Rare Hybrid Eclipse April 20, 2023, and April 23, 23 AD. What do they mean?

listen to Rare Hybrid

Twenty-Five Hybrid Eclipse 0 to 100 AD

Hebrew Gregorian Dating

Hybrids speak on The Rosh Chodesh, a Sabbath!

They bring in the next month at the renewing of the moon.

Solar ‘hybrids’ and ‘hybrid’ humans help us recognize darkness.

Renewed creatures seeing darkness should repent.

Hybrid men are raised up to give light.

The fewer ‘hybrids’ the less recognition of darkness.

Read this knowing the Hybrid of Hybrids is a child on the earth at this time.

Yeshua Messiach had gone into hiding in Egypt.

His own still reject Him today.

0 to 100 AD – 25 Hybrid Eclipse (doubles happening)

1901 to 2000 – 6 hybrid eclipse

2001 to 2100 – 7 hybrid eclipse

2 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

2 AD May 30 – 29 Iyyar, Month 2 – 44 Omer

2 AD November 23 – 29 Cheshvan, Month 8

Iyyar announces Month Three, Sivan

Cheshvan announces Month Nine, Kislev

4 AD 5 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

4 AD October 2 – 29 Tishri, Month 7

5 AD March 28 – 27 Adar II, Month 13

Tishri announces Month Eight, Cheshvan

Adar II announces Month One, Nissan

5 AD Adar II Hybrid, Sabbath Tazria (she conceived), Leviticus 12:1-13:59

The Head of Religious Year; Ha Chodesh: The Head Month

This 5 AD Hybrid opened up Day One of the New Religious Year!

The 4 AD hybrid announce Month 9, Cheshvan.

The 5 AD hybrid begins The Religious Year, Month One, Nisan

Adam’s Tishri maintains Month One to count years.

From Moses leaving Egypt, Tishri ALSO becomes another Month Seven as it follows Nisan for months.

Tishri is Month One and Month Seven, respectively

Nissan, Month Seven, became Month One to count months

Nissan is Month Seven and Month One, respectively.

Yes, since Moses all months can carry two names. Things continue and increase.

17 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

17 AD February 15 – 29 Shevat, 3777

17 AD August 10 – 28 Av 3777

Shevat Month Eleven announces Month Twelve, Adar

Av Month Five announces Month Six, Elul

20 AD Hybrid Shemittah Year

20 AD June 10 – 30 Sivan

20 AD Hybrid announces Month Four, Tammuz

Can be a direct pattern to 2020 announcing CV plague: Covid 19.

Tammuz pattern plagues: GC, Golden calf punishment

22 AD 23 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

22 AD October 14 – 30 Tishri

23 AD April 9 – 30 Nissan

They announce Month Nine, Cheshvan and Month Two, Iyyar.

They announce Flood (going up) and Omer (counting up).

1 Iyyar Tazria Metzora Sabbath 10 April 23 AD

Tazria (she conceives) Leviticus 12:1-13:59

Metzora (person afflicted with tzara’at) Leviticus 14:1-15:33

Two – Beit – House –

Beit – in the beginning

Ben – son

‘In the beginning the son of the house lifted up!’

Year 2 of 200 lunar cycle

Year 3 of 136 solar cycle

35 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

35 AD February 26 – 29 Adar I

35 AD August 21 – 28 Av

38 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

38 AD June 21 – 30 Sivan

38 AD December 14 – 29 Kislev (Chanukah Day 5)

41 AD Hybrid Eclipse

41 AD April 19 – 30 Nissan

49 AD Hybrid Eclipse

49 AD November 14 – 1 Kislev

Erev Sabbath Toldot (history) Genesis 25:19-28:9

53 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

53 AD March 9 – 29 Adar

53 AD September 1 – 28 Elul 3813

Erev Sabbath Nitzavim (standing)

Deuteronomy 29:9 (10) – 30:20

“Today you are standing, all of you, before ADONAI your God…”

They announce Month One Nissan and Month One Tishri.

