west.

Move to Itamar right now my friends…it will be an earth-shaking experience to see those mountains rise up and Yeshua will have Living Water (Righteous Instruction) flow to the nations and heal them. No meteors will fall so ocean waters no longer sweep away sinners. He takes away your penalty of sin when you trust Him to be your King. A full term pregnancy is 37-40 weeks. He’s overdue at 42 weeks…thus we know His delivery is close. It is the earth’s Sixth Day where man is renewed in body and spirit. We will put on incorruptible bodies so we can stand in His presence. We will go up when His feet come down. The earth is reborn with fire…cleansed even into the graves so our earth is clean from decay….except for the bones left from ‘The Battle’ will remind us for one thousand years of God’s War…least we forget in our ‘perfect’ world what it took to crush the head of the one that struck His heel.

Oh Israel, Oh Israel…The dark physical days on our earth in the month of Kislev will end in Month Four Tevet. It covers the darkest three days of the month but holds The Festival of Lights that shows our dedication to you. We always start in darkness to then come into light…sin is overcome by Light…Yeshua’s light of our salvation.

December 14, 2020 is 28 Kislev…a Monday. We are scheduled for a TOTAL SOLAR eclipse seen in the s Pacific, Chile, Argentina, s. Atlantic. Partials of it will fall to s Pacific, S America, Antarctica. It will stay peaked at it’s longest TOTAL darkness for 2 minutes 10 seconds.

More darkness will come at Chanukah during the day on December 14, 2020 with this Total Solar Eclipse…even numbered to reflect The Sixth Day; Saros Series 142. 12.14.20. Will you show your light to us at this time…or do we feel your grace and are given more time? Will people bring chairs to camp out as in happiness to see even darkness during the day cover them? Or, will we still be hiding in our homes in darkness from The Plague we deserve for calling you ADONAI, mere science. Yes, we no longer call on your name…because we don’t know one of your attributes. We don’t even know when Chanukah is or why we are to celebrate with those that celebrate it.

Mankind’s iniquity is full as even in America ‘the red dragon’ has infected it’s sting of government that no longer respects life. Those below twenty years old have not been taught our past history but cling to those still on our earth that killed six million of Ya’cov’s children over an entire Shemittah cycle: 1938-1945.

You began a War in 2015 to be specific via the young man, Nathan, age 15 on Month One Tishrei 15, 2015. We know you’re at war. You have closed us in because of the covert operation of COVID 19. And yet I see your protection from many dangers as you have slowed us down to investigate our world. We have no excuse as you stopped our busyness. You saved us from flying in the 787 Boeings that in December and March nose-dived to the ground killing all people on board because a ‘dragon’ country designed ‘one’ sensor to stop it. Terrorism reigns high on our earth and yet you give us those that do correct investigating and may put their lives or jobs on the line for righteousness sake.

The red dragon’s 70 horns (nations) are causing us to nose dive into the ground. We thank you for fighting our battles as you see all that is happening. We will NOT deny you in these last years…but keep us in these last hours…so we are NOT lost…even if we get carried away standing for your Torah…your Living Word, Yeshua Jesus.

I must end…but I’ve given credit to you our King…King of Kings who continues to show us you’re real and alive and here with us. Help us to continue to give witness to your acts of kindness or discipline in our lives. Keep us out of temptations that can overcome our flesh. Let us not be afraid of danger but keep it from us.

We pray these things in your precious son’s name and claim His atoning blood for our salvation, Yeshua Jesus…Amein!

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