2015 Counting of Omer with 4.5+ Earthquakes

Please join me to Count the Omer and God’s earthquakes to praise Him daily! Psalm 67:1-7 Counting The Omer 2015 * 4.5+ Earthquakes March 1        10 Adar        18   4.5+ quakes March 2       11  Adar         17 March 3        12 Adar         15                     eve Fast of Esther begins BB Netanyahu speaks to U.S. Congress as Mordicai. March 4        13 Adar         11                     … Continue reading 2015 Counting of Omer with 4.5+ Earthquakes

Vanuatu Catastrophe was Idols

Cyclone PAM began on March 12, 2015, Adar 21.  This cyclone turned into a Catagory Five killing 24 people so far and displacing over 3300.  I tried to find out why God would remove this entire area during the weekend that the Torah reading was “He gathered”, Vayak’hel. My Google search went years back with tourism being the industry promoted for Vanuatu. They even had a drone fly into the most active volcano in the world.  Yasur volcano is on Tanna Island. Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands and sits on earthquake fault lines.  I witness this area constantly … Continue reading Vanuatu Catastrophe was Idols

Madrid 1811 Earthquakes 206th Anniversary – Kislev 30 2017

Today is Kislev 30, 2017, Chanukah Day Six, December 18, 2017 –  It is the 206th year Anniversary of The Madrid Earthquakes.  On Day Six we studied about the anointing oil.  There truly is an anointing going on even as … Continue reading Madrid 1811 Earthquakes 206th Anniversary – Kislev 30 2017

Earthquakes 2014 Increase Decrease?

12 DISCIPLES This summary report is by the usgs.gov website reported January 7, 2014. “While the number of large earthquakes fell to 12 in 2014, from 19 in 2013, several moderate tremors hit areas relatively new to seismicity, including Oklahoma and Kansas, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Worldwide, 11 earthquakes reached magnitude 7.0-7.9 and one registered magnitude 8.2, in Iquique, Chile, on April 1, (Nissan 1). This is the lowest annual total of earthquakes magnitude 7.0 or greater since 2008, which also had 12.” TWELVE DISCIPLES is what I call them. They teach us lessons and minister to us. … Continue reading Earthquakes 2014 Increase Decrease?