They announce The New Month and The New Year

67 AD Hybrid Eclipse

67 AD November 25 – 29 Cheshvan

1967 Six-Day War for Jerusalem * Announces Kislev Month 9, wins The Temple back.

70 AD had no ‘Hybrid’ but I it did host Total Eclipse. Let’s look into them…

70 AD Temple’s gold removed from stones by burning – Ground Zero!

70 AD TOTAL Eclipse, March 30 – 29 Adar II Erev Sabbath Tazria, Ha Chodesh Nissan

70 AD Annular (full) Eclipse, September 23 – 29 Elul – Day Remission

70 AD – Temple Destroyed during (bloody battle, burned)

You burn me, I will burn you. God says this earth will burn!

Sabbath Tazria (she conceived), Leviticus 12:1-13:59

In 70 AD God was teaching how to be clean. God burnt His own house down!

71 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

71 AD March 20 – 29 Adar

71 AD September 12 – 28 Elul

71 AD Temple Mount salted after its 70 AD blood-bath

Hybrids announce Nissan and Tishri

Hybrids announce Months and Years

First Hybrid Points to First Coming that resulted in Resurrection

Second Hybrid Points to Second Coming with Banquets

The Comforter can now reside in your house. Be light and salt to the world speaking of resurrection.

God’s calendar declares His Banquets.

85 AD – 2 Hybrid 6 months apart

85 AD December 5 – 29 Kislev

86 AD May 31 – 28 Iyyar, 43 Day Omer

These Hybrids announce Tevet, Month Ten and Sivan, Month Three

89 AD – 2 Hybrids 6 months apart

89 AD March 30 – 29 Adar II

89 AD September 22 – 28 Elul

All of the double Hybrid eclipse are preceded in the previous years by consecutive large eclipses. They are normally preceded by an annular and a total solar eclipse. This shows us the strength of their signal to those on earth.

A Tetrad is when there are FOUR blood moons in a row. These are more than a Tetrad. A “hybrid’ does ‘all of the above’ acting out it’s sign of POWER over light and more of our earth.

01 December 3 Annular

0002 May 30 Hybrid

0002 November 23 Hybrid

0004 April 8 Annular

0004 October 2 Hybrid

0005 March 28 Hybrid

0015 March 9 Total

0015 September 2 Annular

0016 February 26 Total

0016 August 21 Annular

0017 February 15 Hybrid

0017 August 10 Hybrid

0018 December 26 Annular

0019 June 21 Total

0019 December 15 Annular

0020 June 10 Hybrid (Shemittah Year 7)

0022 April 19 Annular

0022 October 14 Hybrid

0023 October 3 Hybrid

0033 March 19 Total

0033 September 12 Annular

0034 March 9 Total

0034 September 1 Annular

0035 February 26 Hybrid

0035 August 21 Hybrid

0037 January 5 Annular

0037 July 1 Total

0037 December 25 Annular

0038 June 21 Hybrid

0038 December 14 Hybrid

0040 October 24 Annular

0041 April 19 Hybrid

0047 December 5 Total

0048 May 31 Annular

0048 November 24 Total

0049 May 20 Annular

0049 November 14 Hybrid

0051 March 30 Total

0051 September 23 Annular

0052 March 19 Total

0052 September 11 Annular

0053 March 9 Hybrid

0065 December 16 Total

0066 June 11 Annular

0066 December 5 Total

0067 May 31 Annular

0067 November 25 Hybrid

0069 April 10 Total

0069 October 04 Annular

0070 March 30 Total

0070 September 23 Annular

0071 March 20 Hybrid

0071 September 12 Hybrid

0083 December 27 Total

0084 June 21 Annular

0084 December 16 Total

0085 June 11 Annular

0085 December 5 Hybrid

0086 May 31 Hybrid

0087 April 21 Total

0087 October 15 Annular

0088 April 10 Total

0088 October 3 Annular

0089 March 30 Hybrid

0089 September 22 Hybrid

We don’t start at what some man decided would be the first of their calendar year. We begin with ‘markers’ on God’s calendar.

He created the skies and is very definitive in many books that we are to study those things to keep track of our days, months and years.

Hybrids are just more exciting ‘eclipses’ because they are rare in time.

It is our Creator who brings humans in the equation…not the ‘hybrid’ to the equation. Eclipses are set to their course as we move through history. Our Lord knows when each person is to be born to the earth. He knows the season for men to be raised up for His causes. All are given opportunity to shift toward what is good…His Light.

Even The Torah portions being labeled as they have purpose. We may not understand why the portions break at certain scriptures, but our Creator let it be….and so it is. I don’t question because I wasn’t raised up at that time in history and part of perhaps Daniel’s team of 450 Torah scholars who finally had a coming together and agreed what The Written Torah would say. It is moving to Oral Torah again and that is the confusion at this time…what does it mean to one group who is looking for The Messiach and one group believes they have found him?

Yes, two viewpoints…trying to live in peace on this earth.

Hybrid men show up…and we kill them before they even get to be born. There is much ‘darkness’ on our earth and so perhaps we don’t need to be reminded by having many ‘hybrid’ eclipse. In fact, the eclipses we do have we give them so much glory and party under them…when we should check our souls and see what we need to repent from.

Enjoy the information. I’m still reviewing it as it holds a tremendous amount of information that patterns to the future.

The 23 AD Hybrid caught my attention because it appears again in my lifetime…in 2023. It appeared on April 23 23 AD and next year it signals us April 20, 2023.

I’m also interested in it because it happens as we Count Up to the Coming of the Spirit. They used it to bring their first offerings to the celebration of Shavuot. Then it increased to have the Holy Spirit indwell humans giving them the confidence to speak to others about The Living Torah. Today, we are so consumed with The Living Torah’s return that many are very excited to Count Up to the 50th Day to see if it will be that year of The Return.

I can say that my mission has been to teach God’s calendar and bring it back to the earth. It is in this mission that search how to make it clearer. God is in the heavens and the ‘hybrids’ are markers to point to His calendar. These particular 0 to 100 Hybrids are about honoring the Rosh Chodesh…the darkest part of the month. After we find repentance, we can become as full as the brightness of the full moon exploding with His Light to share it fully to our world.

Yeshua’s time on earth was not full of light. They were constantly reminded to repent, and we still killed him. Yes, WE killed him. It was planned from the foundation of the earth and brought to full light in Day Four (4000 years). We are close to ending Day 6 where to flow with either double blessing or double troubles. We have a choice. God chooses to make things ‘dark’ in order to save us. In the days of Abraham growing his family…they had 24 Hybrids again showing very dark days. In the days of Isaac Newton, they had 23 Hybrid eclipses…he was the error of changing money into a new system that Issaac was blessed to help make sure the poor got some coins, too. History is to be learned from. Today, God’s standard is still gold and silver. It is not invisible money. America cannot trade in her gold for the unknown. In the ends of days, they are still trading, and it is in metals.

I’ll close with showing you the years that had the highest ‘hybrids’ on our earth. Let us remember that our earth first came out of darkness and chaos before light was there on Day Three. In this darkness we have an opportunity to stand for something. On the Sabbath we are to help the poor. Work is not forbidden if it is in the right context. Many people love their work….so it’s really about not doing what pleases you, but what helps God’s kingdom to come forth. Be around others and encourage them. Pray with them to bring repentance so they can see ‘Light’ through you.

I’ve learned more about ‘hybrids’ since writing this. I’m going to keep reviewing their timing on our earth and what has happened in history on their signaling us. I already know that next year in 2023 our rare ‘hybrid’ occurs on Nissan 29. I’ll be reviewing what the Lord gave me to put on my calendar for that day. I already know he removed a United States president who came again His Land…Jerusalem. In 7 days, that man was dead. On the same day he died America was distracted by an EF5 tornado that cost $1.5 billion back in 1945…the day of Franklin D Roosevelt’s death.

You see Roosevelt signed a handwritten letter by himself stating that King Saudi’s group would have say so in future Land deals in the Middle East…which included Israel probably not even getting any if but a smaller portion than she got.

Our Creator will NOT tolerate any human stepping into His program that has been very clearly stated in legal documents…The Bible.

If you want to be blessed, we MUST back Israel, even if we think she is terrible in her actions. We, also, are terrible even in the fact that I have to explain so much of this tells us that we are ignorant and NOT walking correctly. We MUST no longer talk to God’s children as children…but as adults who can also TEACH The Torah instead of constantly apologizing why they don’t want to.

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